“I will present that to you as a token of my gratitude.”

Watching the prince speaking as if he was doing me a favor, I could not answer.

I really hated this, but I couldn’t say it.

-Be thankful for it, Wonwhi. To receive a gift from a prince of the nation!

Iron Sword spoke with excitement, but the other two also seemed to dislike it.

I thought it would be good for my peace of mind to keep the True Evil Sword silent. Besides, what would I even need from it?

The prince then said.

“Hold up my sword so I can see it.”

“I understand.”

I held the sword upright to allow the prince to examine it as he circled around the sword to see it in detail.

“Show me the sheath too.”

I grabbed the sheath and showed it to him as he requested.


“What are you looking for?”

In response to my question, the prince smiled faintly.

“Just out of curiosity. Aren’t your and my pacts different?”

He didn’t seem to want to tell me.

What secret was hidden in the sword, and why was he looking at it so intently?

Prince Kyung made me unsheathe the sword again to inspect it.

However, the more he looked at it, the more disappointed he seemed.

And he then mumbled.

“I don’t think this is it either.”

“Since we are looking for other things, how about we rub something on it?”

“Do it.”


Did he mean to place some ink on it to see if something happened after some time?

Seeing them do it like this, I couldn’t hide my curiosity.

The prince’s subordinate entered the residence and came out with a large piece of paper. Then, with my help, they painted the sword’s surface and rubbed ink on the entire handle.

“I will see you at the trial.”

“I understand. Have a good night.”

After bidding him good night, I left.

-It looks like you, and he is curious.

That was because the prince had attacked a person. There were about six other people in his official residence.

I knew their positions, but I deliberately pretended to not know. However, the fact that they followed me outside the prince’s residence was to ensure that I returned smoothly.

-He is being so careful.

He was someone who hid so deeply to become emperor. However, that didn’t kill my curiosity.

-Of course

Short Sword giggled.

Even after I returned to my room, I could feel two people standing guard outside.

They wanted to make sure that I remained here.

There was one on the roof and two others at the entrance and the window.

I looked at the Big Dipper.

‘I don’t know what will happen.’

-What do you mean?

As I absorbed my new sword’s resentment, I managed to see some of her memories.

As a notorious member of the Evil Faction, Ju Ryun had learned numerous tricks besides martial arts, some related to manipulation.

They would be better than my Illusion Eye if it was done well.


I sighed and looked at the True Evil Sword at my waist.

It would be difficult to imagine it properly, so I think I will need the sword’s help. I allowed her voice to return.

‘Yah, True Evil sword.’

It then answered my call bluntly.

-Huh! Now you are pretending to speak when you ignored everything I said until now.

I didn’t ignore you. I just wasn’t listening to you. This was because you aren’t important.

‘Can you capture the mind of an opponent with just sound and without having them needing to touch you?’

-I don’t know how it was in the past, but I can do it now for a short moment.

‘I need your help.’


‘Yes, you.’

-Hmm… I haven’t heard anything about you becoming my slave yet.

She clicked her tongue as she used a tempting voice. This evil one knew her limits.

‘If you don’t like it, then don’t. There are many ways to do it without your help.’

To my words, she replied.

-You are being so forward. Such a man would feel good to subdue. Haaaa~

The sound of her breathing made my goosebumps rise. Short Sword stuck out her tongue and said.

-Can you just not shut her up?

I agreed with her, but since this was a sword I had just received, shouldn’t I try to use it?

I held the blade with two fingers and pushed qi into the sword’s body, starting from the bottom to the top.


The True Evil Sword trembled as the sword rang. At the same time, I moved to the window and looked out.

I saw a masked man hiding in the bushes in the garden with clear, glassy eyes.

But this didn’t last long.

His eyes moved back to the window as if it had never happened. It wasn’t difficult to avoid his gaze for a brief moment.

-The hints are within the sound.

It was different from the Illusion Eye.

If Illusion Eye was done using sight to access the target’s mind, this affected the target through sound.

If both techniques could be combined, the strength of the manipulation would be stronger. I then left my place of residence and headed back toward Prince Kyung’s palace.

I could feel everyone around him and hid under the roof while moving by creating a gap through using sound.

I knew where the prince would be located after having read the report. While this was a prince’s residence, the man didn’t seem to care that he was being watched.

