Grey walked to the other side of the array and looked at his friends.

"We should get going. I don't think those guys like me much."

"You just walked through something that has been giving them difficulties, twice, even I have the urge to attack you." The young lady from the group of seven said when she saw Grey.

Klaus gave a sheepish laugh and said, "He warned them beforehand, they were fools to try to attack him."

"Who in their right mind would dare to attack someone who could get through this array with such ease?" He asked.

The young lady didn't see anything wrong with Klaus' statement, and much as it sounded prideful, it was the truth. Anyone capable of achieving such a feat isn't someone she would underestimate.

From how easy it was for Grey to send Flint flying, she felt Flint underestimated Grey. She has sparred with him on a few occasions and she barely gets the win. Most of their spars tend to end up in draws. She knew just how powerful Flint was, and she didn't believe Grey would be able to defeat him with one blow if he was prepared for it.

"You're benevolent for helping that guy, he might've gotten worse if not for your help. However, if he were conscious, he would've been fine." The young lady said.

"I noticed there's a special attribute here, healing seems pretty quick here thanks to the heat from the volcano." Grey said.

"I didn't expect you to notice it so easily. But you're right. The healing process here is very fast. Most of the Faction Elders and top geniuses come here to heal up after a tough battle." The young lady nodded to Grey's words.

"It's just like our Faction's ice tree." Klaus wasn't too impressed with this.

There was a tree made entirely of ice in the Moonlight Faction. According to the legends, the tree was brought by a God Plane Water Elementalist. Although he didn't believe it much, it was said to be grown on the moon. It's the only one of its kind, and could not live outside the Moonlight Faction.

The Elders and Faction Leader held this tree in high esteem, and even treated it like it was a good. However, Klaus has never doubted its healing capabilities. There had been an occasion where an Elder was seriously wounded, on the brink of death. But the Elder was brought back to life by the tree.

If not for the fact that he didn't know where his father was located at the moment, he would've already taken him there.

"An ice tree?" Reynolds asked in curiosity.

"Yeah, I don't talk about it much, but it has one of the greatest healing abilities I've ever seen." Klaus commented.

"Damn, and I almost died from my stupid Faction's lightning healing technique. I don't know if that's even a healing thing or if they just wanted to end my life." Reynolds couldn't help but complain.

"Did you heal up?" Klaus asked.

"After almost one month of being constantly struck by lightning." Reynolds shivered, it was as if he could still feel the spasm from the lightning shock.

"Haha, that's not a healing technique, but it's a good method to strengthen the body while also healing up." Klaus laughed.

"They used the lightning to stimulate your healing, while also training you. It's more like a two in one technique. It's quite good, I'd recommend it." Grey explained when he saw Reynolds' expression.

"I know, but it's not something I would want to go through another time." Reynolds pouted.

"Enough talking, we should head deeper into the volcano. I wonder what lies ahead." Alice said.

"You'll find out when you step through that door." The young lady from the group of seven took the lead.

Grey and his friends didn't rush there, they waited until they'd gone through before they decided to go in themselves.

On the other side of the door.

Grey and his friends felt the heat surge.

"If I'm not mistaken, this should be the last level." Grey said as he saw the burbling lava.

"By chance, is this thing going to, you know, erupt anytime soon?" Klaus asked with a somewhat shaky voice.

He could sense the danger from it and didn't want to go anywhere near it.

"Relax, she said their Elders will deal with it if it erupts." Alice said.

"I'm not really too confident in leaving my chances to others. What if they're a little slow. We'd be toast." Klaus said.

"Don't worry, I wouldn't come in here without having plans of leaving in case of danger." Grey said, he paused and said, "The space here is quite difficult, but with Void present, we'll be able to at least transport us to the first level. Leaving the volcano will be easy once we're there."

Klaus heaved a sigh when he heard this, "This is why I like going to dangerous places with you. You're always thinking ahead in case of any danger. Unlike an ugly armor wearing fellow who just charges in without thinking of what dangers it holds."

"Aren't you the same?" Reynolds retorted.

"No, I'm a civil person. You act like a barbarian in these situations. You always believe you'll survive one way or the other. Although this makes you strong, you'll get in serious trouble sooner or later." Klaus reiterated.

Reynolds and the others thought about Klaus' words and they couldn't deny it. He was right. If Reynolds continues in this fashion, he will be in danger sooner or later.

"Since when did you get so smart?" Alice asked.

"I've always been smart. Don't mistake my playfulness for stupidity. If I'm not mistaken, I'm the smartest person in this group." Klaus said, he looked at Reynolds and said, "Unfortunately, you're the last."

"It's a tight competition between you two, but I believe Alice is smarter. Grey believes too much in his abilities and sometimes acts like Rey, charging into an ambush." He added.

Everyone paused for a moment, Klaus actually made sense with his statements. There had been a few times Grey almost got into trouble due to his overconfidence in his abilities.