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Chapter 2346: We Are Very Fierce! Owwoo—

The rumors of Mamy Restaurant’s Boss Mag keeping a mistress were still spreading rapidly.

Because there was no communication channel that could reach the majority of the people, Mag couldn’t even effectively dispel the rumors.

Of course, such rumors were already difficult to dispel in the first place. For someone who didn’t believe you, it didn’t matter how much you explained it. They simply loved to watch trouble unfold.

However, the trouble that this matter caused Mag was very minimal. As long as Irina didn’t believe it, he didn’t care who did.

Mag was making tofu pudding in the kitchen when Miya came to the entrance and said with an awkward expression, “Boss, Little Amy is arguing with the customers.”

“Arguing?” Mag stopped his work with shock.

“It’s not really an argument. It’s more like Little Amy and Kiddo giving the customers a lecture over the rumors,” Miya mumbled with an amused expression.

“These two little ones. I want to see what lecture they are giving.” Mag laughed when he heard that. He washed his hands and walked to the door.

Amy stood on the steps at the door and stared at the customers angrily before loudly saying, “Let me tell you guys this. Our father is the best man in the world. Don’t make up and spread rumors about him, otherwise, I won’t let you off.”

After saying that, she huffed and placed her hands on her waist with a fierce expression.

“We are very fierce! Owwoo—”

Kiddo sat on Ugly Duckling next to Amy and held onto a big ladle that she stole from the kitchen as she opened her mouth and let out a cuddly angry roar.

The restaurant’s exterior was in complete silence. The customers tried to maintain their severe expressions and not to laugh as they looked at the pair of cuties.

This was… simply too cute!

Why were such cuties in the world? And, they came in pairs!

Could Boss Mag’s crisis management be letting his adorable daughters come out to sell their cuteness?

I admit that it’s effective for me…

The customers’ eyes lit up and their gaze became gentler.

These two little cuties must be the ones who believed in Boss Mag the most in this world.

Although currently, they still couldn’t figure out when Boss Mag had that little cutie, who suddenly appeared, and weren’t sure if she actually was Boss Mag and Lady Boss’ daughter, they were still mesmerized by her cuteness when they bumped into her during the past two days.

Seeing her riding on the big orange cat just like a little guard next to Amy today, they were struck by their immense cuteness!

“What are they doing? Isn’t it just a novel?! Why are they so involved in it?” Cynthia, who was standing in the line now, felt very conscious.

From the moment she joined the line, she began to hear all sorts of cheating rumors between ‘Boss Mag and his customer, Cyn’. Her novel was the main framework, but the details were blurred. Moreover, many different versions and scenes were extended from it and they made it sound very real.

At first, she was still happy that she became famous this time. However, after hearing it for a while, she realized something weird.

They were not discussing the novel’s plot. Instead, they had deemed the plot as reality and made up a third party that was having an affair with Boss Mag. They were discussing it as though it was real and judging Boss Mag!

This was rumor-mongering!

In Cynthia’s heart, Boss Mag had always been a perfect man. That was why she made him her male lead.

However, she had never expected that a novel that was only spreading secretly in a small circle would become so popular.

What she even least expected was that someone would actually take the novel’s imaginary descriptions and plots as facts and even talk about it so heatedly.

Looking at Amy and Kiddo that were standing at the restaurant’s restaurant with grave expressions, she didn’t think that it was amusing. Instead, she felt like she was committing a crime.

That was their beloved father and now he was being attacked and judged for no reason.

And all this was because of the novel she wrote.

“Are they crazy?!”

Cynthia clenched her fists tightly. She wanted to rush out to make things clear.

However, she halted as soon as she put her right foot forward.

She was a little afraid. She suddenly didn’t know how to handle all of it.

Would those people believe her even if she said she was the author?

She was Cynthia, who had just asked Boss Mag when he was going to marry her in front of Lady Boss a few days ago. Would they think that she was Cyn if she stepped forward now? Would it happen to prove that the matters in the rumors were real?

“I don’t know how Boss Mag is going to handle this matter.” Gjerj sighed.

“Womanizing debts are the hardest to repay.” Harrison shook his head too.

“What do you know? It’s just rumors. I believe in Boss Mag. If he’s that kind of man who can be easily seduced by his customers, there would be many more women who are better than Cyn throwing themselves at him,” Miranda said with utmost conviction, “He has such a beautiful wife, which is why he has never looked at the women out there. It’s hard to find a woman that is as beautiful as the lady boss in Chaos City.”

“I agree with Miranda on this. I trust Boss Mag too.” Georgina nodded and said, “Only a pure person can outdo himself again and again to make one exquisite dish after another. Furthermore, the staff at Mamy Restaurant are very pretty, but we have never heard any rumors about them. It’s simply illogical that he would target an unknown customer.”

Harrison and Gjerj were stunned and they inwardly leaned towards their wives’ judgment more.

Mag stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and looked at the two unhappy little girls. He felt touched and apologetic at the same time.

Yes, he didn’t care, but the two little ones seem to care.

Hence, they were trying very hard to protect their father’s image. They didn’t allow those people to badmouth him.

Then, he saw Cynthia who was in the line. She had an agonized expression and was sweating profusely. She would sometimes bite her lips, or intend to go forward at other times. She looked tortured.

“Seems like her conscience is not completely rotten.” Mag curved his lips. The rumors that were caused by the novels were actually rather funny. Perhaps even she had never thought that her novel would get popular one day.

The novel was a novel after all. Even if it was being pulled into reality and had details added in, it wouldn’t escalate to this level without someone pushing it.

The one with the rotten conscience was the fellow making trouble behind the scene.

“The weather is getting warm. Some people should be close to being bankrupt,” Mag thought.

Amy raised up her folding chair and said the toughest words with the cutest voice, “This is my last warning. Don’t blame us for being rude if we hear the rumors again.”

“Super fierce!”