Chapter 2482: The Rash Congressman

Angelina had just completed her enlistment procedures and she was now sitting outside of the Hexagon Building’s recruitment office. After seeing the news that popped up on her bangle, her eyes reddened instantly. She walked to the washroom quickly and only emerged after a long time with red eyes.

The glum look over her face seemed to be completely eradicated at the moment. That scum who she thought would never be brought to justice, was finally dead.

He was judged. With the name of her sister, he was sentenced to death.

A middle-aged lady officer walked out of the office and called out to Angelina. She explained to her as they walked, “Angelina, I have already completed the procedures for you. I have also sent the matters regarding the military that you need to take note of to you. Now, I’ll show you the place you will work in first. The Hexagon Building is the military’s headquarters…”

Angelina looked calm again as she listened attentively.

From today onwards, she was no longer Angelina the influencer, but a soldier.


“My son!”

In the ruins in front of a seaside villa, a middle-aged man knelt on the ground and wailed.

An old man with white hovered above the ground and looked down with anger and gravity on his face.

“Patriarch, this is the video material that was left on the scene. There is very little useful information. They were all destroyed.” Someone carried a holographic projector over and said as he played the images, “According to the staff members present, that man is very powerful and his tactics are rather weird. He killed Buckle within two to three minutes. We wonder if he is an Extraordinaire powerhouse.”

“He’s not an Extraordinaire.” The old man shook his head. “If he was an Extraordinaire, he wouldn’t have taken two minutes to kill Buckle. He’s an Almost-Extraordinaire, but his power is indeed good.”

The middle-aged man kneeling on the floor, turned around and cried out to the old man hovering in the air, “Patriarch, you have to avenge Fergus. That man is challenging our Dixon Family. He’s insulting us!”

The old man looked at him coldly.

The middle-aged man seemed to have fallen into ice water and he stopped making any sounds.

“You raised such a wastrel and you still want the family to avenge him?” The old man said in a cold tone, with a cold expression, “If you can’t settle the influence of this matter on the family within one month, you will be exiled.”


“He’s actually dead?”

At the penthouse of the Twin Towers, Akali watched the image of Fergus getting his eyes and heart dug out and she felt the sliced beef in sour soup in her hands no longer smelled nice. Instead, it seemed to be rather nauseating.

She turned off the video clip and retched into the trash can that her secretary quickly passed to her before the nauseating sensation went away.

“All of you, go out now.” Akali waved all the maids and the secretary out of the room.

Only she was left alone in the empty room.

Fergus was dead, but she was feeling weird.

Speaking of that, she should be feeling happy. She had cursed that fellow and wished him dead many times.

However, when she saw how he died after his eyes and heart were dug out, she felt extremely uncomfortable physically and psychologically.

He indeed deserved to die. That chap did so many bad things that he needed to die 10 times to pay for them.

“This is a good deed. He got rid of evil for the people. And now I won’t have to see that disgusting fellow at the family gathering again. Isn’t that great?” Akali thought, and she felt better again.

“However, when Hades @Horace, Horace was dead, when he @Fergus, Fergus was also dead. Is that guy the God of Death?” Akali propped her chin on her hand.

Speaking of this, she wanted to hijack Hades from Nancy initially, but the Fergus’ matter was too big and she was the Dixon Family’s daughter after all. It wasn’t appropriate for her to have too much interaction with Hades.

Furthermore, given the head’s pettiness, he most likely wasn’t going to let Hades and Angelina off.

She heard that Angelina was already taken away by the military. Merlin wouldn’t go and antagonize the military.

Now, she only hoped that Nancy would place more importance on Hades. He would be safe as long as he entered the McCarthy Family.

“I really feel indignant to give up such a great man to Nancy.” Akali swiped through WeTwit in frustration. She clicked into Hades’ interface to check it out before quickly exiting again and sighing.


Mag returned to the Mocha Building and didn’t venture out again.

He locked his room’s door and sat at his study desk. There was a common history book on the desk. He looked like he was reading.

However, he was, in fact, digesting all the intels that the system had gathered in his head, including all the classified and top secret intel that the system had gotten after it hacked into all the big families.

Tomorrow, he would follow Nancy and formally join the McCarthy Manor. The first step of this mission was considered completed.

However, this mission was to find the traces of Congressman Tamm in the McCarthy Family and to ascertain his condition. They had to know if he was dead or alive.

Do you think such information can be easily obtained as long as one gets into the McCarthy Family?

If it was that simple, Ferdinand wouldn’t have needed him to cross over.

If Mag really was to investigate it himself, he might not be able to find out anything in the McCarthy Family that was guarded by Extraordinaires, within one year, let alone in a week.

At such times, external help became very important.

The system’s technology was indeed lower than the Underground City’s technology, but that was the initial setting that God had set for him.

However, the system itself was an Artificial Intelligence that was absolutely better than the Underground City’s Artificial Intelligence.

It was a very simple rationale. The Underground City’s Artificial Intelligence was restricted by the Underground City’s technological level, but the system’s upper limit was decided by God.

Based on their developers, the system won.

Hence, after the system entered the Underground City’s Internet through Mag, it began to raid the Underground City’s civilization and complete its self-evolution.

Meanwhile, during that process, the system successfully hacked into the Underground City’s government, military and all the plutocrats’ intranets and obtained a great deal of classified documents. The system organized the whole ton of information and when it was finally presented in Mag’s mind, it was just a 32G file.

“That’s all?” Mag frowned. How long would it take him to finish reading that?

“No worries. This System will input them into you.”

That file became countless dots of light as soon as it finished talking.

Mag felt that he was being filled to the brim instantaneously. The amount of information was much greater than the usual recipes.

Three hours later, Mag got up, poured himself a glass of water and drank it before heaving in a deep breath.

The system’s method of inputting was rather good. The information that would normally take him three months to read and digest, was digested in his mind within three hours.

The intels were just like strands of spiderwebs. You could hardly see anything if you only had one or two strands.

However, when you see the countless strands of spiderwebs forming a complete spiderweb after overlapping with one another, the truth would naturally present itself to you.

Congressman Tamm was a radical congressman who had a civilian background. He was always criticizing the plutocrats’ privileges and took the lead to draft a bill to weaken the plutocrats.

His obvious method to weaken the plutocrats naturally made him the plutocrats’ target. This information could be found in all the plutocrats’ related files.

“He acts so rashly without a backer. It’s no wonder that he has gone missing,” Mag murmured. Although Mag respected such a person who worked for the people, it didn’t mean that he agreed with the way he invited disaster by overreaching himself.

And, from that interweaving net of information, Mag had already found some clear clues.

The McCarthy Family had indeed participated in the kidnapping of Congressman Tamm, but they were not the only participants. Judging from all the clues from the plutocrats, all the evidence pointed towards a mysterious organization—The Immortels.