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Chapter 2322: She’s Indeed My Wife

Irina versus Cynthia had successfully aroused the customers’ interest.

The lady boss, who had just returned today, had bumped into the third party that came to confront them. Just the title alone was exciting enough.

“Will Lady Boss go crazy? I think she could crush Boss a few times with just one of her fingers,” Angela said with schädenfreude.

“I think Lady Boss’ presence is a little terrifying. That maiden is completely suppressed by her. She can’t even talk now,” Yabemiya said with a smile.

“This presence… why does it feel so familiar?” Firis blinked and sized Caroline up.

“Hmph. This chap is indeed not a good man. He has been fooling around out there. Here comes his retribution?!” Camilla looked excited and she was seriously thinking if she should get involved and make the situation even more chaotic.

Irina looked at Cynthia and poisedly said, “I just came back today, so I don’t know about the things that he has done in the past few years. However, I trust his character. If there is any misunderstanding between him and you, or he has done anything wrong towards you, I hope you can tell me and I’ll seek justice for you.”

The restaurant quietened down. The customers who were waiting for the lady boss to go crazy, looked at her with admiration after hearing Irina’s words.

In such a circumstance, she could still remain calm and collected and say such decent words without evading the questions and being biased. She indeed had the aura of the mistress of the house.

The ladies in the restaurant looked at Caroline with a different gaze after hearing that.

Even though they had just gotten to know her, Caroline’s words gained a huge respect from them.

Mag, who wanted to say something initially, also kept his mouth shut right now. He was also looking at Irina with shock.

This lady, who loved to reason with others with her folding chair, showed him a different side of her for the first time.

Cynthia met Caroline’s eyes. They were a pair of blue eyes that were pure and bright, as though she could see through everything.

And her sincere and powerful words made Cynthia feel even more guilty.

Although this matter was embarrassing, it was indeed caused by her mistake.

The husband and wife had just reunited, but she just suddenly came in between them. She was trying to damage their relationship.

“I-I…” Cynthia bit her lips as her mind raced. She was trying to come up with a less embarrassing excuse to get herself out of this terrible situation.

Irina only looked at her smilingly. Looking at her embarrassed expression, Irina had already formed her guess.

Cynthia finally decided. She looked at Caroline and sincerely said, “I’m sorry. I was confused earlier and thought that I was dreaming, so I rushed forward to say that… Actually, Boss Mag might not even know me.”

Her blush deepened after saying that.

It was so embarrassing!

She never wanted to step out of her house ever again.

This was just like a public execution! Moreover… she did it to herself.

The restaurant was silent for a while as everyone looked at Cynthia with a weird gaze.

It was solved just like that?

An ignorant maiden was expressing her love to Boss Mag in her ridiculous dream?

It was rather different from what they had imagined.

In this case, what was Boss Mag?

“Sigh… Looking at this sister, I can suddenly empathize with her. Us women have to love ourselves more.” A maiden covered her heart and looked at Cynthia piteously.

“Yes. It’s not wrong to like somebody. It must be true love that she couldn’t differentiate between reality and dream.” A maiden nodded and chimed in too. She even took out a silk handkerchief to wipe away her tears.

Even though the customers thought it was ridiculous, they still felt sorry for Cynthia.

Although she made a mistake, at least this maiden was honest. She didn’t try to conceal the truth, argue her way out or continue to malign Boss Mag.

Mag was cursing in his heart, but he was also looking at Cynthia with exasperation.

What was going on? Could it be that in her mind, she had already imagined that he had already confessed to her and was going to marry her?

“Oh I see. You look like you need to have a good meal and then go home for a good rest.” Irina nodded thoughtfully. Looking at Cynthia’s tired expression and dark eye circles, Irina said with a smile, “I got it. This matter will end here. Sit down and have your meal first. You don’t have to care about other stuff.”

Cynthia actually wanted to get away from here as soon as possible, but she couldn’t move her feet when she was stared at by Caroline’s gentle gaze.


Her stomach even made a sound honestly.

“Forget it. I’m already disgraced after all! Could there be anything worse than this? Even if I have to go back home and hide, I have to eat today’s share of red braised pork first!” Cynthia thought and she suddenly felt relieved. It couldn’t get worse than this, so she nodded at Caroline and returned to her seat.

“Hello. I would like to have two helpings of red braised pork and six bowls of rice,” Cynthia told Miya.

Life was already so hard, so she only wanted to eat one more bowl of rice to calm herself down first.

Cynthia stared at the map on the wall in a daze, without showing any expressions.

As long as she didn’t feel embarrassed, the others would be the ones feeling embarrassed.

Indeed, the restaurant was quiet for quite some time. No one was talking.

Mag didn’t feel like talking too. He went into the kitchen to make the red braised pork for her. However, his upturned lips showed that he was in a good mood now.

Yes. This was the first time that he felt protected by his wife.

It would only get more complicated if he had explained such matters himself.

Even if he eventually proved that the maiden’s words were false, he would only gain a jerk’s name.

However, the way Irina handled it, not only did she make things clear, she also proved his innocence. It was a very successful public relations maneuver.

“She’s indeed my wife,” Mag thought.

“That’s it?” Camilla blinked. She looked at Cynthia, who was already waiting for her dishes to be served, with furrowed brows.

She was expecting a chaotic scenario, but she didn’t expect the other party’s combat power to be so weak. She didn’t even last one round.

“Miss Caroline is so formidable. She’s indeed Boss’ wife,” Firis said with admiration. She was bad at arguing and she wouldn’t know how to handle such a situation.

Then, she thought of her princess naturally. If the princess encountered such an incident, she would use her folding chair to greet her first, right? Just as she was getting up, the chair would land first before her voice would even be heard

“Yes. She’s very formidable.” Miya nodded too. She was also looking at Caroline with an admiring gaze.