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Chapter 2348: I Need an ExplanationTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“You might not believe it but she’s that maiden who suddenly jumped out and asked me when I was going to marry her,” Mag said with a shrug.

“It’s her?” Irina exclaimed.

However, her expression changed very quickly. She sized Mag up for a while before saying, “I am suddenly suspicious of if that was really fiction.”

hy he would do that, it did not change the fact that he wanted to make these two pay a price.

Mag rode to Delmar Publishing House on his bicycle. before he even reached, he saw Cynthia, pacing about at the publishing house’s door from afar.

“What is she doing here?” Mag stopped and stood close to a wall as he watched Cynthia pace about at the door of the publishing house hesitantly.

Cynthia did not appear to be in a good condition today. She had dark rings under her eyes and she appeared to have not slept the previous night.

After a while, she appeared to have made up her mind. She looked up at the signboard and walked in with resolution.

Mag found that interesting. He put away his bicycle and flipped over the walls of the publishing house. He found Delmar’s office and stood in the corner with his ears close to the wall.

“What?! You want me to remove ‘Boss Mag’s Indecent Little Wife’?”

Delmar screeched with shock and rage.

“Yes, I found out yesterday that this book has already caused a lot of trouble in Boss Mag’s life. It has even hurt his family. This is something that I did not expect. I am very guilty and I feel very sorry towards Boss Mag. Therefore, I wish that this book can be taken down immediately. At the same time, I will write a clarification letter to let everyone know that this book was just fiction that I imagined. It has nothing to do with Boss Mag. Boss Mag is a good man.”

Cynthia spoke firmly.

Mag nodded slightly. This girl knew nothing indeed. Besides, she even came out immediately to stop this and even tried to make amends. She had a conscience.

“Hmph! Do you think the book will be taken down just because you want it to be?” Delmar snorted coldly. “You’ve received a large sum for the story and now you want to have the book taken down. Who then is supposed to be responsible for the losses of our publishing house? Do you take us to be fools?

“Let me put it to you this way. There is no way this book will be taken down. Not only will it not be taken down, I will even find someone to turn it into a picture book and also a script!”

“This fellow.” Mag’s gaze turned cold.

“You… you’re shameless!” Cynthia was enraged. “This will ruin Boss Mag! He did nothing at all!”

“Heh, you’re the one who wrote the novel. So even if he is ruined, you’re the one who did it. I was merely earning money.” Delmar smiled. “Besides, we’ve a contract between us. If you continue writing novels, your pay will only get higher and higher. If you don’t know your place and keep bringing up such unreasonable requests, I’ll take the contract out and make you lose everything.”

“No… I… I didn’t want to ruin him… I like him very much. I just wanted to write a novel…” Cynthia was about to burst into tears.

“Don’t be afraid. No one knows that you are Northwestern Lone Wolf. If none of us talk about this, no one else would find out about it either. All you have to do is write your drafts and hand them in on time. Leave the rest to me. You can receive your high remuneration while I can earn money. This is a win-win situation.” Delmar softened his tone. “As long as I am around, I will make sure that you will become the Norland Continent’s best writer.”

“Go away! Don’t touch me! I will not work with a shameless person like you!” Cynthia screeched. At the same time, there was an agonizing groan and a loud slam of the door. After that, the office was silent.

“Interesting.” Mag smiled and left the publishing house.

Cynthia ran out of the publishing house. She ran a few streets with reddened eyes before turning into a small alley and finally burst out crying. In the end, when she turned into the alley, she rammed right into an embrace.

At the moment of impact, she felt a sturdy and warm embrace. Cynthia was stunned from the collision. She staggered back and almost fell but a pair of strong arms held her up by her waist.

“I’m sorry, I’m…” She quickly apologized. She looked up and met the gaze of a familiar face.

“Boss Mag!” Cynthia’s eyes widened and her face flushed red.

“I need an explanation,” Mag said with a smile as he looked at her.