Was it because of the betrayal of his subordinates?

I focused on my innate qi and pushed it into my ear.

-So disappointing.

-The opponent is one of the Four Great Evils that even warriors from Murim can’t touch after all.

‘Four Great Evils?’

The conversation seemed to have continued for a long time, so I wasn’t sure what they were discussing. I then heard Prince Kyung’s voice.

-Even if he gives a thousand gold, it would be wrong to change my mind.

-He was the one who brutally killed Your Highness’ messengers as soon as he saw them. I think postponing the plans involving the Sword of Despair would be better.

-It is difficult. Very difficult. It would be nice if the Third Great Elder would move…

-He is someone who doesn’t move without an order from His Majesty.

-You think I don’t know that?

Sword of Despair?

If it was the Sword of Despair, then of the Four Great Evils, it would be the Sword of Robbery and Murder.

Could it be that Prince Kyung was trying to find out something using the Yokai Swords in their possession?

-But, Your Highness, I couldn’t ask this before, but why didn’t you ask the Blood Sect’s leader to see his sword?

-He is smart. He would uncover my true intentions if we asked for a sword from such a person.

It was only a short meeting, but he understood me too well.

Since they were speaking of a sword, was it the Blood Demon Sword?

As I wondered this, I heard the prince’s voice.

-There is no need to hurry. I know his whereabouts. Since I’ve gotten to know him, we will get a chance to see his sword.

Seems like he would ask to see the sword if he got the chance.

I asked the Blood Demon Sword if he knew what they were discussing.

-… I thought it was a coincidence that I saw the True Evil Sword here, but I guess not.


-The True Evil Sword, that lowly thing and I were bodies born from the hand of the same father. Ah. You won’t understand when I put it that way. Humans call my father a blacksmith.


This was a truth that I did not expect. This was my first time finding this out.

Wait, so the two Yokai Swords I have were made by a single blacksmith?

And who was it?

-Gu Yaja.

Gu Yaja!

-Wasn’t that person said to be the couple’s teacher?

That’s right.

The man was the couple’s teacher and was known as a great craftsman.

Gu Yaja, who made numerous treasured swords during the Warring States era, created the Blood Demon Sword and True Evil Sword.

This was something that would surprise anyone. I asked further, just in case.

‘Was he also the person who made the Sword of Despair?’

-That thing who likes to cut human flesh was also born from our father’s hand.

Oh my.

I was speechless for a moment. To think that such a secret was behind such infamous swords.

How many Yokai Swords did he make?

The True Evil Sword answered me this time.

-Five. All of them are disgusting creatures except for this proud and beautiful one.

-The nature of humility is missing you. Tsk.

-Look at who is talking.


If so, were all five known Yokai Swords made by Gu Yaja?

It was difficult to be sure. Even if it was a named Yokai Sword, it wasn’t as if Gu Yaja made them.

However, both Blood Demon Sword and True Evil Sword were born by his hands.

-There’s also the Evil Ruling Sword and the Red Chopping Sword.

‘What? The Red Chopping Sword?’

-Is something wrong?

The names of the five Yokai Swords that were notorious worldwide were the Blood Demon Sword, the True Evil Sword, the Robbery and Murder Sword, the Evil Ruling Sword, and the Sword of Misery.

-Sword of Misery? It is my first time hearing that name.

According to Blood Demon Sword, that meant the Sword of Misery was not made by Gu Yaja. However, the Red Chopping Sword was not known as a Yokai Sword.

-What do you mean?

The Red Chopping Sword was owned by one of the Eight Great Warriors and was a treasured weapon of Cheon Mu-seong, the order head who died in the Dual Martial Troops.

I didn’t know such a secret about treasured swords and Yokai Swords.

Then the Red Chopping Sword was in the Dual Martial Troops?

-Why? Do you want it?

I was more curious.

Gu Yaja made five Yokai Swords. The prince who would become emperor was also looking for their whereabouts.

There had to be a secret within it, and I needed to find out what.

‘Do you know anything?’

-I don’t know anything except the five of us born of the same father.

They could only have information when they came into being, so while I thought they might have known something, they didn’t.

The True Evil Sword smiled at me.

-Since my father is a famous blacksmith, could it be that he wants to collect famous swords? Huhuhuhu. You know that desire to possess something?

