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I made a firm decision.

“I’d like that, please.”

“But you don’t need that.”

“I’ll take that.”

“Ah, why?”

“Because I want that.”

God Grandma’s recommended me a different product. Even though she coaxed me with a discount, I didn’t budge.

Agnes was also slightly sullen about my choice.

<What is that? It looks worse than the bag.>

God Grandma let out a deep sigh.

“I don’t know why you are so obsessed with this Save Artifact. Anyway, I can’t sell it. It’s out of stock because production has stopped.”

“The sample is fine.”

“What you’re seeing is an imitation for display.”

“I see……”

When I did not hide my disappointment, God Grandma made a seriously troubled face.

“Do you want it so much?”

“Yes. How can I have it?”

“Actually, there is one used item that is left unattended. Would you like to take that?”

“Wow, really?! ……But maybe it’s not a stolen, is it?”

I pointed out the phrase “Stolen Goods are Welcomed” written on the signboard.

“You’re uselessly sharp.”


“Hoho, that’s a joke. You won’t get in trouble if you take it. We will start trading stolen goods after we have become closer. Hohoho.”

[‘The World-building God’ said it’s trustworthy.]

As long as World God guarantees it.

“It’s half used, so I’ll give it to you at half price. What do you want to do?”

“I will buy it.”

“Great. Instead, you have to take it yourself.”


Where and how should I take it?

A gate opened in front of me with my eyes wide open.

“I’ll send you right in front of it. Bring it.”

“Oh my!”

God Grandma’s strong hand pushed my back.

I suffered from a sudden space transition, my vision blurted like a whirlpool and then unfolded again.

When the surreal background returned to reality, I was in a whole new environment.

A desolate landscape was reflected in my field of vision. It was a place where the sky, which was covered with dark clouds, and the rocky terrain met on the horizon.

Quarreung! Quarreung!

Thunderstorms vertically hit the ground throughout the dark clouds. It’s like using Divine Punishment. The sky was angry at something.

My gaze focused on the place where lightning was gathered. At that moment, my eyes widened.

“Oh my God.”

There was a huge pit about 100 meters in diameter. I drew closer and looked down.

There was an indescribable darkness. It looks like the abyss of the underworld. Of course, I don’t know if this one connects to the actual afterlife.

“Where the hell am I……”


Agnes’ voice was low.

<Be careful.>


I snapped to my senses and focused on the energy of this place and it wasn’t long before I realized.

Here, there is something.


The moment I recognized it, my lungs were compressed. The atmosphere in here was warning me to watch out for my breathing.

‘Grandma, where the hell did you throw me!’

Quarreung! Quarreung!

It was that moment when the thunderbolt fell again.

[<System> You have entered the dungeon of unknown difficulty ‘P■■ of At■■■■■■■’]

[<System> Urgent Notification! This is an unidentified hazardous area. We recommend a quick return.]

At this point, the artifact was not the problem.

<You have to leave, Ellet. Right now.>

But how?

That was then.

[<System> Dungeon’s ■■, “■■■er of the Ab ■■■ of Ete ■■■■■” wakes up]


I guess this is how it feels like to stop breathing.

The owner of the dungeon has woken up!

Under the pressure, a single thought occupied my head.

‘I have to get out before the dungeon owner finds me!’

At that moment, the revelation of God fell.

<Why is it taking you so long? Take it quickly, its right in front of you.>


Just then, a floppy disk floating in the center of the pit caught my eye. I instinctively realized that if I take that, I will be able to naturally get out of this place.

I moved without hesitation to survive.


I pulled out the Spirit King’s Harp String and stretched it toward the Artifact. Five wires wrapped around the floppy disk and brought it to me.

[<Artifact> ‘Save Point’]

A ‘life-saving’ artifact created for infinite regressors suffering from burnout. When used, the next time you die, you will revert to the point in time when the artifact was used.

Number of uses remaining: 14/30]

Almost half was used. But there was no time to think deeply.

[‘■■■er of the Ab ■■■ of Ete ■■■■■’ has discovered your existence!]



