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Chapter 2344: I Want To Meet the Author

Mag sat on a not-very-comfortable sofa in a not-very-big office and watched Delmar pour tea for him with a relaxed expression.

It was this man who released a smut novel about him. Oh, nope. It wasn’t just one. He had just done some research and there were six smut novels about him on the market now. Three of them came from Delmar and the current bestseller was “Boss Mag’s Indecent Little Wife”.

Hence, Mag didn’t like him at all. He even wanted to give him two big slaps.

Delmar got the tea ready and placed it in front of Mag before sitting across from him and smilingly said, “Could you tell me more about the collaboration please, Mr. Padar?”

“It’s like this. I went to the bookshop today and realized that your publishing house’s books were selling very well. I bought one and found that the contents were not bad either.

“It’s a book of good quality and had spread through word of mouth, so I came here based on the address on the book cover. I want to talk about a collaboration with you. I wonder if I can buy the Roth Empire’s publishing’s dealership from you.”

Mag said with a smile, “We will sell this book with our Padar Publishing House’s power and sales channels. Apart from the dealership’s fees, we will also give you 50% of the profits.”

“This…” Delmar’s eyes rolled in his sockets. There was actually such a good deal like this!

2,000,000 copper coins wasn’t a small amount of money for Delmar. Although “Boss Mag’s Indecent Little Wife” sales seemed rather good recently, it was restricted by its topic. Selling 100,000 copies was already its limit.

Taking away all the costs, they could only earn 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 copper coins.

If this God of Wealth chose to give them 2,000,000 copper coins and a bite of the Roth Empire’s big cake, it would be fantastic.

“Do you think it’s too little?” Mag curved his lips but his voice became colder.

“No, it’s not little!” Delmar quickly shook his head and smilingly said, “This isn’t a small collaboration, so we need to negotiate further. I simply want to know how many copies do you think this book can sell in the Roth Empire?”

Mag pursed his lips and said, “Given this book’s quality and Boss Mag’s popularity, it can easily sell 1,000,000 copies.”

“1,000,000 copies!” Delmar’s eyes lit up. Even if he only earned 50% of the 30 copper coins profit per book, that would be 10,000,000 copper coins too!

“The Roth Empire’s market is indeed huge…” Delmar’s breathing became labored. This was simply too enticing for him.

The crux was that he didn’t have to tell Northwestern Lone Wolf at all. He could secretly gobble up all the money and earn 10,000,000 more without anyone knowing.

He had thought of doing it himself before, but in the publishing line, having the book alone was of no use. You had to have the channels and connections, otherwise the readers would never have the chance to see your book, let alone sell it.

Delmar decided and said, “Alright, let’s agree on it.”

“This matter can’t be agreed upon yet.” Mag took a sip of the tea and crossed his legs.

“Mmm?” Delmar was stunned as he nervously said, “Is there something you are not satisfied with?”

Mag slowly said, “It’s not that I’m not satisfied, but this is a big business deal. Since I’m here on business in Chaos City, I want to meet the author and talk to him about this book’s creative journey and his future’s creative plan.”

“You want to meet the author?” Delmar murmured. His brain raced as he was worried that Mag might poach her and yet he didn’t want to lose the deal. He was in a dilemma.

“If it isn’t convenient, then forget it.” Mag put the book back into his briefcase and got up to walk to the door.

Delmar shot up instantly from his seat and said, full of smiles, “How can it be inconvenient? If you want to meet the author, I’ll go get the editor who specially handles Northwestern Lone Wolf to bring you there. Oh, I’ll go with you too.”

Mag flicked a glance at him, as though he was sizing up his sincerity. He only nodded after a while.

Delmar quickly went out and wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. The aura of someone who talked about business that was worth millions, was indeed different.

“Boss… I don’t think this is appropriate? Northwestern Lone Wolf has never met anybody before. She even refused to hold the book signing session that you wanted me to talk to her about previously. She’s definitely not going to meet the person that you brought over,” the editor said to the boss with a miserable expression.

She never had a good day ever since she became Northwestern Lone Wolf’s editor.

However, she would still have feelings for a dog that she had reared for three years, let alone an author that she sent knives to daily. This was an author that grew up on her knives, how could she not protect her?

“She has to meet this person today. Bring us over now,” Boss answered severely before getting closer to the editor and whispering, “This customer is very important. I’ll give you a pay increase of 1,000 and double your bonus at the end of the year.”

“Really?” The editor’s eyes lit up instantly.

Delmar slapped his chest and promised her. “When have I ever lied to you before?”

After an intense internal battle, the editor finally clenched her teeth and said, “Alright. I’ll bring you guys over. However, let’s have an agreement that if she refuses to meet you guys, you cannot force her. She’s the author and if she refuses to update because she’s pissed, I won’t be able to do anything either.”

Refusing to update was the author’s final show of pride.

Delmar also turned severe after hearing that. Even though they had signed a contract, they couldn’t go overboard. The publishing house depended on her for a living now.

Mag got into the horse-drawn carriage that Delmar prepared. The middle-aged woman sitting across from him kept sizing him up sneakily.

About 10 minutes later, the horse-drawn carriage stopped in front of a small courtyard at the southwest of the city.

“It’s here,” the female editor said and got off the horse-drawn carriage first.

Mag followed after her. After going through the hollow parapet, he could see the decor in the yard. It was already early spring and pink flower buds had appeared on the tree at the corner of the yard. There were flowers and plants everywhere in the yard and they were well-taken care of. After pulling through the severe winter, they began to turn green in the early spring’s warm winds.

A swing was tied on an old locust tree and it swayed gently in the wind. There was also a rocking chair in the yard. Even though no one was sitting there, it looked extremely comfortable.

It was obvious the owner of this yard was someone who loved and enjoyed life.

However, this decor… seemed a little too girly?

Could he be a pervert?

Mag frowned.

However, when Mag thought of how a man could have imagined a smut novel that was full of details about him, he had to be a pervert.

“Where’s the author?” Mag asked.