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Chapter 2336: You’re Still Young and Small, You’re Not Suitable for Such Roles.

“No! This time, I want a cut of the profit!” Vicki shook her head resolutely.

She was already disadvantaged once with the picture book. Now, she would not repeat the same mistake with the movie.

“I need to remind you that we currently do not have any venue to show it. The people of the Norland Continent have no concept of what a magvie is either. It would probably take a very long time to build a magvie theater and to establish the idea of a magvie. The chances of recouping the capital for ‘Miss Black Cat’ is very small. Are you sure you want a cut?” Mag asked with a smile.

Upon hearing that, Vicki was stunned and she hesitated.

She knew that Mag was not lying. Even in the Underground City where movies were around for thousands of years, there were still many directors making losses with every movie they made.

To make a movie in the Norland Continent, especially when cinemas did not exist, was unthinkable. Only Mag would dare to do something like that.

“I would also like to remind you that I am intending to develop this industry to provide a venue for magvie showings. Therefore, my initial films would be mostly to open up the market. I can’t guarantee the box office sales,” Mag continued.

Vicki knew that Mag was speaking the truth and he was very sincere and truthful.

“The opera troupe is no longer lacking money. Therefore, I can pump in some money for my dreams too. I don’t want a lump sum of money. I just want 30% of the box office sales in the future,” Vicki told Mag with a smile.

“Deal.” Mag nodded. He did not bargain.

This share ratio was rather similar to that of the film industry in his previous life. However, as the investor, issuer, and advertiser, this ratio was rather disadvantageous to him.


But Mag was not lacking in money and the return on investment was worth it.

“Oh, right, can I have a small request?” Mag asked.

“What is it?”

“I want to add a little character and an actor in ‘Miss Black Cat’,” Mag said.

Vicki frowned. He just said that he would not interfere with the movie’s production. However, she still asked, “What character? Who are you adding?”

“A chef, me,” Mag said with a pat on his chest.

“You want to act in the movie?” Vicki was a little shocked. However, she was very soon in a dilemma. “It’s difficult to change this story to Miss Black Cat eloping with a chef…”

Mag: “…?”

“I don’t want to be the male lead. I just want to be a calefare.” Mag shook his head. “I don’t need too much screen time. Just give me enough time to make a dish. I want to teach people how to make it.”

“I see…” Vicki blushed. She realized she seemed to have misunderstood him. After thinking for a while, she said with a nod, “I can consider that. However, I can only decide if I can add the scene after seeing how you perform in front of the camera.”

She was a very strict director who would not give in to the investor of the film. Mag nodded with a smile. “Sure, no problem.”

Who is he? Mag Alex, and Hades, the winner of the best actor award who could jump between three characters anytime, anywhere. He would not have to worry about performing in front of the camera.

“This mov… magvie, how much do you intend to invest in it?” Vicki asked.

“This magvie would not require a large set-up or special effects so I doubt it would require a large capital. I intend to invest 10 million copper coins,” Mag said.

Vicki thought for a while and nodded in agreement. “That would be enough.”

She knew very well that building a cinema in the Norland Continent would be a task that required huge funding.

“Other than this, I actually have another script that I would like you to write for me.” Mag pulled out a stack of papers and pushed it to Vicki.

“Phantom of Cookery?” Vicki looked at the tacky name on the cover. She raised her brow. This looked like a popular novel sold at roadside stalls.

She picked up the document and flipped through it. As she read, she slowly looked absorbed and her eyes lit up with excitement, as though she was holding a treasure.

About 20 minutes later, Vicki put the document down. She looked at Mag and asked, “Who wrote this story?”

“Yours truly.” Mag smiled.

Vicki looked intensely at Mag as she exclaimed, “Although you don’t write very well, the narrative is a mess and the emotional changes in the plot are awkward, this is a very good story!”

The facial muscles on Mag’s face twitched. He was not sure whether to be happy hearing this praise.

He was the one who wrote the story, penned the narrative, and even changed the emotions in the plot. Only the story was not his.

This wench is rather spot-on.

Vicki also realized that her words did not sound very pleasant. She explained, “What I mean to say was… this is a very good story. Its flaws could not hide its beauty. Even if it’s adapted into an opera, it would be a sell-out.”

“I want you to help me to write this story into a magvie script. Of course, as compensation, I can give you the copyright of this story without anything in return,” Mag said.

“Really?!” Vicki’s eyes lit up.

“All the cooperation that we’ve discussed today will be written down and signed as a contract.” Mag nodded.

“Deal!” Vicki nodded decisively.

She was racking her brains recently over a new story for her opera. Mag’s story was a breath of fresh air.

The love-hate relationship between a human chef and a succubus, with a dryad, the Great Old Ones, and other elements interjected into the story was a very dramatic yet trendy plot.

Vicki felt that this story might even be better than ‘Miss Black Cat’.

What’s more, this story was an absolute fit to be aired on the big screen.

The dryad and the Great Old Ones could be made through magic special effects and they could bring an even greater visual impact to the audience.

“You’re not intending to play the chef yourself, are you?” Vicki asked Mag.

“I am.” Mag nodded truthfully. This was a movie he made for himself.

“The female lead…” Vicki bit her lower lip. She looked as though she had made a big decision as she said, “I’ll…”

“I already have someone in mind for the female lead.” Mag interrupted with a smile. He glanced at young Vicki’s itty bitties and said, “You’re still young and small, you’re not suitable for such roles.”

Vicki: “…?”

She was indeed still young and small but she felt that Mag was referring to something else that was small.


She was so mad she wanted to tear the draft in her hands to shreds but she could not bear to do such a thing to such a great story. Her face twisted with rage and she clenched her teeth as she said with a nod, “Alright, I’ll take this story!”

“I intend to shoot this story first so I’ll leave the script to you. I hope that I can see the initial draft of the script when I’m back at the theater seven days later,” Mag said with a smile.

“Seven days?” Vicki almost jumped.

Did this fellow think that everyone is a tentacle monster? When she gets stuck, she could not even churn a single word out!