In the extremely focused and accelerated world, Nell sensed that her opponent’s presence had changed and moved to decide the match, and at the same time they both took a step forward, and unleashed a blow that specialized in speed with weaker power.

However, having caught off guard by Nell’s speed, Carlotta, who had been conscious that she must not be hit by Nell’s attack, changed her move to avoid the blow with the best that her speed could offer, but that was a bad move.

Suddenly, Nell let go of the wooden sword in the middle of the attack and grabbed it with her other hand, as if it was going to fly away, and then she rotated around.

The centrifugal force of the blow was so unexpected that Carlotta was unable to avoid it this time.

Although Carlotta somehow succeeded in defending herself by clamping her wooden sword between attacks, she was hit head-on by a blow that she had been wary of.

The game was decided.

The wooden sword Carlotta held up was snapped off in the middle of the blade, and the impact through her arm made her stiffen, and the sheer weight of the sword forced her to one knee on the ground.

Nell, taking advantage of this moment of rigidity, released a third blow, stopping it at Carlotta’s neck.

“I guess I win, Carlotta!”

Smiling, Nell put away her wooden sword and reached out to her.

Carlotta took her hand and stood up with a smile that contained both frustration and refreshment at the same time.

“Hoo… I lost in a real mock battle. You have become quite unstoppable. I guess I can’t beat you anymore, can I?”

“No, that was just barely a victory as well! As I thought, Carlotta-san is amazing. I was being tossed around so much, and I kept thinking about what I should do next, that I almost lost my wits.”

“Fufu, well, you still looked good. Even if I had a few more moves than you, you were able to see them and deal with them. Since I can no longer compete with you in terms of physical ability, I have to rely on small tricks when I fight you… but you are already starting to see through that as well. Seriously, you have grown stronger, Nell.”

“Ehehe…thank you very much, it makes me the happiest to be praised like that by Carlotta!”

Carlotta giggled at Nell, who looked adorably embarrassed.

Nell had grown tremendously over the past year.

This was no doubt due to her encounter with the Demon King and the many things she experienced.

She was always a woman of high potential, and all of these experiences had provided her with the foundation for what she had become today.

Nell would probably become the strongest of all the heroes of all time.

Carlotta smiled at the thought of that future and opened her mouth.

“Nell, are you free for the day?”

“Yes, I’m just on standby when I’m in the royal capital these days. I’m sure they’re doing this for me, so I’m grateful for that.”

“All right, then, for the first time in a while, let’s go out together. I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to.”

“Yes, let’s go, by all means!”

Then, just as the two of them were finishing up the mock battle, a voice called out to them.

“I’d be happy to join you, as well.”

Nell and Carlotta turned toward the voice.

“! Naphthalese-sama!”

“Her Majesty the Queen!”

There she was, the elf Queen Naphthalese Farahiye.