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Chapter 2332: Black Cat Opera House

“Aren’t they Mr. Hades and his family?”

Eiffie looked at the family of four in the line. Due to the great looks of the mother and the two children, they were still outstanding in the middle of the long line.

“Why did they suddenly come here today? Are they going to watch the opera?” Eiffie thought with shock, but she quickly closed the window and then jumped back into her bed. She stuffed ‘The Plum in the Golden Vase’ which was exposed a little, back into the bed. She tilted her head and thought before getting up from the bed again.

“I’d better go greet them. We are business partners after all,” Eiffie murmured before taking out the most seductive clothes from her wardrobe and started washing up and putting on makeup at the dressing table.


“The front row ticket is 600 copper coins each. Two tickets cost 1200 copper coins.” Mala put away the money proficiently and then casually asked, “Next, please. How many tickets do you want and where would you like to sit?”

“Four seats in the middle of the fourth row,” a voice answered.

Mala halted her hands and looked up suddenly at the man standing in front of her. She immediately had a surprise expression. “Master! What brought you guys here?!”

“Of course, we are here to watch the opera.” Mag smiled. “The opera house has finished its renovation and we haven’t seen it yet. We happened to be free today, so we came to take a look.”

“Yes, yes. The new opera house looks so majestic.” Amy looked up at the black and gray opera house and nodded.

“Let’s buy the tickets first. The people behind us are waiting to get into the theater.” Mag reminded her smilingly. There would be plenty of time after the opera was over to talk. They couldn’t affect the viewing experience of the customers behind them.


“Alright. Four tickets. Please hold onto them.” Mala tore off the corners of the four tickets and gave them to Mag.

“This is the money for the tickets.” Mag gave her two gold coins and four silver coins before bringing the children into the theater.

The renovated theater became a huge three storey building. Accurately speaking, it should be two and a half storeys.

They entered through a passageway that had bright lights on both sides.

The hall on the first floor was about 10 meters tall and looked more majestic than the previous circus building.

The giant stage had its curtains drawn and its lights were dimmed.

And, the auditorium that rises in steps and the single row seats gave Mag a sense of familiarity.

He wasn’t involved in the opera house’s design. It should be led by Vicki. He was rather surprised that the five million budget could attain such a standard.

There were obvious numbers on the seats and there were even staff members guiding the audience to their seats according to their numbers. At the same time, they prevented some unnecessary conflicts.

“It’s here.” Mag found their seats and sat down. He looked around and discovered that the majority of the audience had already taken their seats and most of them chose to sit in the front rows.

Amy leaned against the soft fabric chair and smilingly said, “The chair has become even more comfortable. It should be even better for sleeping.”

“It’s indeed not bad.” Mag also leaned back against the soft chair as he sized up the details in the opera house.

Two large windows were open at the back of the audience seating. They looked like they could be closed with two metal plates and they provided ample lighting for the theater when they were open. Together with the lighting on both sides of the stage, they gave the audience a comfortable seating experience before the show started.

It was very comfortable to look at the stage from the fourth row, but Mag could see that this opera house’s design was very professional. Vicki might have gotten external help in designing it, so the viewing experience at the back row wouldn’t be too bad either.

After sweeping his gaze across the whole audience once, Mag saw a familiar figure at the side when he was about to retract his gaze.

“What is he doing here again?” Mag looked at the man wearing a cape with an amused smile.

Although he was nicely camouflaged, Mag still recognized him as the maestro of Maca Opera, Pascal, at the first glance.

This fellow was tossed out by Vicki previously. He didn’t expect him to sneak back in again today. Did he come to make trouble? Or, was he here to make peace?

Pascal looked around him and pressed the cape’s hood on his head even lower. Only his eyes were revealed as he sized up his surroundings warily.

He didn’t want to come here either. Who would want to come here and be humiliated if it wasn’t for the pressures of life?!

After Young Master Bobby’s heart was broken by Vicki that day, he couldn’t eat or sleep after he went back and he soon fell ill…

And somehow, his family found out about the incident and blamed it on him. They wanted him to return all the money that he got from Bobby earlier.

Due to their difference in statuses, he had no way to resist at all. Not only did he lose the money that Vicki used to buy back the actors, he even mortgaged the theater. They would be chased out if they couldn’t raise the money within two weeks.

He already had enough of wandering around when Maca Opera was still the Maca Circus. Now that he finally had his own opera house, he wasn’t going to give it up so easily.

However, he had only ever met one rich friend, which was Bobby, all these years. The rest were not even close to him, so no one would lend him hundreds of thousands of copper coins.

He could only think of Vicki now.

He looked down on the Black Cat Opera back then, but now he was no longer good enough for them.

This opulent theater was way better than Maca Opera. The 200 copper coins and above ticket price made him even more jealous.

What made him even more envious was, the Black Cat Opera still ensured that every performance was sold out even when the ticket price was so high.

At least, it was the case right now.

This meant that the Black Cat Opera could earn over 300,000 in ticket prices alone for every show.

There were three shows per day, which meant they could earn almost 1,000,000 copper coins.

Pascal’s Adam’s apple moved. How wealthy was that?!

He only managed to get 1,000,000 copper coins from Bobby after buttering up to him for so long.

Meanwhile, Black Cat Opera could earn over 1,000,000 daily!

His motive today was very simple. He wanted to see if the audience were really rich and let Vicki acquire Maca Opera.

Pascal felt that he had already humbled himself by coming here today. He decided to give Vicki a chance to acquire his opera troupe. As a condition, he wanted half of the Black Cat Opera’s proprietary rights.

Of course, as the party being purchased, he would relegate himself to the position of deputy maestro and let Vicki be the maestro.

Pascal couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he thought of how he was going to become one of the bosses of the opera troupe that earned over 1,000,000 copper coins daily.

His laughter attracted the attention of the staff members that were guiding the audience to their seats nearby.

A staff member approached him and smilingly said, “Excuse me, Sir. Could you please remove your cape? Your cape is too tall. It will obstruct the view of the audience behind you and affect their viewing experience.”