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"Nothing is impossible?" Klaus said.

Someone who had been forced out of the array saw this scene and couldn't believe his eyes, without any hesitation, he charged straight into the array.

The memory of an Elementalist was excellent, especially one at such a level. The young man took the same path as Grey and his friends.


Grey's voice was covered by the explosion that followed suit.

The young man didn't set up any defenses and assumed he would be able to pass through with the same ease Grey and his friends did. Unfortunately for him, he was blasted into the sky, before crashing into the ground, losing consciousness.

Grey shook his head when he saw this. He sighed and said, "Wait for me. I'll be back real quick."

He entered the array and walked over to where the young man was lying. A few people were staring at the injured young man, but none of them were making any moves to help him out.

When Grey arrived, some of them looked at him and he shook his head, "I wouldn't try that if I were you."

He understood the meaning behind their looks. Some of them had the intention of forcing him to make the path safe for them. None of them had the intention of rushing through the path like this foolish young man, and they felt it would be easier to follow Grey or better still, force him into creating an open path.

A liquid substance appeared on Grey's palm and he placed his palm on the young man's chest. The seriously injured young man started to show signs of recovery. The heat in the volcano shockingly made healing even quicker.

The young man opened his eyes and saw Grey's face.

"I have no reason for helping you but since you were injured due to your ignorance, I'll help out just this once."

After saying this, Grey turned around and walked into the array. Before entering, he said to the eager crowd ready to jump in.

"You all know how deadly it is, if you think I'd help heal the next person, then you're all fools. Also, don't even think about attacking me, you'll not like the outcome."

With that threat, Grey walked into the array. After taking his first step, he shook his head, he knew some people wouldn't take his threat seriously and would definitely attack him.

"Don't take another step, or else I'll kill you here and now."

A young man said, his voice was cold. He was the one who told the young lady from the group of seven to stop Grey from doing whatever he wanted to do.

Grey tilted his head slightly and used the side of his eyes to look at the young man. He shook his head and took another step.

The young man attacked when he saw this.

Grey turned and with a wave of his hand, the attack was destroyed. One hand was placed behind his back while his other hand was in front of him, his expression turned cold, and without hesitation, he attacked.

He warned them from the start, but the young man thought he was stronger. He wanted to make sure he used the young man as a scapegoat.

The young man was a Fire Elementalist, and his flames roared as he unleashed it at the incoming Grey.

Grey acted oblivious to the flames as he phased through it. His body shone with pale blue flames as he attacked with ferocity. The young man could barely defend against his attack as he was sent flying.

With just one attack, Grey showed his superiority.

The others didn't dare to try to get in his way any further.

The young man spat out a mouthful of blood before getting back up. He didn't think Grey would be this powerful. Now, he didn't know what to do. In his present condition, passing through this level was impossible. His only chance was by healing up and attempting to go through the array once again.


Outside the volcano.

While Grey was walking through the array like it was nothing, the middle-aged man and the other Elders couldn't believe their eyes. Grey was breaking every form of logic they thought they had.


This was the only question coming out of their mouths. They couldn't believe someone like Grey actually existed. He cracked the array and got through it safely with his friends within thirty minutes.

One must be a genius in the art of arrays to be able to get the hang of this array in such a short time. Either that, or he had prior knowledge of this array. However, from his first attempt, it was evident he didn't have any prior knowledge of it.

"So he broke through this array in such a short time?" An Elder asked.

"You saw it too, didn't you?"

No one was willing to give an answer to the Elder, just like him, they didn't know what to say about Grey's performance.

"Isn't that the kid that Old man is so proud of? Flint or what is his name again?" An Elder pointed at the young man Grey sent flying.

"Yes, I remember him. That Old man said he was the greatest student he had ever groomed. A grade seven genius, I think." Another Elder added, confirming the words of the first Elder.

"He couldn't take one blow from him. Is the difference between a grade nine genius and a grade seven genius so high or is it that the Flint kid is a fraud?"

"There's a good chance he's a fraud. I don't think the difference should be that high."

"Haha, I can't believe that Old man has been cheated." An Elder laughed in delight.

The Old man they were referring to had been using the young man named Flint to show off before them for a while now. Seeing Flint being beaten with a single blow made them feel a certain sense of satisfaction.

Even though they had nothing to do with Grey, they were happy someone could beat up that Old man's student. At least the Old man would stop showing off in front of them after this.