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Chapter 2326: Hubby, Who Is This Lady?

That person who Irina mentioned was Gloria, who probably came to discuss spring wear. Mag stood up and walked towards the door as he said with a smile, “I should introduce the both of you to each other.”

Mag opened the door.

“Mr. Mag, I’m here to disturb you again.” Gloria’s sweet voice sounded. She smiled sweetly and had her hands behind her back.

“You haven’t been to the restaurant for quite a while. Is it very busy in the shop recently?” Mag asked with a smile.

He found this hardworking lady rather likable and it felt as though he had half-raised a strong, independent woman.

“Mm. Recently, we rushed out the last batch of winter wear because we aimed to hand them over to our customers before winter ends so that they could at least wear them once this year.” Gloria nodded cheekily.

“It seems like they’re all finished,” Mag said with a smile.

“Yes. We’ve completed them today, so I let the workers and tailors off for a year-end holiday.” Gloria nodded with a smile. “Therefore, I’m here today to discuss spring wear with you. We have to prepare the first batch before spring.”

“Come on in and have some tea as we discuss.” Mag expected her to say that, so he turned to the side to let her in.

Gloria took a step forward and quickly paused. She looked up at Mag and blushed slightly. She bit her lip lightly and hesitated to speak.


Mag looked at the shy young lady and felt his heart stop for a while. “Could she have…

No, no! Irina is still sitting in there, waiting to catch me red-handed. If Gloria kicks up any fuss, it will be a mess to clean up.”

In the restaurant, Irina smiled but she was smiling rather coldly as her grip on the chair beside her tightened slowly.

Gloria brought her hands out from behind her back and passed something to him. She looked down, afraid to meet his eyes, and said softly, “This is a little something from me. Thank you for your help all this while.”

“So it’s a present.” Mag heaved a sigh of relief. But why did he feel a little disappointed?

“You’re too kind. I shall accept this, then.” Mag received the paper bag with a smile. He opened it up and saw a very bright green color. It appeared to be a scarf.

Mag’s eyelid twitched. He quickly closed the paper bag, afraid that Irina would let her thoughts run wild upon seeing it.

“I started knitting it when winter started but I’m clumsy and only finished it today,” Gloria said embarrassedly.

“It’s alright. At least I can wear it once before winter ends,” Mag said with a smile.

He knew how busy Gloria was but she still took the time out to knit a scarf for him. This consideration was… too heavy for him to accept.

Gloria smiled upon hearing that. She felt warm inside. She looked back up at Mag with a gentle gaze. Mr. Mag was still as warm as before.

“Hubby, who is this lady?” Just then, a voice came from within the restaurant.

“Hubby?” Gloria was stunned. She looked into the restaurant and saw an elf in a long, blue dress. She stood up and looked at the two with a smile.

“What a beautiful elf!” Gloria’s eyes lit up. There was nothing to criticize from her beautiful features. Her well-tailored dress brought out her voluptuous figure. Even as a woman, Gloria was stunned.

But… she just said ‘Hubby’ What did that mean? Hubby… could it be?

Gloria’s eyes widened. She noticed the elf’s beautiful blue eyes that were as clear as the sky. Little Amy also had the same pair of eyes.

She suddenly realized something. This elf… was probably Little Amy’s mother. She was the lady boss who had never appeared in Mamy Restaurant and was also never mentioned by Mr. Mag.

Gloria suddenly felt as though she was hit by something. She was a little dazed and could even hear a buzz in her ears.

What a horrible feeling.

So Mr. Mag’s wife did not pass away as some rumors had said. She had come back and she was very beautiful.

After that, she glanced at the gift bag in Mag’s hand and her ears went red. She moved her lips but did not know what to say.

She actually gave him a hand-knitted scarf right in front of his wife!

“This is Gloria, the owner of Blue Suede Fashion, and my friend. She is also a partner who I work closely with.” Mag introduced Gloria. He closed the door and introduced Irina to Gloria, saying, “This is my wife, Caroline.”

“How… how do you do?” Gloria nodded to Irina. When she heard Mag say ‘wife’, she felt her heart shake a little.

“You have very nice hair. I often hear Mag talk about you,” Irina told Gloria with a smile. She did not look at Gloria with hostility. Instead, she seemed to admire her a lot.

Irina would not refuse to admit that Gloria was a very beautiful lady. She had very exquisite features and although she seemed more mature compared to other young ladies, she was still exuding youthfulness.

She had heard Mag talk about Gloria. She grew from being an autistic young girl to a rising star in the business world in just a few months. Irina admired such capabilities.

“Your looks are even more astounding.” Gloria smiled. She had mixed feelings but had already regained composure.

“Let’s sit down and have a chat,” Mag said.

“I suppose I…” Gloria started hesitantly.

“I shall not disturb your business discussion. Anyway, I intend to go out for a bit.” Before Gloria could finish her words, Irina was already making her way to the door. When she was beside Gloria, she even smiled at her and said, “Have a good discussion and stay for dinner.”

After that, Irina looked at Mag and said, “Host her properly.”

Before they could say anything, Irina walked out of the door, just like the female owner of the house.

Mag and Gloria were left behind, standing awkwardly at the door.

“Take a seat. I’ve prepared 10 sets for spring wear. Take a look and see if any of them are appropriate.” Mag broke the silence and walked toward the counter.

Gloria looked at Mag’s back and clenched her fist. She walked to the table with the tea set and glanced at the chair that Caroline was sitting on previously. After that, she sat on the chair beside it.

Yes, she was here to discuss spring wear with Mr. Mag. Work was more important. Blue Suede was still waiting for this batch of spring wear.

Mag came over with a stack of designs. When he saw Gloria sitting on another chair, he smiled. He put away Irina’s cup and poured a new cup of tea for Gloria. After that, he unrolled the papers and said, “Spring is a shorter season and Blue Suede has a limited production capacity. Therefore, I didn’t prepare too many designs.”