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Chapter 2342: I Didn’t Expect He’s That Kind of Man!

“Let’s eat. Why are you all looking at me?”

Mag put a piece of red braised pork into Amy’s bowl and looked at the ladies, who were looking at him with a weird gaze, with befuddlement.

Their expressions had been weird ever since they arrived at the restaurant one by one. They seemed to be hiding something from him.

“Nothing. Let’s eat.” Angela picked up her bowl and ate quietly.

Everyone followed, but the atmosphere was still a little weird.

Irina was also looking at them with puzzlement. She was wondering what secrets they were hiding from them.

“Hahaha. Every dog has his day! Unfortunately, it’s only words. If I can get the recording…” Camilla looked at Mag from the corner of her eyes and her imagination began to go wild.

“Boss, did you hear anything weird when you were out today?” Yabemiya asked curiously.

They all turned to look at him and even flick a glance at Caroline too.

“Hear anything weird?” Mag frowned and then shook his head. “I didn’t hear anything weird.”

“Oh I see. There’s nothing then. Today’s red braised pork is so scrumptious.” Yabemiya popped a piece of red braised pork into her mouth and didn’t say anything else again.

Mag was perplexed. He sensed that they were hiding something from him.

After lunch, Mag opened the door. After saying his welcome with a smile, he was met with all kinds of weird gazes.

How should he describe it? It was as though the entire world knew about your secret and only you have no idea that you have that secret.

The customers streamed into the restaurant as usual, but they appeared to be more distant than they usually were. Only Harrison secretly gave Mag a thumbs-up when he walked by him.


“What the heck? What’s going on now?” Mag entered the kitchen with a perplexed expression and he cooked for his customers with befuddlement.

“Have you heard about it?”

“Of course. Who doesn’t know about that by now?”

“I didn’t expect he’s that kind of man.”

“Yes. If I knew that I could too, I wouldn’t have waited till now.”

“Tsk tsk. He actually did that when he had such a beautiful wife at home.”

“As the saying goes, ‘a secret lover is better than a wife’.”

“I only feel sorry for his wife.”


Even though they were not loud, Mag’s hearing was great. Hence, he had heard what they were saying.

However, he still looked confused after hearing them.


“A secret lover?

“What happened?

“What kind of man am I?”

Mag wanted to go out, catch one person and interrogate him with his cleaver.

Mag was getting frustrated and Irina’s gaze gradually became sharp. As a woman, she naturally understood the meaning between the lines.

Mag still couldn’t figure out what the customers were talking about even until the service was over. He could only understand vaguely that Rodu had rumors about him cheating now.

Furthermore, this news spread as though it was real. It was full of details, hence it had gotten the people’s approval.

Irina walked to the kitchen and smilingly asked Mag, who was wiping his chef’s knife, “Shouldn’t you explain what’s going on?”

The maidens who were cleaning up the restaurant, fell silent. Even though they were still working, they pricked up their ears, trying to hear the tragedy that was going to take place, and wondered if they should help stop the argument.

“I want to ask that question too.” Mag put away his cleaver and walked to the kitchen’s entrance. He asked the maidens, who were working hard, “Miya, tell me what did they mean earlier?”

Yabemiya put down the plates. She looked at Mag and then at Caroline. After biting her lips in hesitation for a while she said in a low voice, “Th-there are some rumors out there, s-saying…”

“What did it say?” Irina asked.

Yabemiya looked around and seeked help from Angela.

Angela’s eyelids twitched and she turned her body slightly to avoid her gaze.

“It said that Boss had an affair with a customer and it was written into a novel. It seems to be selling quite well, so it has spread far and wide. Everyone knows about it.” Elizabeth continued on calmly.


“There’s something like that?!”

Mag glared. He didn’t expect that was the reason that everyone became weird.

He really didn’t expect someone would spread such rumors about him and it had such an influence.

That could explain why the earlier atmosphere was so awkward.

After all, he had the good man’s persona and was turned into a man who cheated on his wife overnight. He lost all his goodwill from the people.

“It was just rumors written by an author. It’s nothing. The odd thing here is why so many people believe in it?” Mag explained to Irina.

Irina didn’t answer Mag. Instead, she turned to the ladies. “Do any of you have that novel?”

“I do!” Angela offered that novel with a pink cover to Irina like a treasure.

“I-isn’t this the book that she was secretly reading in the park in the morning?!” Mag cocked his eyebrow. He suddenly knew why this book looked so familiar.

Thinking of it now, he immediately understood why she was blushing when she was simply reading a book in the park.

Irina took the book and read the title aloud, “Boss Mag’s Indecent Little Wife.”

“What an embarrassing title! You know immediately that it’s to poison the minds of the innocent young maidens!” Mag frowned.

“Have you all read it?” Irina asked the ladies.

“No!” All the ladies shook their heads, including Angela.

“It’s your book, but you have never read it?” Irina looked at Angela weirdly.

“I-I haven’t read it yet,” Angela replied with a mild blush.

“The hell I’ll believe you.” Mag rolled his eyes and ratted her out. “She was hiding in the park and reading this book alone in the morning. I saw her with my own eyes.”

Angela covered her face, feeling that she had fallen flat on her face.

Irina opened the book and flipped through a few pages. She was also blushing and she quickly closed the book.

“Why are you blushing? Have you never read a romance novel before?” Mag mumbled inwardly. However, he still said with a proper expression, “Is it made up of nonsense content? Such a novel cannot be believed from its title to its very last word. There are actually people believing it?! Public morals are degenerating with each passing day!”

“Judge for yourself if it’s true.” Irina threw the book into Mag’s hands.

“I’ll read it. I want to see what nonsense she is sprouting.” Mag took the book and casually flipped to a random page. The chapter’s title was: Boss Mag Playing In the Water, Seven Times In a Night…

Mag’s expression froze on his face as he quietly closed the book.

He couldn’t read it anymore, otherwise he would get censored.

Fricking hell… It wasn’t simply adding a little detail. It was full of details!