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Chapter 2341: Boss Mag’s Indecent Little Wife

“The first day of rushing out the script!”

Vicki locked the office’s door, took out a few balls from her ring and placed them on the table. She pointed at them and a virtual screen and a virtual keyboard appeared.

Even though the brain-computer interface had been popular for many years in Underground City, Vicki still preferred the tempo of typing. This could give her more inspiration.

However, this story’s framework and setting had been decided by Mag, so she used the brain-computer interface to run through the script once in her mind first.

Blue-sky thinking couldn’t be presented in the scenes. Hence, even if it was the imagination in her mind, she still had to follow the basic logics and principles.

Therefore, it took Vicki the whole night just to run through the story in her mind once.

Vicki opened her eyes to look at the draft in front of her. The tired expression on her face lessened a little.

“This is really a good story, but I still have to add some more details to it.” Just as Vicki went through the draft and did some editing, the alarm rang.

“It’s already 7 a.m?” Vicki turned off the alarm clock. Even though she had so many inspirations in her mind right now, she had to put them aside first.

“Let’s drink a little Spring of Life and then wash up for breakfast. It’s time to prepare for the morning performance again.” Vicki put away the balls and took a sip of the Spring of Life. She felt energized instantly as though she had just had a full night’s rest.

“This will be very popular if it could be made into a beverage, right?” Vicki looked at the small bottle in her hand with appreciation. This was much more potent than most recovery potions.

Vicki went out as she mumbled, “The story is not bad, but the title’s horrible. I’m going to change this title sooner or later.”


Mag had a good night’s sleep. He was completely at ease in handing the script over to Vicki.

After the breakfast was over, he went out and rode his bicycle around. He didn’t find any appropriate filming locations, but he bumped into Angela, who was reading in a corner of the park.

“What are you reading?” Mag stopped the bicycle in front of her and poked his head out to take a look curiously.

Angela looked up when she heard him. She was taken aback when she saw Mag. She blushed and hid the book behind her.

“B-boss, what are you doing here?” Angela sounded nervous.

Mag saw that she looked nervous. She was blushing and panting, and her expression was weird. Was she reading that kind of book?

However, on second thoughts, this lass was at the age where she should be curious about the birds and bees. Furthermore, she usually hung out with succubi and loved to tell dirty jokes, so it didn’t seem abnormal for her to learn some new knowledge secretly in the park.

Instead, he had frightened her and ruined her mood by appearing suddenly.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I’m just passing by. Please continue on.” Mag rode away on his bicycle.

“D-did he see it?” Angela murmured with a blush as she watched Mag ride away. She only took out the book after Mag went far. The title of the book was ‘Boss Mag’s Indecent Little Wife’. Author: The Northwestern Lone Wolf.

“What does he mean by ‘continue on’?

“He wants me to learn from it?

“The big sisters are right. There’s indeed nothing good about men.

“But this book is quite a good read. Let’s continue.”


Northwestern Lone Wolf munched on the meat pie and talked to a kind-looking middle-aged woman through the window. “Esteemed Editor, I saw that the book’s title was changed when I passed by the breakfast shop earlier.”

“Boss Mag’s wife is back, so we borrowed a little of their hype and we heightened the conflict at the same time. It also happened to complement your current update.” The editor smiled brightly. “Did you know that the sales of the latest edition has surpassed the total of all the previous six editions? Your book is breaking through! It’s going to become famous!”

“Cough, cough, cough…” Cynthia, who was drinking water, choked and coughed.

“Don’t be too excited. According to the contract that we signed previously, your remuneration won’t be too low. You just have to keep up with the updates and the remuneration will last you for years,” the editor said consolingly.

Cynthia finally stopped coughing. She wiped the water and seriously said to the editor, “Then… will Boss Mag see this book too?”

The editor shook her head with a smile. “Don’t worry. Our book’s target audience is women. Apart from a few special men, Boss Mag won’t be buying this book.”

“That’s good.” Cynthia sighed. She still wanted to go eat at Mamy Restaurant. She would be too embarrassed to go if Boss Mag saw this book.

“However, even though I think that he won’t be buying it, the ladies around him might. I even heard the chief editor discussing overprint with the printer.” The editor continued on.

“It’s over…” Cynthia slumped on her seat. She felt she had commited social suicide again.

“Don’t worry. Other than me, no one else in the editorial department knows that Northwestern Lone Wolf is a pretty maiden.” The editor consoled her with a smile.

“That’s good.” Cynthia was relieved and she bit into the meat pie.

“However, the chief editor held a meeting yesterday to vote on you having a booking signing session. Currently, everyone agrees,” the editor continued speaking.

“What! No way! I’m not going!” Cynthia jumped off her chair right away.

“Erm… I’m afraid that’s not going to happen. We’ve signed a contract and you have to work with the editorial department for publicity.”

“You people… Even you betrayed me!” Cynthia wanted to cry.

“I simply think that your image is great and there is a good contrast between you and your pen name. Maybe you will gain many fans and become the new queen of romance novels,” the editor innocently said, “Did I do anything wrong?”

“What queen of romance novels. This is the queen of smut literature… Maybe I will be handcuffed and brought away as soon as I get there.” Cynthia slumped on her seat weakly.

The pen name was her last barrier. From the moment she started writing those words, she had never intended to meet people with that name.

And now the editorial agency actually wanted her to hold a book signing session?

Was this a book that could hold a book signing session?

Was she that shameless?

“Enjoy your breakfast and remember to write your manuscript in advance. I’ll notify you once the book signing session is confirmed.” The editor escaped.

“Don’t run away! I’m telling you all that I will never! Never! Never hold a book signing session!” Cynthia jumped up from her chair and shouted as she ran to the door.