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Chapter 2333: “No, I Can’t See Light

Pascal went white when he saw that smiling staff member. Sweat appeared on his forehead.

The audience members who were waiting for the opera to start in boredom, all looked at him.

“I-I have photophobia. I cannot look at bright light,” Pascal lowered his voice and replied, applauding himself for his wit.

“I see…” The staff member had a hesitant look as he said in a low voice, “Please hold on for a while. Let me ask the maestro how we should handle this.”

Then, he turned and left quickly.

“Aiyaya…” Pascal panicked instantly. He almost jumped up as he watched the staff member walk away quickly.

It’s over now!

The staff member should be a new recruit and didn’t know him, but if Vicki came over, she would see through his camouflage at the very first glance.

The wound that was caused by Vicky previously had just recovered. He didn’t want to antagonize that woman again.

However, when he looked around the 80% full theater, the audience were mainly the rich and famous in Rodu. Even if Vicki was annoyed with him, she most probably wouldn’t hit him in this situation.

Moreover, he came to negotiate with Vicki today. It was fine to meet her now.


Mag watched this scene with great interest. He was also curious about why this fellow came to the Black Cat Opera House today.

Soon after, Vicki, who had already changed into the black Lolita dress, walked out from backstage and walked to Pascal’s seat under admiring gazes.

“That is the maestro of Black Cat Opera?”

“Mommy, is she Miss Black Cat? She’s so pretty! She looks exactly like the picture book!”

“Her dress is so pretty. Hubby, I want one too.”

“Sure, sure. I’ll custom make one for you when we go back.”

The audience were talking among themselves. They didn’t expect to see the main lead before the show started.

Even though she didn’t appear on stage, her presence still managed to wow them.

Looking at the audience member that was huddling in a corner under a black cape, Vicki frowned slightly. However, she gently said, “Sir, if you have photophobia, could you change into a shorter cape? In that case, it won’t affect the audience behind you.”

Pascal looked at the cape that Vicki was holding and pondered for a while before saying in a low voice, “No, I can’t see bright light. I can only wear my own cape. I can’t wear others’ capes.”

Vicki’s eyebrow jerked up as soon as that person spoke. Her gaze became razor-sharp as she coldly said, “You indeed can’t see the light. I think you have forgotten about your pain after your wound healed. You came here for a beating again.”

The audience members around them all had a curious expression when they heard Vicki say that. It seemed like the maestro of Black Cat Opera knew this audience member.

However, the way she spoke was really very ‘Miss Black Cat’!

Pascal broke into a cold sweat under the cape, but he still said in a shrill voice, “I-is this how you Black Cat Opera members treat your audience?! I’ve bought a ticket! Y-you guys are bullying me!”

“Ha, if you were a real audience member, we would naturally welcome you. However, we always have our sticks ready for those bastards who come to make trouble.” Vicki said to the staff member coldly, “Throw him out! Our Black Cat Opera doesn’t welcome him!”

Two staff members picked Pascal up on both sides and dragged him out as soon as Vicky finished talking.

“Wait a sec! Wait a sec!” Pascal kicked his stubby legs around in the air as he shouted, “Maestro Vicki, I didn’t come to make trouble! I really came to see the performance and to discuss a business deal with you!”

Vicki looked at him coldly with ill-concealed disgust in her eyes. “I’m not interested in discussing any business deals with you. I don’t wish to say one more word to you either!”

“This is an one-in-a-lifetime chance! You will never get this chance again if you miss it!” Pascal grabbed onto a seatback. His face flushed bright red because he was using all his strength. He said in a hoarse voice, “I’m willing to merge my Maca Opera with your Black Cat Opera! You’ll be the maestro while I’ll be the deputy maestro. We will be called Black Ma Opera in the future and we will be so famous! We have the best opera actors in Rodu who could make your performance even fuller. You can’t find that anywhere else!”

“Maca Opera? Is there another opera troupe in Rodu?”

“I thought opera was a very new thing. Seems like I’m being ignorant.”

“I know about that Maca Opera. Their performance is so boring, but it’s great at putting people to sleep. I’ll go watch them whenever I have insomnia. I’ll fall asleep very quickly.”

“Then speaking from the point of functionality, it’s not bad.”

The audience members discussed among themselves. They were very interested in their argument.

Mag felt like laughing when he heard that. This Pascal was really daydreaming. He actually dared to ask Black Cat Opera for a merger and wanted to be the deputy maestro shamelessly.

There were no professional opera actors in Maca Opera at all. They were all fooling around. They learnt some songs somewhere and just murmured them on stage. They could put the audience to sleep very quickly, so the audience didn’t know what they saw in the end.

However, his courage was admirable. He would most probably be thrown out by Vicki.

Vicki was so furious that she laughed when she saw Pascal holding onto the seat tightly.

“You said you want us to merge with your Maca Opera? And, let you be the deputy maestro?” Vicki asked Pascal.

“Yes, yes, yes. I have already compromised a lot. It’s enough to show my sincerity.” Pascal quickly nodded and smilingly said, “Think about it, I have been in Rodu for over 20 years. I know many people, from the rich and powerful to the ordinary folks. Why do you think people accept opera so readily? It’s all due to my Maca Opera’s hard work that your Black Cat Opera has success today. Now, our Black Ma Opera is just starting out. It will go even further if you let me operate it!”

Now, even the audience members were astonished by his thick skin.

Obviously, they came after reading the famous ‘Miss Black Cat’ picture book. What has it got to do with that Maca Opera?

It seemed like that fatty under the cape was indeed here to make trouble.

“Throw him out. If he is still grabbing onto the seat, break whichever finger is grabbing onto the seat,” Vicki said coldly before heading to the backstage without a backwards glance.

The two staff members, who were initially helpless towards Pascal, reached out for him.