How absurd!

Who was she calling a eunuch just because I was resisting her temptations?

I was angry to the point that I had difficulty calming myself down. The exquisite beauty looked at me at that moment and clicked her tongue.

-It doesn’t matter. All men in the world are slaves to my body.


Her behavior quickly changed from seductive. Her dream-like voice from just moments ago had disappeared completely.


The beauty then began to transform. Her hair began to turn white before fully becoming white. Where she was once a beauty, she was not an arrogant, cold queen.

She held out her hand and said.

-Succumb to me.

A strange light shone through her eyes. The moment I saw this, goosebumps ran down my body.

Through the hand holding the sword’s sheath, an intimidating type of qi began to coarse through my body.


I had experienced this before.

This was almost the same phenomenon as when the Blood Demon Sword’s anger had tried to control my body. It seemed that this Yokai Sword also had its own grudge.

-You won’t be able to withstand this. Human

The Blood Demon Sword’s voice echoed through my head. Why did I feel I was about to experience something I’d gone through, but twice in intensity?

-Submit to me.

The beauty lowered her hand as if ordering me to kneel.

The strange qi tried to penetrate my body and seize control. However, I still had my innate qi.


This innate qi, which can also be called my life force, pushed the anger-filled qi back and caused the beauty to frown.

-You are quite strong. Did you manage to deal with that?

The odd qi grew in intensity.

This Yokai Sword’s qi was also quite unusual. It was intense to the point that most people would likely collapse from it.

-Get down on your knees and offer your blood to the sword.

‘… nonsense.’

This was morbidly amusing to me as I opened my upper dantian. A change then began to appear inside my body.

Seeing this, the beauty’s eyes shook.


Once I used the Blood Arts, qi in the shade of blood began to rise from all over my body. Although the sword’s will was quite strong, the combination of my innate qi and Blood Sura Arts surpassed it.

The beauty was visibly shocked.

-You are the owner of the Blood Demon Sword!

She seemed to have noticed the change. It seemed that Blood Demon Sword’s fame was great enough. When one considered it through the facet of a will that was filled with grudges, then one would know.

Blood Demon Sword simply laughed.

-What kind of owner is this? I have simply accepted this man as a subordinate. It’s too late to realize it, True Evil Sword.

The True Evil Sword?

The true identity of the sword was revealed.

Who would have thought the Blood Demon Sword knew of this sword? However, since the other swords didn’t see her, how was Blood Demon Sword able to?

-Damned things!


The blade of the True Evil Sword began to tremble.

It was as if she wanted to escape from my hands. It seemed that things were becoming difficult for her, but what should I do?

‘You will become mine.’

I needed to absorb her will. The Big Dipper’s fourth dot on the back of my hand then began to shift from red into blue.

Her beautiful face then began to contort.


[Even flames could be controlled if the reasons were correct. The Heavenly Authority has been opened.]

This was the power of the Heavenly Authority.

The beautiful figure began to fade and turned purple.

The will was gradually revealed.


A scream filled the air.

The light of the Heavenly Authority grew stronger. A purple and white whirlwind was then absorbed into the dot on the back of my hand.

As it was absorbed, countless memories filled my mind.

Such memories.

Because of the countless memories that were filled with thoughts and power, more of my innate qi was used.

‘This is amazing.’

Through the process of absorption, my body shook, and I was unable to move. However, it didn’t last as long as it did with Blood Demon Sword.

It eventually ended.


I now knew who the sword’s owner was.

She was a disciple of the Evil Faction named Ju Ryun, a lady of the Hwanghwa Joy Palace, which had disappeared from Murim after being cut off.

She was known to have seduced and killed hundreds of men with her skills. Her hands were so cruel that she had been eliminated due to her exploitative nature.

Yet what was surprising was how completely different this was from the Blood Demon Sword.

-What is the difference?

I looked at the True Evil Sword in my right hand and said.

-Yah, True Evil Sword.

The sword trembled before a woman’s voice spoke out.

-What are you? How is a human able to hear me?

‘It’s because I have an odd power.’

Like the other swords, this one was also shocked. It seemed like conversation was only possible because of the Big Dipper.

-You saw the will of resentment?

That’s right.

The Blood Demon Sword’s power was strong enough to expose more of its will. However, the power of this sword was stronger than the will it had shown.

Therefore this sword was able to deal with the resentment inside it.

The unparalleled beauty was someone that held a lot of anger within the sword, allowing it to manifest its form.

-It is a scary sword, even for master to handle

Iron Sword clicked his tongue. Hearing this, the True Evil Sword then spoke.

-Huh. Who is the master? This sword has no such thing.

Its arrogance resembled that of the Blood Demon Sword.

All of these so-called Yokai Swords seemed to have egos. The True Evil Sword then said.

-You… are an interesting person. Do you want to be my slave?

