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Chapter 2325: Some Hard-Earned Money

Mag made a pot of tea and sat opposite Irina as they had a casual chat about the slimming tea.

“Ashley is very responsible. She actually personally led a team to the Demon Islands. I just wonder if she succeeded in improving the slimming tea,” Mag said as he poured a cup of tea for Irina.

Anything that could make women become beautiful would definitely sell well. The tofu pudding was a very great example.

On top of that, losing weight was not just a problem for women. There was also a market among men, women, the young, and the old.

“She let me try the new flavors of the slimming tea this morning. There were three different flavors. Coconut, orange, and apple. The taste and texture are pretty good. It’s no longer that difficult to swallow. It was more like pure fruit juice,” Irina said with a smile, “On top of that, we managed to preserve half the slimming effects.”

“Impressive!” Mag’s eyes lit up. According to what Irina said, this slimming tea would definitely be a hot seller the moment it was launched.

Although the slimming effects were decreased by half, with a better taste and texture, this slimming tea would be able to garner a larger portion of the market.

“When do you intend to produce it in batches and launch it?” Mag asked.

“The biggest problem we have currently is how to preserve it. As it is freshly-squeezed fruit juice, it has a very short shelf life. It cannot be stored and sold like alcohol.” Irina shook her head. This was the biggest headache Ashley’s team was facing.

“It being freshly-squeezed is a very good selling point. At the same time, we could increase its price reasonably,” Mag said with a smile, “You can open a small shop that specializes in selling slimming fruit juice. There would be no seats, or maybe just have a few counter seats. Sell the fruit juice freshly-made and earn a huge profit by selling them quickly.”

“A restaurant specializing in selling slimming tea?” Irina frowned. This was a very novel idea.

“Yes. This is actually a very simple model. You don’t need a very big shop but you have to find a location with good human traffic. Make use of a multi-point strategy and by standardizing production process, centralizing procurement of raw materials, and other methods to compress your cost price, make use of its uniqueness in the market to reap a bountiful harvest.” As Mag spoke, he took out a piece of paper and pen and drew it out for Irina.

Milk tea shops were everywhere on the streets of earth previously.

The Norland Continent had already secured a century of peace. The economy was currently developing rapidly and business models would change with the times.

Mag thought that at least in Chaos City, milk tea shops would be completely acceptable. Besides, they could even take off with success solely on the selling point of the slimming tea.

It was important to note that the daily income from Miya’s ice cream shop had already exceeded 30,000 copper coins.

A slimming tea that had slimming effects would primarily target women who cared about their figures.

Women had the most business value in the entire consumer market. They had high purchasing power and they were willing to pay for beauty.

Fresh fruits shipped over from the Demon Islands to Chaos City would cost a lot to be shipped over. Thankfully, they were fruits and not seafood. Therefore, there were many ways to keep the fruits fresh.

If the Night Elves decide to do this business as a long-term plan, they could set up their shipping team that would be in charge of shipping the fruits over to reduce their shipping cost to the minimum.

On top of that, the main role of the fruits in the slimming fruit juice was to alter its taste. A cup of fruit juice was not costly at all.

Mag did some simple calculations. A cup of slimming fruit tea would have a cost price of around 15 copper coins. As for the manpower and accommodation cost incurred in a glass of milk tea, that would have to depend on the sales of the drink.

“Therefore, we would earn a little less for this glass of slimming fruit juice. We can sell it at 100 copper coins per cup and earn some hard-earned money while we build up our reputation.” Mag placed his calculator down. “If a shop could sell 1000 glasses of slimming fruit juice in a day, that would be an income of 100,000 copper coins. If we open 10 shops in Chaos City, this business could bring in 500,000 to a million copper coins in a day.”

Irina looked at Mag and thought carefully for a while before exclaiming, “It would earn more than your restaurant?”

“I opened a restaurant not to earn money.” Mag smiled. “Right now, Mana Hot Pot Restaurant has already outdone Mamy Restaurant. Rena is even planning on her second and third branch, as well as to expand into other cities.”

“But, are you sure this can work? Would people really spend 100 copper coins to buy from us just because you said that it’s a slimming tea?” Irina was still uncertain.

She discussed the selling price with Ashley previously in the morning. Their estimate of the cost price was similar to what Mag had quoted. They were intending to sell one glass at 20 copper coins. That way, they could earn 5 copper coins per glass.

That is the real hard-earned money.

They did not dare think about selling each glass for 100 copper coins.

That was what a shrewd businessman would do.

However… thinking about it this way, this was the way to earn big bucks.

After all, there were tens of thousands of Night Elves to be fed. If they earned five copper coins at a time, it might not even be enough to feed everyone.

“Firstly, you guys have to be certain that this is not a normal cup of fruit juice. This cup of fruit juice can still help a person lose weight and sculpt their body. On top of that, it was produced with fruits from the Demon Islands tens of thousands of kilometers away. The fruits are even freshly squeezed,” Mag said with a smile, “Just these two points alone would be a deadly attractive point to women.

“But, what you are lacking right now is a trustworthy reputation. The key is to attract your first batch of customers and use word-of-mouth to spread the effects of drinking the fruit juice. That way, people would start spreading it around.”

“So what should I do?” Irina asked humbly.

“Simple. I can set up a stall in front of Mamy Restaurant for you to do a pre-launch sale. If you guys can take down this quality batch of customers from Mamy Restaurant, you wouldn’t have to worry about sales in the future,” Mag said calmly with his arms crossed on the table.

Irina was stunned. After that, she smiled. “That’s cheating.”

“Opening the backdoor for my wife isn’t cheating.” Mag shook his head lightly. “However, before that, I have to ensure that your slimming fruit juice is to my standards be it the taste, effects, or packaging. I want to test it personally.”

“No problem. I’ll go down to the textile factory and get Ashley to liaise directly with you.” Irina nodded. She took a sip of tea and got ready to leave.


Just then, the bell rang.

Irina turned to look toward the window beside her. She smiled and sat back down, saying, “Your outstanding work partner is looking for you. Since you two work so closely together, as the lady boss, shouldn’t I get to know her too?”