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Chapter 2337: Beauty Fades

“I heard you writers could easily write tens of thousands of words every day, or maybe you aren’t meant to do this job.” Mag looked at Vicki smilingly.

“Is that so?” Vicki frowned deeply. She felt that Mag seemed to be lying to her.

Mag shook his head and said, “I simply heard about it. After all, I don’t know your professional circle very well. You will decide if it is really true or not.”

“Alright. I’ll give you the script in one week’s time.” Vicki still forced herself to agree.

To Vicki, altering the script was also something she had to do right now. The opera’s script and the movie’s script were not very different. Although there would be some changes in the lines and the changing of scenes, it was overall the same.

Although she wasn’t a movie scriptwriter, she learned plenty of movie knowledge when she was learning to be an opera scriptwriter. It shouldn’t be too difficult to change the story with a complete framework and proper characters.

“Alright. It’s decided then.” Mag nodded and got up to leave.

“You’re not staying for lunch?” Vicki tried to keep him.

“No, thank you very much. I promised Eiffie to eat lunch at her place. Mala is cooking.” Mag shook his head and asked, “Do you want to come too?”

“Sure,” Vicki answered very naturally.

Even though Mag wasn’t cooking, Mala’s culinary skills weren’t too bad. At least, it was better than the theater’s meals.


Mag and the ladies arrived at Titan Tavern. Mala had already placed a few dishes on the table. They were the pig ears salad, drunkard peanuts and pig tongue salad.

Good fellow. They were all side dishes for drinking.

“Master, come and eat. I have already cooked all the dishes,” Mala said to Mag expectantly. She had been practicing hard on her culinary skills. She wanted to demonstrate them to Mag.

“I think I’ll go cook two more dishes. We can’t just drink without proper food.” Mag walked to the kitchen reluctantly. It seemed like this lass could only serve these three dishes.

“That’s great.” Vicki sat by the table. She thought she wouldn’t be able to eat Mag’s cooking today. She didn’t expect him to cook a few dishes.

“Th-then, I’ll go take a look too. I can learn more skills at the same time too.” Mala went into the kitchen with a blush. She actually knew how to cook a few more simple homely dishes, but she didn’t want to embarrass herself, so she only served her best dishes.

Amy discovered a copy of ‘Miss Black Cat’ on the counter with surprise and said to Annie, “Big Sister Annie, look. It’s your pictures!”

Annie noticed the picture book too and she smiled.

Eiffie came over and placed her hands on Annie’s shoulders gently as she said with amazement, “Annie, you’re so awesome. Many people loved your picture books. They all said they were fantastic and were collectibles.”

“Thank you,” Annie said with sign language.

Vicki also came over to say to Annie, “Many people asked me if the picture books are drawn by me. If you decide to hold a signing session, I think many fans will come to support you.”

This quiet girl had such amazing power with her pens.

Even though she had created the story of ‘Miss Black Cat’, Annie re-created it again in another format.

The storyboard, tempo, simplified lines… All these things demonstrated Annie’s abilities.

She transported a story that was being sung on stage, into a picture book with squares and found the perfect balance point.

Vicki even thought that if this picture book was being sold in Underground City, it would also be very popular with picture book collectors there.

She had considered discussing with Mag about buying the Underground City’s distribution rights from Annie and publishing it in Underground City.

Annie only shook her head gently when she heard that and said with sign language, “I like to draw, but I don’t like to interact with too many people.”

Vicki nodded smilingly. “It’s not wrong to concentrate on just creating. The rest are simply extras.”

Irina sat at the side leisurely and watched the whole process quietly. She was only watching Vicki and Eiffie with interest.

Eiffie sensed Irina’s gaze and sat across from her smilingly. “What have you been busy with lately, Madam?”

Irina smilingly said, “I’ve been busy traveling around. He likes to wander around, so sometimes we’ll go watch the stars in the mountains, or sometimes we’ll go to the beach. It is interesting, but it can be tiring at the same time.”

Eiffie’s eyelids twitched and she felt hurt.

She had her hands full every day, worrying about the two taverns.

Yet, this couple still felt tired when they only traveled around to see the starry sky and enjoy the sea breeze at the beach?

Irina said to Eiffie with a concerned expression, “There are a few fine lines at the corners of your eyes now. Did you rest properly recently? We women have to worry less and sleep early. That way you can maintain yourself to look as good as me.”

“Fine lines? Really? Where are they?” Eiffie instantly panicked when she heard that. She took out a small mirror immediately and looked at the corners of her eyes. The dark corners did indeed have a few fine lines. Even though they were not obvious, they were still there.

Eiffie’s expression turned severe instantly. As a confident woman, she always felt that she was still far from using the word ‘old’.

However, the fine lines at the corner of her eyes seemed to be reminding her that she was slowly getting older.

Looking at Irina sitting across from her again, her skin was still so fair and smooth. Don’t even talk about fine lines, she couldn’t even find a mark on her. Who could tell that Irina was already the mother of two, while she was still a virgin!

“It’s fine, Big Sister Eiffie. It’s just one tiny fine line. There will be more later and you’ll get used to it.” Amy consoled her understandingly.

Eiffie opened her mouth but she was actually at a loss for words at that moment.

However, she still felt a little sad after she put away the mirror.

Time flies and beauty fades. Only women knew how important a beautiful body was.

Irina, who looked amused initially, stopped smiling when she saw Eiffie being down. After thinking for a short moment, she took out a small bottle and passed it to Eiffie.

“This is?” Eiffie received that exquisite bottle and looked at Irina perplexedly.

“This is a small bottle of the Spring of Life. Dab a little at the corners of your eyes before you sleep daily, and your fine lines should improve,” Irina answered.

“Is it true?!” Eiffie’s eyes flicked open wide and she grasped the little bottle tightly, as she was afraid to drop it. However, she seemed to quickly realize something and passed the bottle back to Irina with both hands. “Isn’t the Spring of Life the holy water of the elves? I can’t accept such a precious item…”