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Chapter 2329: A ‘Camera’ Is Born!

“See you tomorrow.” Mag and Irina stood at the restaurant door as they sent the ladies off.

Angela turned back to look at Mag and Irina as she said cheekily, “I’m afraid the restaurant will be trembling tonight.”

“Why? Is there going to be an earthquake?” Babla asked innocently.

“Perhaps.” Angela nodded. After that, she looked at Babla with a smile and said, “Are you afraid? Do you want me to sleep with you tonight?”

“I refuse!” Babla shook her head and looked at Angela cautiously.

“Big Sister Gina…” Angela turned to Gina.

Gina glanced at Kiddo, who was sleeping in her arms, and said with a smile, “I’m afraid we can’t do that anymore. I have to sleep with Kiddo.”

“Kiddo is so blessed. Big Sister Gina’s arms are the warmest.” Angela looked at Kiddo enviously but still stroked the latter’s head endearingly.

“Lady Boss looks like a good person. She’s pretty and generous, and is good to us,” Yabemiya said with a smile.

“Yeah, I think so too. She did not order us around the moment she came. Instead, she just sat there quietly and did not affect our work,” Shirley agreed with a nod.


“Besides, I think she has great charisma. She also felt familiar, like I’ve known her for a very long time even though it was the first time we met!” Firis exclaimed.

The ladies chatted on the way to their dormitory.


Irina returned officially as Caroline and did not bring about any impact to the restaurant’s operations.

The biggest impact she made was probably decreasing the number of young ladies speaking in an overly-sweet tone by looking lovingly at Mag. This had lessened Mag’s burden significantly.

The number of customers coming to the restaurant remained as usual. After all, being pulled back from their dreams to reality would not stop the young ladies from using delicacies to soothe their broken hearts.

10,000 copies of ‘The Little Mermaid’ were quickly sold out. Mag neither reprinted them in a hurry, nor did he print new picture books for Annie.

The mermaid picture book was so popular that customers would often enquire if it would be reprinted and if Annie had other picture books that she was selling.

It was a proven fact that quality picture books would likewise have a very big market.

‘Miss Black Cat’ was out of stock once again, so Mag reprinted another 10,000 copies of it and sent it to Eiffie in Rodu.

Chaos City’s market could not be compared to that of the Roth Empire’s. Be it the mega city Rodu, or 10 mega cities in the Roth Empire, the demand for quality picture books was humongous.

‘Miss Black Cat’ had a very good storyline to begin with and Annie’s excellent drawings added value to it. One could only imagine how well it would sell.

Mag spent some money to buy a little information on the book’s sales a couple of days ago. Currently, among the nobilities in Rodu, whether or not you have a copy of ‘Miss Black Cat’ would determine if you were trendy. There were even many who bought multiple copies to collect.

To nobles who had been restricted by various rules, a story about breaking through the chains of one’s family and identity to create a whole new world was very attractive.

Such stories with a noble lady as the protagonist were really rare compared to the stories told by the storytellers in the market. What a read!

Mag chose to buy the copyright of ‘Miss Black Cat’ with that in consideration. With a clear target audience, there was no need to fret about the sales indeed.

The picture books were in high demand. That meant that the Black Cat Opera would have its audience too. Mag was preparing to go back to Rodu on his off day a couple of days later.


In the coming days, Mag penned down the plot for ‘A Chinese Ghost Story’ the movie seriously. After careful consideration, Mag changed the female ghost, Xiaoqian, into succubus Xiaoan, the useless scholar into a useless chef, and the Mountain Devil into the Great Old Ones with multiple octopus tentacles. The plot itself did not change.

That was how the love story of a succubus and a chef started…

Other than analyzing the script carefully, Mag even made some changes to the Photostone that Babla brought.

The Photostone was a very precious and unique stone in the Norland Continent. With a simple spell formation, the stone would be able to retain images and play it out, albeit the low quality.

However, once a spell is used to retain a new image, the old one would be overwritten.

The Photostone had the unique point of being durable. A Photostone could last a very long time despite being used repeatedly.

Mag worked with Babla to improve the spell formation placed on the Photostone, allowing the Photostone to have certain filming capabilities. That would increase the Photostone’s storage capabilities and allow the Photostone to have the ability to do segment storage.

This had already realized the majority of a camera’s functions.

As for the replaying function, it was largely limited by the Photostone’s characteristics. Nothing much could be done to increase the quality of the image. Therefore, Mag added a monitor so that the image could be projected onto the monitor, therefore greatly increasing its clarity.

Making a monitor was actually an old technique. All Mag got Babla to do was to improve the spell formation so that the image could become clearer.

To beautify it, Mag placed the Photostone into a box player, with a shooting hole.

Therefore, a ‘camera’ was born!

Removing the Photostone and placing it into a premade section of the player would allow the player to play dynamic images. That would be the DVD player combo.

Just with these two things, movies could now make their stunning appearance on the Norland Continent.

“Boss. Do you think it’s okay to torture me like this day and night?” Babla looked at Mag with resentment. She already had heavy dark eye circles under her eyes.

As the princess of the Moon Nation, she actually became the slave of someone, being rushed to come up with spell formations throughout the night and in the morning, she still had to serve customers. She had never been so tired in her life.

“Here, here, here. I’ll add a giant drumstick for you tonight for supper. Our first finished camera and DVD player set have just come out. You own half of the copyright. If we mass produce it, you will be able to earn a fortune that you could hardly imagine.” Mag smiled at Babla as he brought a plate of roast chicken, and a giant roasted drumstick over.

“Right now, I already own a fortune that most people could hardly imagine.” Babla rolled her eyes. She was not attracted to what Mag told her. However, she still bit into the drumstick.

“Mm! Delicious!”

Babla closed her eyes. The drumstick was roasted until it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It hit her straight in the heart.

If it was not for the supper over the past few days, she would not have tired herself out like this just to satisfy Mag’s odd requests.

However, she was rather interested in what Mag called the ‘movie’.

A story acted out by real people would be saved into the Photostone and then spread to the entire world with the DVD player to make everyone fall in love with the story.

What an exciting idea!