"So we're leaving just like that?" Klaus asked, stunned at Grey's words.

"Pretty much." Grey nodded, seeing Klaus' reaction, he added, "Do you think you can take something from a place even Void couldn't?"

"Valid reason, let's go." Klaus didn't argue any further after hearing this.

Who was he kidding? Getting something from a place Void wasn't able to? It was impossible even in his dream, much less in real life. It was best they left now.

Grey shook his head when he saw this. Klaus might be troublesome, but he always tries to ensure he doesn't purposely cause trouble with people that were too strong for him or those around him to handle.

Thinking about it, Klaus had a knack for being troublesome, yet, he has never in any way offended anyone above their league.

'Is he doing it on purpose?' Grey took a glance at Klaus who was leading the group out of the volcano.

He followed Grey's method and attacked continuously, and after creating a hole, they jumped out of the cave.

The second they came out of the cave, they saw Flint getting beat up by the Phoenix.

"A show, we should watch." Klaus brought out a chair and took a seat. It was no regular chair, but a throne.

This throne has been in his possession since his they left the Azure Continent. He shared it with Reynolds a few times, but now, it was his.

"You still have this?" Grey was short of words.

"Of course! It's quite exquisite. I haven't seen any throne on the same level as this since I came here." Klaus responded, he pouted and said, "I'm pretty disappointed at them. They couldn't even create a throne with the remains of a Dragon or something. Given the powerhouses present, I'm ashamed of them."

Grey looked at Flint's figure and recalled their previous encounter.

"He's the guy who tried to attack me." He said softly.

"He's not bad then, being able to get to this stage shows that he's quite powerful." Alice said.

"Yes, but he's too proud. He will lose to the Phoenix. Tenacity can not make up for his weakness in such battles, it will only get him killed." Grey said.

"Stop talking like an old man, you're no older than he is." Klaus said after hearing Grey's words.

Grey shrugged, he didn't mind Klaus calling him an old man. But the fact remained that Flint is not as strong as the Phoenix. It's understandable if it's a life and death battle, but in a position like this, it is not only a waste of time, but there is also the risk of getting seriously injured.

Flint noticed the eyes on him, but he didn't have the chance to look in that direction. He was fully oppressed by the Phoenix, any lapse in concentration and he might get seriously injured. This is something he was all too aware of, so he kept his focus. Besides, anyone who appears here wouldn't want to attack him. His safety was guaranteed here, as long as he didn't attack anyone like the last time he attacked Grey.

He continued fighting with the Phoenix, trying to make sure he wasn't defeated.

A few minutes later, he could only give up. The Phoenix was too powerful, and he wasn't strong enough. For some reason, the array is aware from the moment anyone gives up on the battle as the Phoenix stopped fighting the second he gave up. It went back to sleep and disappeared.

Some essence from the place the Phoenix disappeared floated into the body of Flint.

Flint knew this was the ultimate reward here, so he carefully absorbed it.

After absorbing it, he turned around. Seeing Klaus seated on a throne, and then Grey seated on an ice throne.

Klaus didn't want them to look out of place, so he created ice thrones for the other three. Although his golden throne was more attractive, it didn't take away the beauty of the ice thrones which looked like they were made from crystals.

Klaus started applauding when Flint turned to look at them.

Grey's eyes twitched when he heard Klaus clapping.

"Fuck!" Flint exclaimed uncontrollably.

It was like he was a showman performing for Grey and his friends. What annoyed him isn't the fact that Klaus was seated on a throne, or the fact that he was clapping, well, it did annoy him, but not as much as seeing Grey's nonchalant face as he sat on the ice throne, staring at him.

"You angered him." Reynolds commented.

"We better get going." Grey stood up and walked in the direction of the portal leading outside the volcano.

"Where do you think you're going?" Flint asked, he was incensed.

"Out." Grey didn't stop as he replied.

Flint wanted to make a move but then he felt the temperature drop, his gaze turned to Klaus he had a grin on his face.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you."


Outside the volcano.

The Old man was furious. He watched the whole ordeal, from Grey and his friends appearing, to them sitting on a throne. The throne Klaus seated on was better than all the chairs he had ever taken a seat on, he was hundreds of years old, yet he had never seated on such a luxurious seat.

"I'll kill that brat!" The Old man said.

From Klaus' actions, he felt he was the leader of the group. Klaus was the one who had the demeanor of a top talent. He felt he was the one who attacked his student. Seeing his student show anger towards Grey, he assessed the situation. However, he still felt like killing Klaus.

Klaus made a jest of his precious student, this could not be allowed.

"Old man, don't make any rash moves when they come out. This is the Phoenix Faction, until we know the full extent of their backgrounds, you can not make any silly moves."

For the first time, the usual nonchalance on the expression and demeanor of the middle-aged man changed, a touch of seriousness came in. They might be a top Faction in the Southern Continent, but they aren't willing to offend multiple top Factions all because this Old man's ego was stepped on.

"Never tell me what to do." The atmosphere became tense with the Old man's response. It was clear that he was not in a good mood.

The middle-aged man felt a headache, he couldn't help but wonder why Klaus would even have any interest in taking out a throne to watch someone else fight. He was already done there, what's the point in staying there to watch. What was worse was that he not only watched, but he applauded after the show was over. Any genius would feel insulted if someone their age treated them in such a manner. Much less a grade seven genius of Flint's caliber.

Flint will not take this lying. His Teacher was not taking it lying, much less Flint himself.

The middle-aged man knew he was going to have to settle this as soon as they came out, if not, it might escalate beyond this. With the Old man's personality, he will never let this slide.


Inside the Volcano.

Flint looked at Klaus, he was also at the Peak of the Venerable Plane, so he was by no means intimidated by Klaus' show of power.

"An ice user dares to show off in front of me?" His body blazed with flames.

Flint was a Fire Elementalist, and he felt he was superior to anyone using the water element. In a volcano, he had all the advantages.

Klaus laughed when he saw this, "Did he hurt your little ego when he beat you up?"

"He attacked without warning, he's no match for me in a true fight." Flint snorted.

To be fair, he didn't expect Grey to attack with such force, so he didn't really put up a strong defense. He was stunned when the strike hit him.

"In a 'true fight' as you call it, you'd be dead." Klaus laughed and walked toward the portal as well.

There was no point in speaking with people like Flint, he will never admit to being inferior.

Reynolds and Alice followed behind him as they left the place.

Flint walked right behind them, he was going to show Grey who was better.


Outside the volcano.

A light appeared and Grey was the first to step out. Klaus and the other two followed behind him before Flint stepped out.

The second they all appeared, Grey sensed hostility and looked straight at the eyes of the Old man.

The middle-aged man was shocked at Grey's senses. The Old man was hostile, but only top experts could sense it. The fact that Grey was able to sense it the second he stepped out of the volcano was amazing.

Grey squinted his eyes, and just as he was about to speak, Flint spoke up.

"I'm challenging you to a duel."