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Chapter 2321: How Do You Expect Me To Speak It Out?!

A demure and good-looking young lady was standing by the kitchen door. She was dressed in a violet floral dress and had long, silky brown hair. She had some baby fat on her face, making her a little cute.

However, Mag did not have much of an impression on her. She was just a lady named Cynthia who liked eating red braised pork from him. She would come to the restaurant once a week and other than that, there was nothing memorable about her.


Mag was stunned when she suddenly asked, “Are you not intending to marry me anymore?”

When did he ever promise her that?

Cynthia looked at Mag and felt gazes watching her. Suddenly, she came back to her senses and her face flushed red. She buried her face in her hands and slowly lowered her head.

“Oh no… this isn’t a dream!

“I shouldn’t have gone straight out to eat after rushing out my draft overnight… I’m not in the right mind. I’m still stuck in the drama’s plot…

“Ahahah… this is so embarrassing!”

Cynthia lowered her head and her body trembled, as though she had fallen into deep misery.


The customers saw her helpless back and suddenly all sympathized with her. They started looking at Mag in disdain.


“Now that your wife is back, you ditched your lover!”

“What kind of ill intentions can a young lady have? Who would use their reputation to cheat others?”

The customers thought to themselves but none of them jumped out to choose sides.

Irina looked at Mag with interest as well. She did not recognize this young lady but she could be certain that Mag would not lay hands on such a pure little girl.

But right now, he was in a rather interesting situation. She could not help but wonder how Mag would solve this problem.

Mag watched the young lady who was immersed in her devastation, using silence to face this situation. His expression turned nasty immediately.

What are you doing covering your face? Speak!

I am an innocent man. How can I be maligned by you just like that?

“Excuse me, I don’t think I know you and I’ve never said anything along the lines of wanting to marry you. We should talk it out if there is any misunderstanding,” Mag said with a smile.

“Talk? How do you expect me to speak it out?!” Cynthia buried her head deeper into her hands.

“Am I supposed to say that I spent the whole of last night writing erotic novels about you and I was too into the storyline that when I was queuing today, I was not in the right state of mind and was about to fall asleep so when I heard the news that your wife is back, I rushed over to spout those words?”

Cynthia wanted to find a hole to disappear into but Mamy Restaurant’s floor was too smooth and maintained. There wasn’t a single hole at all.

Cynthia felt immense pressure facing Mag’s intense gaze and all the sympathetic looks around her.

After staying silent for a very long time, Cynthia placed her hands down and looked up slowly. She looked at Mag with her reddened eyes and said, “I understand. I will leave quietly. You don’t have to care about me.”

After saying that, Cynthia turned to walk out of the door.


Yes. She knew she was wrong. Now, she just wanted to leave this place quietly and find a hole somewhere. No one had to care about her. That was the greatest act of kindness they could do to her.


In the three years since she started her profession, this was the most embarrassing moment!

It was akin to someone she knew reading out her erotic novel to her. It was just… utterly embarrassing.

Mag: “…?”

Customers: “…?”

“Hey! You’re making things worse!” Mag wanted to shout.

This lady seemed to have said nothing, yet said everything.

It was just a simple line but it had successfully made him the biggest scumbag in the world.

Mag did not expect that one day, he would land in this situation.

“She’s so pitiful… She’s just like an innocent young girl who has been cheated of her love.”

“Although I don’t think Boss Mag is such a person, she doesn’t seem to be faking it either. Look at how much she’s crying. Her eyes are all red.”

“Is this the trouble of being Boss Mag? What envious trouble.”

The customers started mumbling among themselves as they watched the show, wondering to themselves if Boss Mag would have to kneel on the washing board on the first day that the Lady Boss is back.

“Hold on!”

Just then, Irina, who had been watching the show silently, broke the silence and called Cynthia back.

Cynthia, who was about to step out of the restaurant, paused. She shut her eyes and bit her lips.

“Ah… so close! Now… now what? Am I going to be torn apart by the legitimate wife?”

“What… What should I do now? According to the usual trope in novels, as the female lead, I just have to be a weak little white flower and face the dark forces of the legitimate wife as she beats me up. After that, I’ll wait for the male lead to make his appearance and save me.”

Cynthia’s mind was a mess. She did not turn around for a very long time, maintaining the posture with one leg lifted.

She knew that she was not the female lead and even if Boss Mag was the male lead, he did not even know her. Why would he help her and stand against his beautiful wife?


Her current actions were more like those scheming b*tches in the novels…

She was the small calefare whose role in the novel was to bring out the female lead.

“Ah… So I am the clown.” Cynthia felt like crying. She was stuck in the middle with nowhere to go and was at a loss.

“Sis, since you’re here, why are you leaving in such a hurry? It’s terribly tiring to queue. Why don’t you come and have lunch first.” Irina walked out from behind the counter and to the restaurant door with a smile.

Cynthia felt immense pressure. Although this elf looks beautiful and gracious, and her smile was very gentle, she could still feel a terrifying devil-like aura coming from her.

This… was probably the legendary female lead aura, right?!

Cynthia cursed at herself a million times. Now that the elf was right in front of her, she might not be able to scoot off successfully even if she wanted to.

“I… I don’t have much appetite. I’m not eating,” Cynthia said meekly. She did not dare to look into Irina’s eyes.

“If you can’t get an appetite here, you won’t get it anywhere once you step out of this door,” Irina said with a smile.

The customers all nodded in agreement. There was no such thing as having no appetite when one steps into Mamy Restaurant.

Cynthia could not help but want to agree. She had stayed up the entire night and did not have breakfast either. She left her stomach empty to prepare herself for a good meal at Mamy Restaurant. She was going to order her favorite red braised pork and three big bowls of rice.

She was now so hungry her stomach was concaving in. In the end, when it was finally her turn and she entered the restaurant, her brain short-circuited and she actually said something so embarrassing.

She could not feel her hunger anymore all of a sudden. However, she could feel the burning shame and now, she could no longer care about being hungry.