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Fourth Wife

“Yuki-san, may I come in now?”

“? Yes, of course. What’s wrong?”

I closed the book I was reading.

“No…well…how should I put it? It’s nothing in particular, but…”

She sat down next to me, looking a little embarrassed and fumbling her words.

Then, with a somewhat unaccustomed look on her face, she leaned over me and then lay down on my lap.

…What was going on?

She seemed to be uncomfortable, and after a moment, she raised herself up and held my hand.

Long, thin, beautiful fingers.

When I squeezed her hand lightly, she twitched her body, and then she gingerly squeezed my hand back.

There was a look of embarrassment on her face. Red cheeks.

“Oh, Layla-san. You seem somewhat restless. What happened?”

“No, I mean… It’s just, I am now realizing that I’m one of Yuki-san’s wives…”

“Well, ah… you did become my wife…”

She said this shyly and with a great deal of embarrassment, and I also started to feel embarrassed.

At last, I finally have a connection with Layla… Well, I mean, a relationship.

She became my fourth wife.

…To have four wives …I didn’t think I could be so successful with this.

It was a super harem. Hahahaha. Though I do wonder how much I would be cornered by them in the future.

“So…I’m not really used to this kind of thing, but I thought I should actively spoil you from now on. However, I’m not used to this kind of thing, I’m not sure if I’m pampering you well or not…”

“Hahaha, I see.”

I see… so that was what she had in mind and why she was acting so suspicious.

I was surprised to see her acting this way, even though she usually behaved perfectly normal when she was with the others.

When I unintentionally laughed a little, Layla showed a slight pout of her lips to show her dissatisfaction.

Layla was also really showing this kind of face more and more often.

I think it was the cutest thing to see Layla-san, who always looks so calm, making an embarrassed face like this.

Gap Moe, it was good, I think.

“Mou, I’m really worried about it… you know?”

“No, I’m sorry. I just thought it was a very peculiar problem for you.”

It was just like Layla-san to be worried about something like that.

“…Unlike everyone else, I am a woman without charm. I’m not sure if I’m doing well in that aspect.”

I smiled at her as she honestly shared her thoughts with me.

“Are you saying you’re not a pretty girl? I never once thought you were not. There have been a lot of times when I found you really cute, you know?”

“…Yuki-san is so quick wooing us like that…”

With that, she leaned into me again, intertwining her fingers with mine.

Finally, she seemed to be more comfortable in this manner.

“I’m an honest guy, what I think comes right out of my mouth.”

“Well, maybe it is true that you are a person who can’t tell a lie!”

I wondered why it sounded a bit pathetic when you said it even though the meaning should be the same.

“Don’t worry, I’ve never thought of you as a pathetic person. I can read it in your face, you know?”


“Of course. There have been times when I thought you were strange, but…”

“I’m glad you’re being honest with me, because I can indeed feel our bond growing stronger.”

“Right? From now on, I have decided to live honestly in my heart like a resident of this labyrinth. So, Yuki-san, please be prepared for that.

“Oh, that’s good, but please be gentle with me.”

We joked around like that and both laughed at the same time.