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Chapter 2328: She’s Indeed Little Amy’s Mother

Mag didn’t answer, but Caroline curiously asked, “What are they arguing about?”

“Lady Boss, you have no idea that our boss was a highly sought-after bachelor in Chaos City before you returned. He was the man that the women in Chaos City wanted to marry the most. The line could stretch from the restaurant to the city gate.” Angela jumped in quickly and answered, “Today is the day of heartbreak for those ignorant young maidens.”

“In this case, I seem to have hurt many people unknowingly.” Caroline sighed lightly, but her gaze landed on Mag.

Mag, who was eating seriously, halted and looked up helplessly. He said with a gentle smile, “This is not your fault. If you have to blame something, blame it on my darned charisma.”

The restaurant fell into a silence before laughter erupted.

The maidens were very accepting of Caroline’s return, at least it seemed so right now.

Irina did as she had planned perfectly. She didn’t take charge, say or do anything. She just stayed put quietly like a beautiful vase.

Apart from beautifying the restaurant and adding to the conversation topics, she didn’t affect the restaurant’s operation in any way.

Irina was happy to just be a pretty vase. She only liked the feeling of being the lady boss. She didn’t want to take charge of anything in the restaurant. That would be too tiring and boring.

Didn’t the lady boss just need to look pretty?


If she had to take care of everything, she would be just a free employee.

The restaurant opened for business and Irina was watching Annie teach the two little ones how to draw with a gentle smile.

Amy had no talent in that area whatsoever. She could only draw a little duckling into a roly-poly form like Ugly Duckling. However, it was still adorable even though it was ugly. Her talent wasn’t enough, so she wouldn’t go far in this area.

On the other hand, even though Kiddo sat in front of a little table and struggled to hold onto the pencil as she drew, she was doing a good job. The lines were lively as though they had a soul.

The customers streamed into the restaurant and they couldn’t help looking at Caroline who was sitting behind the counter.

She was indeed the beautiful elf in the rumors. She was even more beautiful than what they had imagined. Only then did they sit down and place their orders quietly.

“S-she’s so beautiful!” Vivian saw Caroline, who was sitting behind the counter and looking at the children with her head lowered. Vivian’s footsteps faltered and she opened her mouth slightly with a shocked expression.

She was simply beautiful. Her impeccable looks, gentle temperament and that beautiful figure that couldn’t be hidden even when she was sitting down. She was a natural beauty!

Moreover, she had a pair of blue eyes, which were the same as Amy’s.

“Oh dear. Luna has met a strong competitor.” Vivian regained her wits. She found a seat and picked up the menu on the table. She was still sneakily looking at Caroline, who was behind the counter.

She looked perfect from every angle no matter how she looked at her.

Furthermore, the gentle gaze that she used to look at Amy with couldn’t be fake. Her mom sometimes looked at her in that similar way too. It was a gaze full of motherly love.

Just that point alone, had rendered Luna and Amy’s teacher-and-student relationship negligible.

Even though she really wanted to help, she could sense the opponent’s greatness. The kind of greatness that was crushing and made them feel helpless.

“How should I tell Luna later? She will feel devastated, right? Sigh… It’s all Boss Mag’s fault. He already had a wife, why… Why now? He didn’t seem to have anything wrong with him either… Sigh…” Vivian bit her lips in an agonized dilemma.

Georgina entered the restaurant holding Harrison’s arm. Her gaze landed on Caroline and her eyes glowed instantly as she softly said, “Is that the lady boss? She’s indeed very beautiful. She’s indeed Little Amy’s mother.”

“I didn’t lie to you, right?” Harrison said laughingly.

“Mmm.” Georgina nodded and enviously said, “I’m so envious of Boss Mag. He could fall asleep with one big and one little beauty. He must wake up with a smile every time.”

Harrison looked at Georgina’s tummy ponderingly and said, “In this case, I only lack one little beauty to reach Boss Mag’s realm of happiness.”

“Annoying.” Georgina hit his chest with a blush.

Caroline’s return gave the customers more things to talk about, but the majority of the customers came to Mamy Restaurant for the food and the alcoholic drinks.

The return of the rum already gave the customers another option. The comparatively low price, alongside the excellent quality, made the rum the choice of drink for many customers.

Hannah’s brewery’s output had already caught up, so it was a breeze to supply to both Mamy Restaurant and Titan Tavern. To expand his influence, Mag had begun trying to sell the rum to the public.

The customers who spent money in Mamy Restaurant, could buy a maximum of three bottles of rum when they paid their bills.

Not every business dealing could make their customers line up for one to two hours at a restaurant.

But, a good bottle of rum could increase the business’ success rate.


Titan Tavern.

The brightly lit tavern was already filled with customers. There were still customers lining up outside waiting to enter.

Meanwhile, across the road, Saipan Tavern was equally boisterous. Its business was brisk.

In the short two months time, Titan Tavern and Saipan Tavern had become famous taverns in Rodu. Their reputations were excellent.

The Titan Liquor that had made a comeback after so many years, had both nostalgia and great taste. It was irresistible.

What was even more surprising was that Titan Tavern released the rum a few days ago. Even though this rum wasn’t by Titan Tavern’s boss herself, it was brewed by Old Sim’s granddaughter, the famous brewer Hannah from the Falk Tribe.

Even since Old Sim passed away, the quality of rum on the market had been inconsistent. Many of them were even hard to describe.

Even though Hannah was young, she had inherited Old Sim’s brewing skills and her rum was actually no less inferior to Old Sim’s.

Titan Tavern’s boss was really formidable. She actually got the exclusive right to sell rum in Rodu. Other than Titan Tavern, no one could find such excellent rum anywhere else.

A tavern had the support of two great liquors and together with the ever improving side dishes, Titan Tavern had already become the calling card of Rodu’s taverns.

And Eiffie’s name was now famous throughout the taverns’ world.

As for Saipan Tavern, it was more exclusive.

Maotai and whiskey were mesmerizing. Although their prices were high, they were still highly sought-after by many customers.

Moreover, there had been rumors that Saipan Tavern was also managed by Eiffie, making people talk about Eiffie and the boss of Saipan Tavern even more.