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Chapter 2320: Who Are You, Young Lady?

The restaurant opened for business and Mag was welcoming the customers at the door as usual.

However, the customers today were all looking at Mag with a different gaze.

The maidens’ gaze had a hint of regret and aggrievement. His wife had returned and she was such a beautiful elf. With her temperament and her looks, together with Amy the little cutie, the position of the lady boss basically had nothing to do with them anymore.

The men’s gaze was envious and teasing. He had two pretty and adorable daughters and a beautiful wife. Such a life was considered perfect.

However, Boss Mag was always surrounded by a bevy of beautiful maidens. The once highly sought-after bachelor was now a married man with kids. He would not be able to have fun any more in the future.

Krassu and Urien were sizing up Mag seriously. They were still having a hard time linking him up with Alex the devil slayer.

That fellow was so proud. Other than Irina, he couldn’t see anyone else in his eyes.

However, Mag was standing here with a gentle gaze. He had no air of arrogance at all. He was just a peace loving boss who loved to earn money.

“Mag Alex, Mag Alex. It seems like it,” Krassu said to Urien telepathically with complex emotions.

Urien nodded after a brief moment of silence.

“In this case, we have been tricked by that chap and Irina. They had deliberately made us take Amy in as our disciple, right?” Krassu said with an angry laugh.

“You can always choose not to teach her anymore. Little Amy only needs me to be her master,” Urien calmly replied.

“Nonsense! Little Amy is my disciple. No one can change that!” Krassu immediately replied with a deadly glare.

“They are really carefree parents. They are both top powerhouses in this world and yet they dump Amy to us.” Urien couldn’t help but diss them too.

“I don’t want Amy to learn all the nonsense from them. Just the two kinds of magic are enough work for Amy. It’s not like you don’t know the saying: less is more.” Krassu shook his head slightly.

The two of them immediately saw Irina smiling at them from behind the counter as soon as they entered the restaurant.

Good chap. It seemed like she knew she couldn’t hide the secret from them and simply acknowledged it to them.

The two of them frowned and pretended not to have seen Irina. They took their usual seats.

Irina curved her lips up slightly before leaning back against the seat’s back comfortably. She did have the air of a lady boss.

The customers streamed in steadily. They all couldn’t help but gaze at Irina before secretly marveling.

Be it her temperament or her looks, she was an impeccable beauty.

It even made people think that it was belittling for such an otherworldly fairy to be this restaurant’s lady boss.

However, only she could give birth to a beautiful little cutie like Little Boss.

People’s gaze couldn’t help but land on Amy, who was holding onto Ugly Duckling and putting makeup on to it with another cute little girl.

“Hmm? Who is that little cutie?”

“Yes. She’s so tiny. She looks even younger than Little Boss?”

“She’s so cute. She’s so tender and her eyes are a pretty blue too. They’re the same as Little Boss’!”

“It couldn’t be… the so-called pretty wife running away pregnant, right?”

“I have the basic plot. Who is going to write it out?”

The people’s gaze was attracted by Kiddo successfully. Firstly, it was because the little girl was indeed very adorable. Amy and her looked like a pair of little sisters when they sat on the bench together.

Secondly, the timing of her appearance here was too much of a coincidence. Mamy Restaurant’s lady boss was back and then they saw this cute little girl. Wasn’t there a connection that everyone would love to see?

It was a pity that no one could answer their questions for them.

The customers entered and the restaurant started its operation. Everyone began to get busy. Nobody was free to gossip or share information with them.

“Boss Mag is so fortunate, right? Never mind that his wife is so pretty, he even has another little daughter that is so cute!” Harrison was so envious.

“Go and have one if you are so envious.” Gjerj, who already had a little girl of his own, seemed more calm.

Harrison chuckled and said, “Hehe. Isn’t it still early now? I’ll go to your house to visit my goddaughter later. I haven’t seen her for days.”

Irina sat behind the counter and watched the whole operation.

This was the first time she took part in the restaurant’s operation from the start to the end, even though she was only watching by the side.

She saw the hundreds of customers come and go, saw their anticipation when they were waiting for their food, and witnessed their bliss when they were eating.

Some came in pairs and they drank and chatted.

Some came alone, but they also enjoyed their food quietly in bliss.

She saw Miya and the ladies walking around busily, but they still sent the food to the customers in an orderly manner.

She also saw Mag standing at the stove alone as though he was fighting a battle without weapons. He was unhurried and committed.

That back had undertaken the customers’ anticipation for scrumptious food.

She seemed to have seen all different scenarios of life in the few short hours behind the counter.

This experience was very special. It was very down to earth, but Irina loved it.

Compared to being a queen who ruled over a territory, she thought that being the lady boss of this restaurant seemed to be more interesting.

At first, she was still wondering why a person like Mag was willing to operate a small restaurant and spend hours in the kitchen to cook food for strangers just to earn a little amount of money.

Now, she could understand him a little.

It might be exhilarating to be a wandering hero.

It might sound invincible and suave to be famous worldwide, but it was also very boring.

They had been to places they should have gone to, and did things they should have done when they were young. However, because they were too famous, they didn’t know how to get back down to the ground and had fewer and fewer friends.

It was so for her, and even more so for Mag.

It was not so for Mag now. He had Mamy Restaurant and many old friends who would come to eat his food every day, the restaurant, and a warm home.

The ladies were great. She knew why they were here and why they chose to stay.

“It seems great to be the lady boss.” Irina curved her lips upwards. She had decided to let go of her power once the Night Elves had gotten on track, and concentrate on being the lady boss.

Just as they were getting close to the end of the service, a maiden suddenly rushed to the kitchen’s door and aggrievedly asked Mag, who was grilling the kebabs, “Boss Mag, your wife is back, so you don’t intend to marry me anymore?”

The restaurant became quiet instantly and everyone looked over.

Mag’s hands halted and he turned around with befuddlement. He looked at the young maiden at the kitchen’s entrance with a confused expression.

“Who are you, young lady?”