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Chapter 2330: It’s Indeed You

Of course, the main thing was Mag had agreed to let Babla be the female lead in a movie.

She had even thought of what to shoot. It would be ‘A Princess’ Boring Day’.

She wanted to let the whole world see how a true princess woke up on a 500 square foot gigantic bed and then was washed and dressed by over 100 maids. Even her toilet would be full of gems. Her lighting fixtures were all luminous pearls.

After supper, Mag let Babla draw spell formations on the three sets of equipment before letting her go back for her rest.

Mag looked at her gently and said, “Go back to sleep. I’ll give you a day off tomorrow and you can sleep for as long as you like.”

Babla twisted her aching wrists and her eyes lit up when she heard Mag’s words. Feeling touched, she said, “Boss, your conscience is finally working.”

“How bad can your boss be?” Mag’s smile got increasingly gentle. He opened the door for her. “Go now. Go back to rest in the dormitory. You have worked hard for the past few days.”

“Alright.” Babla nodded and turned to walk to the door.

However, she suddenly halted her footsteps and turned to look at Mag abruptly. “Boss, is tomorrow an off day?”

“Yes. Have a good rest.” Mag closed the door with a smile.



The door was obviously kicked. Fortunately, the door didn’t even move.

“You evil capitalist!” Babla shouted angrily outside. Looking at the unmoving door, she stomped her feet and went back to sleep in a huff.

She was simply too sleepy to be bothered with him.

Irina came down in a light white sleeping gown and said to Mag, who was putting away the photostones on the table carefully, “Did you get Babla to work for you for free again?”

“I prepared supper for her. It’s not free,” Mag said seriously.

“What are you going to do with those things?” Irina looked at the stuff in Mag’s hands and asked. Mag had been busy for the past few days.

“I intend to make a movie. Oh, it would be driven by magic, so it should ‘Magvie’.” Mag pointed his video camera at Irina and pressed the record button.

“Magvie? What’s that?” Irina asked curiously.

“It’s to record the scenes with the photostones and then use a player to play it out.” Mag explained simply.

“What’s so special about that? Isn’t that the photostone’s function?” Irina was perplexed.

“No. If it’s just the recording and playing, it’s indeed no difference from the functions of a photostone. It’s simply improving on the functions.”

Magvie didn’t just record the pictures. It’s the art form of light and shadow. It had extremely demanding requisites for shooting angles, scenes and lighting.

Of course, most importantly, it’s used to tell a story and not to record normal life, just like novels and picture books. It uses pictures to tell a story.

After thinking for a moment, Irina said, “For example… using the photostone to record ‘Miss Black Cat’?”

Mag was surprised at Irina’s comprehensive skills. He nodded with a smile. “Yes. That idea is correct. The general idea is to transfer the opera performance of ‘Miss Black Cat’ from the stage to the real backdrops and let the story take place in a real mansion. Then, photostones would be used to record the entire performance and turn it into a more realistic story.”

“This sounds rather interesting.” Irina nodded thoughtfully, but she befuddledly said, “So, why do you want to make movies?”

“To give a little highlight to the Norland Continent’s people’s boring lives,” Mag smilingly said.

“Speak properly.”

“I intend to set up magvie cinemas in all the big cities on the Norland Continent. People have to buy tickets to watch a magvie. If one ticket could sell for 100 copper coins, a venue that could accommodate 100 people for a magvie showing could earn 10,000 copper coins. And a magvie can be played at different cinemas for a long time repeatedly to reap the benefits.

“And, in the future, more outstanding directors will join in the profession of making magvies and make this profession even more robust. I, who own the means to play magvies, will be the biggest beneficiary,” Mag said honestly.

Of course, he was embarrassed to say that he wanted to become famous.

“It’s indeed you.” Irina looked at Mag with a complex expression.

“You can check on the results of our improvements.” Mag turned off the camera, took out the photostone and placed it into a player. He turned on the player and clicked ‘play’.

Irina’s image appeared on the 55 inch player. The clarity is comparable to 1080 HD. Her hair could be clearly seen and the details were very clear; the sounds were in high definition too.

“It showed my beauty so clearly?” Irina looked at the images from the player with shock. It felt like looking at a mirror.

“This is the charm of technology.” Mag revealed a geeky smile.


Old Man Mi walked into the maestro’s office excitedly and said to Vicki, who was writing a script on the desk, “Maestro! Our evening show has been sold out for two days in a row! And the tickets for tomorrow’s morning show are 60% sold. I estimate it will be fully sold out by tomorrow!”

“Calm down. We are an opera troupe with fans now.” Vicki looked up at him with an ill-concealed smile.

“I-I’m simply too excited. Our troupe has never been so famous.” Old Man Mi chuckled and said to Vicki, “And, Maestro, all of us have just decided not to have a day off every week now. There are so many people who love us, we should do more performances for them. Let’s do away with the off day.”

Vicki turned sullen and said without any hesitation, “No. The rule of having a rest day every seven days is set by me. Everyone has to obey it.”

Old Man Mi didn’t expect Vicki to reject it so adamantly. He scratched his head and said, “Maestro, we have been poor for a long time and feel that if we neglect so many audience members now, they might not return in the future. That would be horrible.”

Vicki frowned and said to Old Man Mi, “Alright, everyone should still be awake now. Get them to go to the meeting room now, I need to talk to them.”

Old Man Mi opened his mouth but chose to keep quiet. He answered her and then went out to gather the people.

Soon afterwards, the Black Cat Opera members gathered in the meeting room.

“I have heard about your idea from Old Man Mi. Our opera troupe has indeed had a full house recently and you guys are not used to it yet,” Vicki smilingly said to all of them.

“Yes. I was even in a daze when I heard the applause.”

“There was even a maiden grabbing my hand with tears and saying I acted very well when I was getting off the stage.”

“Hey hey, this feeling is fantastic.”

Everyone laughed and looked very happy.