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Chapter 2335: Do You Need To Be That Hardcore?!

Mag remained on his seat for a while after the audience left. Then, he brought Irina and the girls backstage.

“Sir, the exit is over there.” A staff member approached them smilingly. He was about to lead them away with a wary gaze.

“We’re…” Mag was about to explain.

“They’re my friends.” A voice spoke up behind them. Vicki walked over to them with a smile. She said to Mag, “Mr. Hades, long time no see.”

“Maestro.” The staff member nodded at Vicki before leaving.

Mag remembered that they had just met a few days ago, but he still praised her with a smile, “The theater is great and the performance is great. You guys are indeed worthy of the title of the best opera troupe on the Norland Continent.”

“It’s pointless to fight for the number one position with an opera troupe like Maca Opera.” Vicki shrugged. With a brighter smile, she said, “Let’s go to my office.”

“Alright.” Mag nodded and they followed Vicki to her office.

Vicki gave the two little ones some snacks and let them play at the side as they ate. Then, she greeted Irina formally before sitting across from Mag.

“I didn’t expect you guys to have a full house so soon. You’re indeed wise to choose taking the money to renovate the theater first,” Mag said with a smile.

“Is that so? I’m feeling very regretful now. If I chose to keep part of the picture books’ sale, my earnings would have been much higher than the one-time price, right?” Vicki said smilingly, but there was no sign of regret on her face.


“That’s true. ‘Miss Black Cat’ picture book will most likely become a classic. Let’s set a small target of selling 1,000,000 copies first.” Mag nodded seriously.

Vicki’s expression froze. Now, she was really feeling her heart ache.

Mag continued speaking, “Oh yes. I’m here today to talk to you about the copyright of the ‘Miss Black Cat’ magvie.”

“Magvie?” Vicki looked puzzled.

“I’ll be using the photostones to make ‘Miss Black Cat’ into a moving picture later and I’ll charge a fee to play it. This is your story after all, so I intend to get your permission first.” Mag explained.

“T-hat! Isn’t that a movie?!” Vicki exclaimed.

“So, Underground City is also calling it a movie,” Mag was thoughtful. It seemed like the development of technology had a commonality.

“What’s a movie?” Mag asked instead.

“Erm…” Vicki murmured. She was shocked by Mag’s advanced thinking.

After all, this world didn’t even have electricity and the steam engine was still at its initial stage of development and not commonly used yet, but Mag actually wanted to make movies.

Moreover, most importantly, he had found the winning point: watching movies for a fee.

Wasn’t that equivalent to building cinemas?

Cinemas still existed in the Underground City’s fifth-tier cities, while the common holographic capsules had already taken over in the first-tier and second-tier cities. Furthermore, some holographic glasses could even provide a better viewing experience than normal cinemas.

However, if they were talking about building cinemas on the Norland Continent, that was simply… ridiculous!

“Even though we could use the photostones to record and store some content, the content isn’t clear enough and the shooting methods and angles are limited. We could only shoot from one angle from the start to the end, and there’s no room for mistakes in the process…” Vicki said and suddenly realized it was very suitable to record the opera’s live performances.

They only had to position the photostone at the best spot in the audience seats and record the opera from the start to the end. There was no need for editing or worried about the camera angle.

However, this was an opera, not a movie.

“I have got professionals to modify a set of equipment. This is the shooting equipment. The photostone’s recording effect is enhanced and we can control the recording and pausing precisely. This is the playback device. Place the photostone into the slot and it can read the recorded content. It can also do simple editing. It can cut the sections you need and paste them together…”

Vicki was already in a daze when she saw Mag take out the equipment and start explaining.

“D-do you need to be that hardcore?!

“Never mind about getting a set of shooting equipment, but do you need to get the playing device and the editing software too?

“Moreover… this is magic? Magic!”

She felt that she needed to speak out these words.

“The current equipment is still very primitive, but it’s enough for simple recording.” Mag looked at Vicki, who couldn’t close her mouth for a long time, with a smile and tapped on the player.

The screen on the player was showing a simple skit of Ugly Duckling and Black Coal, the parrot in the magic potion shop. The content was negligible, but Mag had deonstrated the practical functions and techniques of scene switch, camerawork and editing.

Vicki was quiet for a long time after watching it. Then, she seriously asked Mag, “I have two thoughts right now.”

“What are they?”

“You are a super genius, or… you have escaped from Underground City too.” Vicki stared into Mag’s eyes, as though she wanted to see through him.

“Which one do you think I am?” Mag looked into her eyes smilingly.

After pondering seriously for a while, she said, “The former.”

“Why are you so sure about that?”

“If you came from Underground City, you would have even more and better replacement plans. Secondly, if you were from Underground City you would only avoid me and not bring these things to me,” Vicki said, “You are a genius in many areas.”

“Would I look hypocritical if I am too polite?”


“Then, do you think this set of equipment could transfer ‘Miss Black Cat’ from the opera stage into the magvie?” Mag asked smilingly.

“Do you intend to shoot an opera magvie, or turn the opera into a drama form?”

“I think a dramatized performance would be more popular than an opera,” Mag said.

Vicki thought seriously before nodding. “If you really want to shoot ‘Miss Black Cat’, I have three requests.”

“Please speak.”

“First of all, I get to choose the actors. Secondly, I will be the scriptwriter. Finally, I’ll be the director too,” Vicki said.

Good fellow. She wanted to be the scriptwriter, director and actor at the same time!

“Alright.” Mag agreed without even thinking.

“It’s so easy?” Vicki was stunned.

“Actually, I don’t understand these aspects very well. It definitely would be better if I hand this to the professionals,” Mag smilingly said, “Furthermore, I can guarantee that I will only provide the money and not interfere with the process of filming.”

This was indeed an excellent investor!

Vicki looked at Mag with a brighter gaze.

“Then, can we begin to talk about the division of profits now? Or, would you like to sell the rights this time as well?” Mag continued to ask.