-This person is mine. Do you think that he would want to do anything with a lowly wench who seduces men?

Blood Demon Sword seemed to be defending his claim on me, though I don’t know why. Why was he doing this in front of an existence similar to him?

-Hehehe. You don’t know men. Men are slaves who can be easily manipulated. A little touch and my sword’s body will enter the mind…

…This sword was more dangerous than I thought. This was beyond simple arrogance.

The woman then clicked her tongue.

-Wonderful. A human who talks to a sword.

-Huh! Human, ignore her. She is a useless sword for us to even deign to deal with…

The True Evil Sword then interrupted the Blood Demon Sword and said.

-I like you. I will accept you as a slave to my body. If you lick this body and call me master…

Nope, no way. I then silenced her voice alone.

The sword still trembled, but listening to her would exhaust me.

-Huh. Such a tiring new sword.

Short Sword clicked her tongue.

New sword?

I am someone with greed and would definitely want a treasured sword, but this one was an exception. I knew each sword had its own tendencies and nature, but this one was the worst by far.

Well, this wasn’t my sword anyway, but it was Prince Kyung’s.

-Wonhwi. I don’t think it is so bad. It is an attractive one.

…Am I hearing this correctly?

Iron Sword, do you like her?

He cleared his throat and stayed silent at my question. Meanwhile, the prince looked surprised.

“What is with that look? Your hair and eyes are red like blood.”

Prince Kyung was in awe as I hadn’t reverted from my Blood Demon state.

In response, I closed my upper dantian and opened my left eye. Seeing me return to normal, he exclaimed,

“You really are one with strange abilities.”

“They’re all just little tricks.”

“How can you call these things just little tricks? Anyways, did you subdue the Yokai Sword?”

“That’s right.”

“Even the highly-ranked Golden Guards in the palace lost their minds the moment they unsheathed it. How amazing.”

He was praising me. He was likely feeling good from having subdued such a sword.

“Is that strange purple thing from the Yokai Sword?”

“No, it was simply the sword’s will that held some resentment.”

“Doesn’t that mean you have solved everything?”


“As expected, you are worthy of being the miracle-making leader of the Blood Sect. If you weren’t a warrior, I would have taken you under my wing and cared for you.”

“That is too much, Your Highness.”

“We made a promise, so I will keep it. Now, give me the sword.”

The man held his hand out, but I shook my head.

“I did manage to resolve the grudge within this sword, but the sword itself is dangerous for people to hold.”

This made him frown.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“These swords are Yokai Swords because they choose their own masters. It would be dangerous for those who don’t get selected to hold them.”

Blood Demon Sword would use blood to tear apart your body. Since they were called Yokai Swords, I wasn’t sure how much impact they would have on others.

The prince frowned and called to his subordinate.

“Examine this sword.”

“Yes, your highness.”

The subordinate who approached me then took up the sword. The moment he held it, his body began to shake.


Prince Kyung was shocked as he stepped back.

“What is this?”

“The sword is rejecting him.”

The subordinate’s eyes became blank at that moment, and he put his tongue out. We wondered why briefly, but then he began to lick the blade repeatedly.

With enthusiastic sincerity.


The prince and I were both shocked at this sight.

I remembered the words of the True Evil Sword.

‘Hehehe. You don’t know men. Men are slaves to be easily manipulated. If I touch you lightly, then your mind will….’

Just the thought of it made me shudder.

Short Sword was also clicking her tongue.

It was truly ghastly how it manipulated someone who wasn’t its master to do such a dirty thing.

“Lee Byuk! What are you doing!?”

The prince shouted at his subordinate.

At that moment, the licking subordinate suddenly turned the sword upside down and pointed the tip at himself.


Despite the prince’s cry, the man stabbed himself in the chest, but the sword did not penetrate through. This was because I held the tip of the sword with my fingers.



I shoved Lee Byuk with my wrist, causing him to drop the sword.

As soon as the sword fell, Lee Byuk came to his senses and looked puzzled.

“Your Highness, this is?”

“Do you not remember anything?”

“I-I don’t.”

“This monster…”

The prince looked shocked at this, his expression clearly saying he had had enough.

I picked up the fallen sword and held it towards the reluctant prince.

“Put that away.”

“Didn’t you say you wanted the sword?”

“I don’t want it that close to me.”

He must have had a hard time seeing what the sword did and told me with a shake of his head.

“Looks like the Yokai Sword chose you as its master.”

“No. I suppressed its resentment, so you don’t have to worry about that.”

But he shook his head.

“No. Didn’t you say it has its own will? It means the sword doesn’t harm those recognized as its master.”

“Your Highness…”

Please don’t do this. This was a sword that I didn’t want to acknowledge.

Not knowing this, he continued.

“I have seen all that I needed to see from the sword, so I will give it to you as a token.”


It felt as if lightning had hit me.