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Chapter 2347: Is It Done By Someone We Know?

Amy and Kiddo’s warning wasn’t threatening, but it made the customers aware that they shouldn’t gossip about the children’s father. All the gossiping stopped.

“There is nothing to talk about. Why don’t we talk about the tofu pudding. I think today’s weather is nice and suitable to eat the savory tofu pudding.”

“What savory tofu pudding. It should be the sweet tofu pudding that is more suitable, alright! Long live the sweet gang!”

“The sweet tofu pudding is heresy!”

Soon, the usual debate in front of Mamy Restaurant began again.

Cynthia stood in the line with complex emotions. She had already decided to go to the editorial agency tomorrow and get them to take the book out of the market.

Even though this book had brought her a big remuneration, she would feel very uneasy if it was exchanged with Boss Mag’s reputation.

She had always been proud that she could support herself by writing.

She could lose a money-making book, but she couldn’t lose her integrity.

The restaurant opened for business and the customers filed in.

Cynthia walked over to Mag and nodded as usual before she wanted to carry on walking by him.

“Northwestern Lone Wolf,” Mag said the three words softly.

Cynthia’s footsteps faltered and she looked up at Mag suddenly. Her eyes flicked open as if she was terrified.

However, Mag simply greeted the next customer calmly, as though the one who was talking earlier wasn’t him.

“Was it a hallucination? No… It was Boss Mag’s voice! But h-how did he find out?” Cynthia’s heart raced as though someone had exposed her evil deed.

The customers behind Cynthia, who was not moving, looked at her perplexedly and gently coughed to remind her.

Cynthia woke up and looked at Mag deeply before quickly walking to an empty seat.

Cynthia still couldn’t calm down after sitting down.

In Chaos City, other than her editor, no one knew what Northwestern Lone Wolf looked like, or if the author was a man or a woman, including their boss.

But, how did Boss Mag know her pen name? He shouldn’t have known!

Yabemiya smilingly asked Cynthia, who was in shock, “Dear customer, what would you like to order?”

“Huh? Erm…” Cynthia looked at Yabemiya in a daze before looking down at the menu again. She was feeling a little nervous and confused.

“Boss Mag knows that I wrote the novel? Will he take revenge on me? Will he put drugs in the food? Poison, maybe?” Cynthia felt a chill up her back and her hands started sweating.

“Miss?” Yabemiya saw that Cynthia was sweating profusely and asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

“I-I’m fine. I would like a helping of red braised pork, a helping of the eggplant with garlic sauce and a bowl of rice.” Cynthia quickly ordered. Forget it. Since Boss Mag had found out, she was already at his mercy no matter if he chose to add drugs or poison in her food.

She had caused all this trouble, so she deserved it if Boss Mag wanted to do anything to her.

Cynthia’s brain went wild with crazy thoughts. Mag was shaving the noodles in the kitchen and observing her secretly.

He also wanted to know why this lass came to eat at Mamy Restaurant. Was she a pervert, who was here to see how he handled the trouble that she caused, or was she guilty and here to make amends?

So far, she seemed apologetic and uneasy with what happened. She didn’t look like she had schädenfreude towards him.

Of course, this didn’t mean that Mag had forgiven her.

Everyone had to be responsible for their actions. Even if things didn’t go as she had expected, this matter was still caused by the novel.

Soon, Cynthia’s red braised pork and the eggplant with garlic sauce were served.

Cynthia gulped when she smelled the rich meat aroma.

She deliberately skipped breakfast and lunch for this meal. She was going to welcome the great food with an empty stomach.

However, she felt conflicted when she looked at that piping hot red braised pork that was glistening and giving off an intoxicating aroma.

Eat it. That was the signal that her body gave.

Don’t eat it. This was her rationale telling her the existence of danger.

Even though this red braised pork was giving out a mesmerizing aroma, it also had a hidden presence of danger.

However, this struggle only lasted less than three minutes.

She picked up a piece of the red braised pork with her chopsticks and popped it into her mouth.


This orgasmic taste!

It was worthwhile if she was going to die because of it!

Cynthia looked enraptured. She felt that she had reached the pinnacle of her life.

Her ravenous stomach was soothed and her taste buds were already on their knees and singing.

She couldn’t stop even when she knew that this mouthful could be poisonous.

After eating a few pieces of red braised pork and half a bowl of rice, Cynthia looked up at the kitchen with hot tears in her eyes.

“Boss Mag, I have done you wrong…”

Cynthia was indeed feeling apologetic. Such an outstanding chef and the man was maligned into a jerk because of a fan fiction novel.

“I have to solve this problem tomorrow and then apologize to Boss Mag formally,” Cynthia thought as she set her mind to it.

She didn’t want anyone to get hurt because of this. Her initial intention was just to write an interesting story and share it with fellow maidens who had the same dream as her, while earning some money.

After the dinner service was over, Gina carried the sleeping Kiddo and consoled Mag. “Boss Mag, don’t take it to heart. Everyone knows your character and the rumors will soon be dispelled.”

“It’s just a small thing.” Mag caressed Kiddo’s face with a smile. “Are you used to sleeping with Kiddo at night? Is the little one well-behaved when she’s sleeping?”

“Yes, she’s very well-behaved.” Gina nodded and there was a motherly glow in her smile. “She sleeps through every night quietly and I feel I sleep better with her in my arms.”

“That’s good. She’s an easy child.” Mag smilingly said. At first, he was still worried that Gina couldn’t get used to being a mother. Looking at it now, this worry was unnecessary.

“You guys go back and rest too.” Mag stood at the door and watched the ladies leave.

Irina stood behind Mag and smilingly asked, “Did you find the author when you went out during the day?”

Mag closed the door and turned around. Instead, he asked her with a smile, “Guess who I found?”

“Is it done by someone we know?” Irina asked with shock.