Those words made me go silent.

But it doesn’t seem to be the words of the True Evil Sword alone. If that were the case, I wouldn’t burden them anymore.

-…burden me?

Ah, sorry.

I was thinking to myself.

In any case, Prince Kyung was looking for something hidden in the sword but not the sword itself. Would something be written on them?

If we kept eavesdropping there, we might find out something.

-Then, please have a good sleep, Your Highness.


Prince Kyung was going to sleep.

Once I was back at my residence, I couldn’t sleep as curiosity gnawed at me. One day, the prince would ask me to show the Blood Demon Sword. Once that time came, he would already have checked most of the other Yokai Swords.

Once that happens, this secret will go to the grave with him.

-Instead, let’s see what we can do.

Short Sword grumbled loudly.

I tried to keep their voices low but was lost in my thoughts. That made their voices sound louder.

Iron Sword’s voice rang in my head.

-Your voice sounds really beautiful, True Evil Sword. Even beads flowing down a silver tray don’t compare to your voice…

-Shut up. Now.

-Ahhh. This harsh voice is also different. Speak more.

-No. This one is a complete pervert. I don’t have any interest other than human slaves. Stop speaking now.

-The night is long, so how can I do that? Let’s talk. My previous owner once said the Great Wall of China began with a single brick…

-I said I was not interested!

-You look quite good while saying those things, Wonwhi.


This was a new world.

How strange.

Blood Demon Sword would grumble at Short Sword, or they would joke around. Iron Sword was showing active interest in True Evil Sword. All of this was ringing in my head.

I needed to seriously remind myself that they are swords for martial arts.

-She only likes men. Give her to the fox.

-The fox?

-I meant Baek Hye-hyang. They will fit each other perfectly.

… That’s right, the two of them resembled each other.

I was seriously thinking about this.

-I have a better idea

‘A better idea?’

-If you are that curious, you can look into the memory of Blood Demon Sword with your Heavenly Qi.

Heavenly Qi?

Short Sword’s words made sense.

If I can read Blood Demon Sword’s memories, I might discover something about Gu Yaja.

As it became dark around me, my sight opened up. It was inside a forge that was filled with heat.

A large pool of sand was in the middle of the forge with three swords stuck inside.

One was Blood Demon Sword, while the other was the True Evil Sword. The third was a sword I saw for the first time.

-The Red Chopping Sword.

Cheon Mu-seong’s sword?

Just like Blood Demon Sword and True Evil Sword, it had unique patterns. They looked like art in my eyes.


On another side of the forge, an old man with dark skin and a rough body was hammering at a red-hot sword with his shirt off.

He seemed to be in the process of forging a sword.

-That is the Dreaded Sword.

Looks like he was in the middle of making it still.

-Before that one and Evil Ruling Sword were complete, True Evil Sword and Blood Demon Sword had gone to their masters.

Then they only knew of things that happened when they were together.

-That is how it is.

Why was I shown this?

I just wanted to know how all five swords were being brought together at the same time.

-Now, now, do not be too impatient and wait.

I became silent at these words and watched as the man hammered on the sword.

The famous Gu Yaja.


Before long, the door to the forge opened, and a face shadowed by the sun’s light stood there.

Gu Yaja stopped his hammering and looked at the figure.

The voice was stiff.

‘The 4th one?’


That was odd.

It was a familiar voice.

As I wondered this, Gu Yaja replied.

‘Owners for two of them have already been decided, so they will be given out soon.’

‘Nice job. Elder Gu.’

Gu Yaja was indeed the man I guessed him to be.

But Gu Yaja frowned as if he couldn’t understand.

‘Still, I don’t know why these precious swords made using black iron are being given to Murim people.’

‘All you need to do is do your role as a blacksmith.’

‘If you say that, then I have nothing more to say. Will the other swords have their masters?’

‘Yes. I will make sure they don’t stay in the same place.’

‘Okay. Then I won’t stop and will continue working.’

The man in the shadows nodded, and Gu Yaja returned to his work.

The man then reached out his hand to close the door. The face that was turned to the side was now revealed.


The moment I saw his face, I was shocked.

The man wore a long hat and a warrior’s robe. His eyes shone with a golden hue. He was the monstrous man with the golden eyes who had been trapped in the water valley with me!