[‘■■■er of the Ab ■■■ of Ete ■■■■■’ explores your existence.]

[‘■■■er of the Ab ■■■ of Ete ■■■■■’ explores your existence.]

[‘■■■er of the Ab ■■■ of Ete ■■■■■’ explores your existence.]

The same message obsessively popped up one after another.

I had a feeling that a stranger was scanning me and piercing my soul. My heart was pounding even though my mind was protected by the system.

It’s not the mind, it’s the body’s feeling. This was the gap between the owner of the dungeon and me.

I shouted in a hurry.

“Grandma! Get me out of here quickly!”

[‘■■■er of the Ab ■■■ of Ete ■■■■■’ explores your…]

The next moment my body was once again dizzy and sucked back in. It was a well-timed rescue.

[…Failed to locate.]

The dark clouds lifted and the light shone through to the abyss where monsters were raised.

Indeed, the light that was allowed after a long time had a special meaning.

[<System> The dungeon’s prisoner, ‘Sinner of the Abyss of Eternity’ is released.]

[<System> The dungeon of unknown difficulty ‘Pit of Atonement’ will disappear.]


The pit eroded from the edge and quickly collapsed. If this were the case, the prisoner would be buried in the dark of the collapsed walls.

However, the freed sinner showed no sign of escaping from the pit.


[<System> The dungeon prisoner, ‘Sinner of the Abyss of Eternity’ has died.]

For the sinner, death was the most complete liberation in this life.

“Li, I lived.”

<It was dangerous.>

Returning to the store, I breathed a sigh of relief.

The hand that wiped the chest was holding the Artifact.

It was simply a life-threatening item.

Then God Grandmother calmly said.

“You are back. Let’s start with payment.”

“Ah, yes.”

I asked while handing out a coupon for 100,000 points.

“You know, the owner of the dungeon…… Who was that?”

“Huh? That’s a dungeon without an owner.”


What are you talking about?

Obviously, a boss whose name was censored scanned me from head to toe. I almost got ripped off while I was shopping for something, so I got a little sullen with God Grandma’s excuses.

“There was.”

“There isn’t.”

“It was definitely there.”


“You know……”

“Don’t bother me anymore, come on! Here’s your change! The store will close soon, so hurry up and go.”


I went back as if I was half kicked out of the store. They say it’s a VIP point shop, but the VIP treatment really leaves a lot to be desired.

I walked back down the alley in a trudging, dazed mood.

The landscape on the left and right was crushed and the surrounding landscape was reconstructed. It was only after returning to the real world that I remembered an important fact that I had forgotten.

“Oh, I should have lowered the price!”

I should have paid half-price for something half-used!

That’s how my first shopping at the VIP point shop ended in bad memories.

Time went by quickly and the end of spring came fast.


I tied the knot of the walker strap tightly, straightened my back, got up, and fixed my satchel bag.

All right, I’m ready!

“I’ll go, Mom, Dad.”

“You have to be careful, Eli.”

I said goodbye to my parents with a hug. A strong one for Mom and a gentle one for Dad.

Fixing my disheveled clothes, Mom said.

“Don’t overdo it for nothing. You might get tired when people ask for help all over the place. Just do what you want in moderation.”

“Yes, Mom.”

“If you feel like you got into something you can’t handle, just let go of it, and if it’s dangerous, don’t think about anything else, just take care of yourself and run to mom or grandfather.”

“I will.”

“Ah, if you’re having a hard time, throw everything away and come back.”

“All right.”

I smiled on my own. Because I liked how my mother’s words only thought about me. Dad said only a few short but bold words.

“If you find a man, he must resemble this father.”

“Of course.”

I laughed aloud.

[<System> Tutorial ‘Compulsory Training Time has ended.]

[<System> The ‘Compulsory Training Time for a wise Transmigrated Life (for SS-level transmigrators)’ quest has been successfully completed.]

[<System> From now on, your action radius restrictions will be lifted, and the survival difficulty in all areas will be normalized to SS level.]

[<System> Your timeline is connected to the original timeline of Episode 17.]

The time has come.