Alice didn't rush onto the platform like the others. She was a little taken aback at the performances of the trio. She knew they were all outstanding, but with everyone staring at her, she couldn't help but feel some way.

From the start, she used to be the shining one, but now, the others have all grown to shine brighter than her. No matter how hard she tries to catch up with them, they keep getting brighter and brighter.

She was proud of her friends, and even if she wasn't as powerful as they were now, she could still beat them up—the privilege of being the only girl in the group.

'Why do they always have to show off? Couldn't they just pass in the simplest way?' She pouted as everyone watched her.

She jumped onto the platform and glared at the trio.

It was as if they could tell what was in her head, and they all looked away, avoiding her gaze. Klaus even started whistling, acting like he didn't even know her.

Alice sighed and looked at the man who had stood up to face her. She was an Eighth stage Elemental Venerable, a genius in her own right, and confidently well above a grade three genius.

The man repeated the exact words and attacked.

Alice's fire and ice domain came out and blocked the attack. Like her friends, she didn't flinch in front of the man's attack.

After blocking the attack, lightning flashed through her body, and she bolted straight at the man. As she moved, a colorful scene appeared. Her fire and ice domain followed her, with lightning at the center of the fire and ice domain. It was a beautiful sight to behold.


Just like the trio, she struck with a deadly attack.

The man wasn't sent flying like in Grey and Reynolds' case. Instead, just like in Klaus' case, the man stood in the same spot, but three different elements were visibly causing havoc to his body.

The man tried to block the attack. Unfortunately, it was just too powerful.

On the left part of the man's body, the fire element was blazing, in the middle, the lightning element came into play, and on the last part, the ice ability of her Seelie came into play, freezing the man's body.

Once again, the man faced enormous damages, which strained the array as it worked nonstop to fix the problems caused by their attacks.

Alice left the crowd silent.

Grey and his friends had been giving them one shock after another since they decided to face the man. Only a few people knew Grey's performance was the best.

When Grey attacked, he didn't try as hard as the others to impress those watching; he only used a casual attack and was able to cause so much damage to the man.

Reynolds and Klaus tried so hard and made an impression on everyone. Alice, on the other hand, was forced to show what she could do. She didn't want to damage the man this much, but since her friends had already done so much, it was only fitting she followed the same path as them.

She was a genius, and she didn't want to be looked down on when with her friends. She already hated the fact that she was the weakest; becoming even worse was going to make her flip out.

The man soon recovered and said to Alice, "You passed."

Alice nodded to the man and walked elegantly to where Klaus and the others stood.

"Shall we?" She asked with a soft voice.

The others shivered when they heard this. Whenever Alice speaks in such a manner, she has terrible plans for them.

"Yes, let's get going." Grey was the first to rush to the door. Of all of them, he was the one who had suffered the most at Alice's hands.

During their sparring sessions, while he was still very weak, Alice didn't show much mercy. Of course, she didn't give him any severe injuries, but she made sure to beat him up every single time. At that time, she kept saying,

'If you don't take a spar as seriously as a life and death battle, you will only limit your growth.'

So even though she is stronger than Grey, she always takes her spars very seriously. Grey, being the unfortunately weak one had to face so many deadly attacks. However, these sparring sessions made Grey who he is. He became so battle-honed that when he entered the world, although there were a few hitches, he still managed to come out on top and become an even fiercer warrior than Alice.

Klaus and Reynolds ran right after Grey, not waiting for Alice to go before them.

"So rude." Alice grunted.

She followed them and walked through the door.

During this time, everyone were still silent. The four friends' performances were stunning!

Everyone kept asking the same question…

'Who were they?'

Everyone watched them leave in awe, starstruck at what they were able to perform.

Just one attack, one powerfully destructive attack was enough to announce the names of the four to the world of the Southern Continent.

"Did anyone catch their names?" Someone from the crowd asked.

"I heard one of them being called Rey, that's all I know." Someone who was standing close to Klaus and Reynolds spoke up.

"Rey? He's the lightning guy, right?" Another person asked.

"Yes, yes, he's the Lightning Elementalist." The person nodded vigorously.

"A Lightning Elementalist called Rey, and I don't think I've heard of such a name among the top ranked geniuses in the Continent."

"Me neither."

"Do you think they've been training in seclusion and only recently came out to test their strengths?"

"No, they didn't want to come in. I saw them when we were about to step in. They were watching."

"Could they be from another Continent?"

"The Middle Continent, most likely. Their talent isn't something that could be grown in other Continents. I heard the Middle Continent is the top in terms of growing such young, talented Elementalists."

"Yes, according to what I heard, the famous Lucas Dawson gave birth to a generational talent as well. So I'm not sure only the Middle Continent can create such geniuses."

Different speculations came up about the four, but they were not there to provide these people with any information.