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Chapter 2351: This Scene Is Really Great for a Funeral Send Off

This was Delmar’s second time meeting Cynthia. Just that morning, this woman had delivered a devastating blow to his precious family jewels.

However, the negotiation procedure was much simpler than he expected. The other party agreed to the majority of his terms, including re-signing the contract, extending the licensing period and handing in another manuscript 10 days later.

Delmar returned to the horse-drawn carriage and asked the editor, who was sitting across from him in disbelief, “Is this too easy?”

“She’s always been this way. She doesn’t care too much about such things,” the female editor answered carefully.

“This is great!” Delmar clapped his hands and hugged the female editor, laughing heartily. He generously said, “From today on, you’re the chief editor. I’ll make the arrangements once we get back. Your pay will be doubled from next month on.”

“Thank you, Boss.” The female editor was red with excitement. She didn’t expect to get a promotion when she was so close to getting fired.

Delmar closed his eyes and began planning the details for tomorrow’s contract signing.

Even though he only had a verbal agreement with Cynthia, her book was still in his hands. She had to listen to him if she wanted to make money.

Cyril had already agreed to be the guarantor and the sequels were secured. This business deal was considered done.


Mag met Cynthia again at the motel. She had gathered her stuff to stay at the motel again.

“I have already done as you said,” Cynthia said to Mag with an evading gaze and a slight blush.

This was the first time that she was alone with Boss Mag in a small room and it made her heart race.

Mag nodded slightly and said, “Very good. I’ll come and find you when I need you. You’d better put on a disguise before you go out in the next two days. Don’t let anyone recognize you or find you.”

“Sure,” Cynthia answered softly. She hesitated for a moment as she watched Mag, who was about to open the door and leave. Finally, she couldn’t help but ask, “Boss Mag, can I still go to Mamy Restaurant after this matter blows over?”

“This matter will not end so quickly.” Mag glanced at her and smiled before leaving without a backward glance.

Cynthia was stunned and remained frozen. She still couldn’t figure out Mag’s meaning after thinking for a long time.

“Perhaps… Boss Mag wants to use this matter as a threat and m-make me be his Cyn? A small motel, nobody knows, unable to venture out… Isn’t this the captivity trope?!”


Mag didn’t know that the girl would imagine so much rubbish. He could only think that someone was going to have a headache over going bankrupt at this time tomorrow morning.

He wasn’t very good at commercial war, but it was still in his blood. He heard about those tricks when the old fogeys talked about them when they were drunk. He could easily toy with these fellows with these tricks.

Yabemiya and the ladies came early in the morning and they crowded around Mag as soon as they saw him come back. They asked him with concern, “Boss, what should we do now? The rumors are getting out of hand. Should we explain?”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a small matter. I’ve already contacted the author and she agreed to write a letter of apology to clarify all these rumors,” Mag said with a relaxed smile.

“You met the author, Northwestern Lone Wolf? Is it a man or a woman?”

“Is it the restaurant’s regular? It must be a female? Cyn?”

“Is she pretty? Or should I say handsome?”

The ladies were excited, but Mag was rather exasperated by their focus.

“I say, why are you all so interested in an author?” Mag rolled his eyes. “It’s a guy. He’s a 40 year old man who has dug in between his feet.”

“Wah! Why?! My imaginations are dashed.”

“I never expected that it wasn’t a pretty young lady, but a foot-digging man who wrote such a delicate book.”

The ladies were disappointed and they lost interest immediately.

Angela said as she looked at Mag with a weird expression, “But Boss, I admire your charisma even more now. What kind of mesmerizing charisma can make a 40 plus man write such an intricate novel? It’s really jaw-dropping.”

Mag gave her the side-eye. He didn’t want to answer the question.

“This matter will be put to rest after the author speaks up. Those gossip mongers have gone overboard. They simply want our restaurant to be scandalized and then go downhill from there,” Yabemiya said angrily.

“Even if the customers leave because of the scandal, they won’t be going over to their place either.” Mag shook his head with a smile. He went into the kitchen to prepare for tonight’s dinner service.

“Firis, come here. I’ll teach you how to knead the noodle dough,” Mag shouted from the kitchen.

“Coming!” Firis dashed into the kitchen with excitement all over her face. She finally had the chance to unlock a new skill again.


Mag brought along Irina, who was disguised as his secretary, and met Cyril at Delmar Publishing House as he had expected at 10 a.m. the next morning.

Irina took out the contract and let Delmar and Cyril confirm again.

Delmar scanned through the contract, but he double-checked the amount to make sure the contract was correct.

Cyril didn’t even bother to take a look. He asked Mag directly, “Are you guys really going to print 1,000,000 copies?”

Mag looked at him and curved his lips. He nodded with a smile. “Yes.”

“Alright. You guys have to make sure that you sell all of them, so that the story of this jerk and slut can spread throughout the Norland Continent.” Cyril’s smile became even more smug.

“This is a work of literature,” Mag said calmly.

Delmar was afraid that Cyril might antagonize Mag, so he quickly interrupted. “Yes, yes, yes. This is an excellent work of literature. Mr. Lev, we have checked this contract. There’s no problem, so let’s sign the contract now.”

“Alright.” Mag nodded. Irina passed a pen to him. He signed the contract and put his thumb print after his name.

Delmar and his guarantor, Cyril, also signed and put their thumb prints after their names.

“The contract has three identical contracts. Let’s keep one each.” Mag kept one contract and snapped his fingers.

Irina took out a banknote and gave it to them.

“This is a 5,000,000 copper coin banknote. It’s the first payment of the licensing fee.” Mag pushed the banknote to Delmar, stood up and extended his right hand. “Happy collaboration, Mr. Delmar.”

“Happy collaboration, Mr. Lev.” Delmar shook Mag’s hand with a big smile. He took the banknote and checked it carefully before filling out a receipt and giving it to Mag.

Cyril was watching enviously at the side. 5,000,000 copper coins were earned so easily. This was indeed a good business.

Mag left with Irina. The wind blew when they went out of the door. The willow branches were swaying and the catkins were flying.

“This scene is really great for a funeral send off.” Mag smiled coldly.