If the rules of games such as soccer, baseball and basketball become widespread, they would probably become well-known and really popular like in my previous world, but it would still take them time to spread.

It would be nice to have the first glorious event here, but…well, for now, maybe I should take this opportunity to teach the concept of the games themselves.

And I would be happy if the magic of this world could be combined with the games and modify them to something unique to this world.

Eventually, if a professional sport could be created for each race, that would be best. I’ve got a lot of free time, and so I could watch every game.

However, as someone who had experienced playing sports in my previous life, I knew that sports wasn’t simply kicking a ball or throwing it, and since I was only an amateur who liked to watch sports and didn’t really have in-depth knowledge about it, I could only teach them the bare minimum of the sport.

To make the game interesting to watch, it would be better for players to know some formations that become well known in my previous world, but since I didn’t know that much, I had to let the guys in this world figure it out for me.

In this case, would rugby or football be more suitable?

Of course, games like rugby and football also had complicated rules that could be troublesome for amateurs. But wait, that might actually make things more interesting in how the games would be played.

However, the strategy on how to carry a ball in their hands, running to bring it to the goal, and most of all, physical confrontation while in a formation might be easier for people in this world to understand from the beginning.

I think the people who would participate in these competitions might be soldiers or people who make their living in bloody battles, so they might like such things.

Unlike other competitions, there would be a lot of physical contact in rugby and football, so it would be very exciting.

Well, it would be more or less just for my taste!

It was the same with professional wrestling and martial arts, but when big men really clash with each other, that shows a powerful image.

But, when it came to scrums and line clashes in rugby, I guess humans wouldn’t stand a chance against the physically powerful races.

Humans were capable of a lot of things.

They have dexterity, a certain amount of magic, and above all, wisdom.

They demonstrated their true value especially in group battles, in which they could be considered strong enough for other races to take notice of them.

Weak humans have been able to survive and continue to make their presence felt as a part of the humanoid races because they have compensated for their differences in ability by focusing on their wits and using different fighting styles, such as formations.

However, they lacked strength, especially in terms of “force”. They could be considered really weak.

The same was true for the elves.

The elves were able to compete with other races because of their superior magic, but in terms of physical strength, they were even weaker than humans.

I would like to see elves playing rugby, though the picture was quite surrealistic.

…When I thought about it this way, I realized that the demon race was strong.

Dwarves and Beastmen excelled in strength, but their magical abilities were not so good.

I did not know if this was the reason, but I got the impression that they were a little inferior in terms of brain power.

Compared to these races, the demon race was the most chaotic, and although it was difficult to generalize them, they were basically stronger physically and had better magical abilities.

They could compete with Dwarves and Beastmen in terms of strength, and like the Elves, they could control magic at will.

However, because of their small number of members and their lack of cohesion, and because of the way they think, they were never able to win any wars… If a wise King like Finar were to make a serious attempt to conquer the world, it would not be easy for him to accomplish, but it would certainly be a difficult task for other races to fight back against him if all the demon races moved under his command.

Well, thinking ahead, Demon King Finar might have already realized that it would be a bad idea in the first place, which was why he was simply ruling his domain properly while acting as my black-hearted councilor when he had the time.

Well, considering the different characteristics of different races, I felt like it would be better to divide the games based on race instead of ranks, but that would move far away from our intended goal.

If the goal was to have a “proxy battle,” it would be better to have each race compete on their own terms… But if the competition were to be based on something else, such as F1 or bicycle racing, the differences in physical abilities might become irrelevant.

This world was a world with magic, and personally, I would like to see a “Vehicle Race” of some sort.

If I were to think realistically, horses… that would be horse racing, but it might also be fun to watch it as a competitive event.

Other than that, maybe a monster race?

…Sounds good and fun. It would be exciting to see the fastest monsters in their respective ranks competing against each other.

It would also be fun to have them compete in an exhibition match, regardless of the difference in skill level. I would love to have our Rir participate.

No, no, no, wait, calm down. My thoughts have strayed too far.

If we considered it as mere entertainment, that could be possible, or rather, I would like to propose it, but what we needed right now was a competition among humanoid races…

…This was a tough one.

“…I have a lot of ideas, but for now, I’ll tell you both what competitions I can think of. Then you can consider what to do with it.”

Saying so, I took a whiteboard out of my item box.

“What’s that?”

“It’s a writing board. You can write on it and then erase it… Uh, well, it’s a tool for explaining things. It’s hard to explain what I am thinking if I don’t make it visually clear.”

“…It looks pretty handy, but do you always carry something like that around with you?”

“Huh? Oh, yes. It is very convenient after all.”

One of the Demon Lord’s secret tools, a whiteboard!

The Demon King always went all out when explaining things to someone, so he had to carry something like this…

Incidentally, I didn’t know why Nell was muttering with warm eyes, “Oni-san, you haven’t gotten over your habit of putting everything in the item box”, though.