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Chapter 2345: The Author Escaped In the Middle of the Night With Her Knives

The female editor looked inside the yard with a troubled expression and hesitatingly said, “Boss, why don’t I go in and ask first? Let’s forget it if she doesn’t want to.”

Delmar also looked at Mag and said with a smile, “Boss Padar, you must also always interact with the authors too. You know that they are shy and don’t like to interact with people.”

“Let’s ask first. If he indeed doesn’t want to meet me, then forget it.” Mag didn’t insist. Since he already got the address, he was not afraid that he would run away.

The female editor nodded and went up to knock on the door.

After some time, a lazy voice spoke up from inside. “Who’s it?”

“It’s a female?”

Both Delmar and Mag looked shocked.

Mag didn’t expect the author with such a perverted pen name to be a girl.

Of course, what he even less expected was that Delmar was also equally shocked. Wasn’t she their publishing house’s author?

“It’s me!” the female editor answered.

“Didn’t I just hand in the manuscript? Why can’t you let me sleep?!” The voice was full of irritation.

“This voice. Why did it sound so familiar?” Mag frowned.

Delmar stole a peek at Mag before making eyes at the female editor.

The female editor had no choice but to say, “O-our boss said he wants to meet you and discuss the collaboration with you. There’s also another publishing house’s boss who wants to meet you too.”

There was silence in there for a while, before the window cracked open and three knives flew out. They were pinned onto the tree behind them.


The window shut with a bang.

Delmar looked at the three knives that flew by close to his face with cold sweat. He gulped and said with a dry laugh, “Ha… Nowadays, the authors even need to do tricks. The requirements are getting higher and higher.”

Mag glanced at those three knives. They were not stabbed deep into the tree, but the tips were all firmly stuck into the tree.

It was obvious that the maiden wasn’t strong, but her accuracy wasn’t bad. She should have plenty of practice usually.

Of course, that was not important. Most importantly, he had identified three things.

Northwestern Lone Wolf was a female, he should have met her before and she was a young maiden.

“Seems like this author is rather proud. Since this is the case, let’s forget about our collaboration.” Mag turned to leave.

“Aiyaya! Boss Padar, we still can discuss that…” Delmar was stunned. He didn’t expect Mag to be annoyed so suddenly. He had just said it was fine if the author refused to meet him, so why did he suddenly call off the collaboration?

Delmar chased after Mag for three blocks before losing him as he panted.


Delmar slapped his thigh hard. He was so angry that his face went red.

The female editor also chased after Delmar for three blocks. She stopped behind Delmar and panted. “B-boss, where’s he?”

“He’s gone…” Delmar looked devastated. He turned to look at the editor as though he had expected better from her. “Your bonus and pay increase are gone too.”

“No way. Didn’t we agree on it?” The female editor looked crushed instantly.

“If you hadn’t spoiled her normally, how would she dare to refuse to meet her boss?! If you don’t bring her to the office to meet me tomorrow, you don’t have to work for me any longer either,” Delmar said angrily.

The 20,000,000 that he almost got to earn, had just flown away. His heart was bleeding right now.

However, he had already thought of another idea. Since Padar was willing to offer so much for a collaboration, this meant that “Boss Mag’s Indecent Little Wife” did indeed have a good prospect in the Roth Empire. And, as the publishing house holding the rights, even though he didn’t have the channels in the Roth Empire, he could go ask for a collaboration with those few top publishing houses.

Perhaps, he could even make more money.

As for making Northwestern Lone Wolf go to the office, firstly, it was to give her a little deterrent and let her know her position. She was just an author. There was no need for her to be so arrogant.

Secondly, he wanted to sign a new contract with her that bound her to the Delmar Publishing House. He didn’t want to give the other publishing houses any chances.

This book got popular, which meant she was an author with great potential. Perhaps, she could release even more popular books in the future.

Anyway, she could be bound to the Delmar Publishing House with just one contract. She would be their cash cow in the future.

Delmar, who was in the horse-drawn carriage, couldn’t help laughing shrilly when he thought of that.


“These people are really getting overboard. As an independent author, I will never back off on this matter.”

In the room, Cynthia swung her packed backpack onto her back and looked at the pile of knives in the corner of the room with a lingering expression.

If she sold all of them, she could buy many big meat buns with the money.

“It’s fine. I’m just going out for a while and I’ll return after some time. Be good, guys. I may still have to depend on you guys for a living if I run out of money after I come back.” Cynthia went over and picked up the sharpest knife in the pile. She wrapped it with cowhide and hid it on her body before crouching over the door’s crack and looked around. After making sure that there was no one around, she sneaked out of the door.

“I didn’t expect it to be her.” Mag revealed half of his face in the alley with a weird expression.

He knew this maiden. It was her who suddenly jumped out and almost condemned him on the day of Irina’s return.

He just didn’t expect her to be that “Northwestern Lone Wolf” who badmouthed him secretly with the novels.

Thinking back on her behavior that day, could it be that she was too absorbed by the novels that she wrote in the night? That was why she caused that debacle?

Even though she was the restaurant’s regular customer too, she was a customer with an ulterior motive. Mag had no intent to let her off easily.

After all, the rumors she caused had brought plenty of trouble, and this trouble was still developing.

Mag followed her far away. She finally stopped in front of a small hotel.

“Seems like she’s going to hide here for a few days. She still knows how to preserve her dignity?” Mag looked at the hotel’s signboard and pondered about how to negotiate with this author.

In the end, Cynthia, who had just gone in, came out of the hotel happily. Her backpack was gone. She should have left it in her room.

Mag turned to the side as he heard that maiden murmur to herself as she walked by him, “Let’s go walk around first and then go eat at Mamy Restaurant. I have to eat red braised pork today. I have just received my remuneration for this month. I have to send it to my husband.”

Mag: “…?”

Was she that self-aware?

No… why did these words sound so awkward?

Did you write these smut novels to support me?

However, this made Mag decide not to target her. Anyway, wasn’t she going to come and eat at the restaurant? Why doesn’t he meet her there?