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Chapter 2334: Don’t You Feel Cold?

“What a scary woman!”

Pascal retracted his fingers from the seatback immediately and let the two staff members drag him out and toss him on to the street.

Pascal rolled around on the ground and shouted, “They’re beating up people! Black Cat Opera is beating up people!”

The audience lining up to go in were all looking at him perplexedly.

“This is a thief who got caught in the act. Please be careful, everyone.” The staff member explained seriously.

The people in the line all started to cover their money bags and began to look at Pascal with a wary and disdainful gaze.

Pascal: “…?”

Even a staff member who was responsible for the tickets in Black Cat Opera was so natural in acting?

After he said that, Pascal was already labeled as a thief. Rather than staying here and embarrassing himself, he could only stand up and sneak away.

“Cool! Is this an easter egg? Miss Black Cat is so suave”

“Yes. If this is acting, it’s so natural. If it’s real, then I love her character!”


“I already began to look forward to this opera performance. I heard that the story ‘Miss Black Cat’ is created by the maestro of Black Cat Opera. Seems like she’s a person with more stories too.”

Vicki’s swift handling not only didn’t antagonize the audience, instead she gained the audience’s liking and raised everyone’s anticipation.

“This girl is smart,” Irina said laughingly.

“Her brain indeed spins very fast. I suspect it’s driven by a dual core,” Mag also answered with a smile.

“Dual core?” Irina looked at him perplexedly.

“That is…” Mag thought about how to answer this question.

“Mr. Hades, are you guys here to watch the opera too? What a coincidence. We happen to be sitting next to each other too,” a sultry voice said at that moment and Eiffie, who was wearing a long red dress, sashayed over.

Eiffie had a great figure and she was wearing a fitting long dress. Her wavy hair was let loose and she looked sultry when she walked over. She instantly attracted many men’s attention.

“Who is this beauty?”

“She seems to be the lady boss of that Titan Tavern across the street.”

“This woman is so pretty. Let me check her features out.”

Many men were already tempted.

However, Eiffie didn’t care about those heated gazes at all. She walked over to Mag and his family smilingly and sat on the empty seat next to him.

“I happen to be free today, so I came to watch a performance at the new theater.” Mag nodded slightly. “You haven’t watched a show here yet either?”

Of course, there was no such coincidence. It must be Mala that gave Eiffie the ticket next to them.

Irina looked at her with a mysterious smile, as though she had already seen through her tricks.

“I have watched it before, but I was feeling bored in the morning, so I came over to take a look.” Eiffie smoothed her hair and greeted Irina and the two children.

Amy curiously asked Eiffie, who wasn’t wearing a jacket, “Big Sister Eiffie, don’t you feel cold?”

Eiffie didn’t feel cold initially, but after Amy asked that, she couldn’t help shivering.

“I-I’m not cold. I feel rather warm today.” Eiffie shook her head with a smile. She wasn’t going to lose her pride.

“How’s the tavern’s business recently?” Mag asked Eiffie.

“Ever since getting the rum’s dealership, Titan Tavern’s number of customers is still increasing. I’m already planning to expand the tavern’s space.” Eiffie didn’t know which tavern Mag was asking about, so she continued on, “Saipan Tavern’s number of customers is very stable. It’s fully packed from the start to the end of operation.”

“Thank you for your hard work during this time.” Mag nodded slightly. Eiffie must have been very busy trying to increase the number of customers in her own tavern while managing Saipan Tavern at the same time.

“I don’t feel tired as I’m working for myself,” Eiffie answered nonchalantly.

“However, the ‘Miss Black Cat’ picture book is really selling very well. The 10,000 copies that have just arrived will be sold out very soon. Many audience members buy the picture book after watching the opera,” Eiffie said.

Compared to the tavern’s business, selling the picture books let her see what was a real windfall.

She was very envious of the 2,000,000 daily earnings.

“This is the charm of linkage.” Mag smiled.

The opera’s market, opened up by the picture book, finally gave back to the picture book with its great quality.

As the influence of ‘Miss Black Cat’ expanded beyond Rodu, it would be expected to create more growth for the picture book.

“You are such a genius at promotion,” Eiffie said to Mag with admiration.

Be it getting the gold award and instantly turning Saipan Tavern into a famous tavern in Rodu when it was first set up, or using the picture book to expand Black Cat Opera’s sales, he had demonstrated amazing tactics.

“All these are just tricks. If we don’t have great quality, promotion will be useless too.” Mag shook his head slightly. He didn’t feel very proud.

Many people were envious of Mag as he chatted with Eiffie. After all, Eiffie, the great beauty, was giving him a lot of attention, while another lady, who looked like his wife, sat next to him and was equally ravishing. In fact, she was even more beautiful than Eiffie.

They were really envious of his luck with the ladies.

Mag sensed some jealous gazes, but he was already used to it. There was always some pressure whenever Irina was next to him.

Fortunately, even though Eiffie was wearing tight-fitting clothes, she was still behaving properly, so it prevented the occurrence of unhappy scenes.

Soon, the theater was fully packed.

After the two staff members confirmed all the audience members had taken their seats, they signaled to everyone that the performance was going to start. The metal plates for the two windows behind slowly lowered and the theater turned dark gradually.

The lights on the stage came on and together with a loud chorus, the curtains on the stage were slowly pulled up and the performance began.

Mag watched this opera performance seriously. The stage backdrop had become more exquisite and their costumes were the ones that he custom-made for them. Together with the actors’ great acting and beautiful singing, this opera was rather professional.

The actors’ great acting and the story of Miss Black Cat fighting against her fate and the restraints of her identity, breaking out of the cage and gaining a new life, got the audience immersed in the story. Some could be even seen wiping away their tears.

No one left during the two hour performance.

When the bell at the end of the performance rang, everyone stood up and clapped for a long time.

Mag clapped as he looked at Vicki, who was leading the actors in a bow, smilingly. “This is the real opera performance.”