A lightning bolt fell from the sky with frightening speed. Before the young man could react, he was enveloped by it.

Alice stopped her fire and ice domain attack and used the ice element to freeze the ground, freezing the young man's feet to the ground

She attacked with her fire element, sending him flying.

With a series of continuous attacks, she was able to take out someone that was on the same level as herself in terms of battle strength.

The young man had the cultivation stage advantage, but she made up for it with the help of her Seelie. The mistake the young man made was thinking he would be able to defend against her. He planned for a lot of things, except for her lightning element which other than boosting her speed, she hadn't used it so far for any form of attack. It was easy to assume her lightning element's attack power was minimal since she barely uses it.

The Old man and middle-aged man exchanged glances once again.

"These guys are just something else. What are people like them doing here?" The Old man couldn't help but ask.

"To train. It's understandable, given the talent they possess." The middle-aged man said.

"Aren't their Family or Faction leaders afraid to lose such talents?" The Old man would never allow his student to travel in such a manner without protection.

"They can't grow to their full potential if they're always being looked after. Danger brings out the hidden strength of geniuses. I believe they've faced a couple dangerous situations that made them the people they are today." The middle-aged man said. He understood the reason behind the Faction and Family leaders of the group letting them come out to train.

"I'll never put my student in such a situation." The Old man said.

"Hence his inability to defeat them." The middle-aged man's words hurt the Old man, but he pretended he didn't hear it.

"Time to check out the strength of the last one. I'm quite curious about his strength." The middle-aged man didn't mind the fact that the Old man was pretending not to hear.

When the Old man heard this, he nodded and looked into the crowds. He wanted to see who was best to challenge Reynolds, seeing the person who stepped out, he couldn't help but turn to the middle-aged, "Good choice."

"Of course, all opponents were carefully selected. This is the only person except Aries who can put up a fight against these grade nine kids. He's the only one who will not be defeated instantaneously." The middle-aged man nodded.

The young man who challenged Alice, and this young man stepping out were carefully selected by the middle-aged man. When he came out to give the announcement that battles would take place since they were already here, he transmitted his orders to the duo secretly, while also ensuring they were the first to come out after Aries and Klaus' battle ended.

The young man stood on the platform and pointed at Reynolds, "I'd like to test the strength of a foreigner, please."

The young man was polite in inviting Reynolds onto the platform.

Reynolds took a look at the young man and nodded. On his way, he turned to Klaus and asked to borrow the throne. Klaus, being Klaus, refused to give it to him.

Reynolds grumbled as he walked to the platform. When he arrived, the young man prepared to fight.

Reynolds, on the other hand, walked to the edge of the platform, sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes.

The young man was a little startled and he asked, "Foreigner, what's the meaning of this?"

Reynolds opened his eyes, when he saw how the young man was staring at him, he replied, "Oh, don't mind me, you can attack."

Reynolds wasn't making a move, and the young man felt disrespected by this. He attacked, sending a fire snake at Reynolds.

Reynolds was motionless. Just as the fire snake was about to hit him, a humanoid figure appeared and grabbed a hold of the snake. The snake struggled to break free from the grip, but it was impossible and it was destroyed.

When everyone saw the humanoid figure, they thought someone was helping Reynolds out, only after a few seconds did they understand what happened.

"An Elemental Warrior!" An exclamation came from the crowd.

Summoners are highly regarded anywhere, a high grade summoner even more.

Reynolds, being a summoner already gave him the advantage in this battle.

The Elemental Warrior that appeared had the strength of a Peak Venerable, the same as the young man.

The middle-aged man was surprised, he recalled when Reynolds was fighting with the Phoenix, he wore a strange armor.

'How come he isn't using it?'

The young man attacked once again, but he was on the same stage as the Elemental Warrior, defeating it with just casual attacks was out of the picture. His problem wasn't the Elemental Warrior, but Reynolds who was sitting quietly by the side.

Summoners could still fight while controlling their summons. An high grade summoner doesn't even have a need to control their summons, all they needed to do was mark the target.

There was only one target present, and it will naturally become the target of the Elemental Warrior.

The young man and the Elemental Warrior started to exchange blows. The fact that the Elemental Warrior could fight both a long and short range battle made it fearsome. One moment it was attacking from a distance, the next it was standing before him, using a short range attack.

On the side.

"No wonder he wanted the throne. So he wanted to show off. Such a pretender." Klaus said, but deep down he felt like crying. Just the thought of doing what Reynolds was doing thrilled him.

"He's just watching. The battle should be over by now. I see no point in playing this much." Grey said with folded arms.

"Yeah." Alice and Klaus nodded.

If Reynolds merged with his Elemental Warrior, he could use more power which will make him above the league of his opponent.