The middle-aged man was surprised at how easy it was for Grey to follow him. Grey didn't hesitate which he found odd. Anyone who is cautious enough should be hesitant to head over to see a Faction Leader of a Faction of the level of the Phoenix Faction, but Grey, nor his friends showed any signs of fear.

'I guess they're already used to seeing leaders of such powerful Factions.' The middle-aged man came to a conclusion in his head as he took them there.

Aries followed along, after all, they were going over to see her Teacher.

A few minutes later, they were all in a secluded building in the Phoenix Faction.

The middle-aged man led them into the room, and a man, identical to the middle-aged man, was seated crossed leg on a futon.

"Brother, they are you." The middle-aged man said and walked to sit at the side.

The man seated on the futon opened his eyes to stare at Grey and his friends. This was the first time the group were seeing such a figure, but when he opened his eyes, they all felt like they had been sucked into his world, a fiery world with Phoenixes soaring across the sky. It was both beautiful and deadly at the same time. Nevertheless, none of them showed any fear as they watched the soaring Phoenixes in the fiery world.

"Four tremendously talented geniuses, I wonder where you are from." The man opened his mouth to speak after a short moment of silence.

"We're humbled to be in your presence, My Lord." Klaus was the one who spoke up with a bow. Among the friends, he was the one who knew more about etiquettes since his father was a Mayor of a City and he got to meet with important figures all the time during his stay in the Azure Continent.

"We're from the Western Continent and are traveling across the other parts of the Aurora Continent to learn a thing or two from other cultures." Klaus continued, "I'm Klaus Ealdian, that's Alice Reiss, Reynolds Orvyn, and that's Grey Dawson."

Klaus introduced the group one by one to the Leader of the Phoenix Faction.

When Grey was introduced, there was a reaction from the man, as well as the middle-aged man.

"That Grey Dawson?" The man asked calmly.

"The one and only." Klaus replied with a smile.

"I see, Lucas is the greatest genius to have appeared over the past five hundred years in the Aurora Continent, it's normal for his son to surpass him." The Faction Leader squinted his eyes, now, they didn't seem all too shocked at Grey's abilities.

Lucas Dawson is famous across the entire Continent. A generational genius who managed to rock the world at a young age. He was someone that grew to fame very quickly. His son however seems to be miles ahead of him. Lucas Dawson is well-known in the Aurora Continent, but everyone knows that the Gnome race has issued a kill order on Grey's head. That is more telling compared to his father's antics.

"I never expected Grey Dawson to visit my Faction. Since you're here, I believe it's only right that I give you a few pointers." The Faction Leader's cold expression died down and he looked at Grey in a different way, "I have something for everyone of you."

Seeing the expression of the group as well as his student, Aries, he couldn't help but laugh and add, "I have some close relationship with your father, Grey. If he knew you were coming here, he would've told you to come see me."

"Oh, so that's how it is."

The others came to a realization. They initially felt the Faction Leader was trying to be nice to Grey due to knowing his father was a top powerhouse, but from the looks of it, it seems they had a good relationship.

The Faction Leader recalled something and said, "Also, don't let that old guy know you're Lucas' son. He still hasn't gotten over the fact that he was beaten so many times by your father. He's very vengeful and might want to beat you up in your father's stead."

"He beat up the old guy's student too." The middle-aged man chuckled from the side.

"Oh, that's interesting." The Faction Leader smiled in amusement. Grey's father beat up the Old man, and now Grey beat up the Old man's student.

It looked like an unending cycle of the Old man getting defeated repeatedly. If the Old man were to find out about this, he would seek justice for his student, and mostly himself. He was a shameless figure who wouldn't mind beating Grey up. Of course, he wouldn't want to get on the nerves of Lucas, so he would only give him some superficial injuries.

"Actually, I was promised something else." Grey said. He didn't want the Faction Leader to forget about this since he was saying he wanted to give them pointers.

The Faction Leader smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'm aware of that. I would've had some reservations if it was someone else, but you're different, so I'll give you a few tips. Not much, but it should help you with some of the basics."

Grey thanked him after getting the confirmation the Faction Leader would give him tips on the array formation.

The Faction Leader soon got to work. There was nothing else to talk about. He wanted to give Grey and Alice a few pointers on the fire element.

Alice and Grey benefited from his pointers, after all, he was the leader of the top fire elemental Faction around. And since the Faction was created by the legendary Firelord, it's normal for it to possess fire elemental techniques unique only to it.

Klaus and Reynolds didn't know what to do as they watched Grey and Alice being tutored by such an expert and started to pick a few things from whatever the man was teaching them. The thing about these things is that all elements are intertwined and one could use the teachings from one element to bolster their other elements. Take for instance, Klaus, being a Water Elementalist and also an ice user could take into the account the method of heating up a flame and use it to make his ice even colder.

It was more like a difference in their elements. As long as it involved the manipulation of their elements, there was no way he couldn't use it as well. Reynolds used the same for his lightning element, making his attacks pack more power compared to how it used to be.

In short, the training session benefited all four of them. When the Faction Leader saw how the other two were learning from it, he started to show them a few more things as well, different from what he was teaching Alice and Grey. It would be better for the duo to work with this than what they were trying to do from what he was telling Alice and Grey.

The duo benefited better from this than when they were learning from what he was teaching Grey and Alice.

A few hours later, Grey was taken to another place.

Klaus and the others were left on their own.

"He's going to teach him about the array?" Reynolds found it a bit odd the Faction Leader would be willing to give out such important information.

"Well, since he has a good relationship with Grey's father, he might not see anything wrong with it." Alice replied.

"He's the Faction Leader, not the one with complete monopoly of the Faction. There are still Elders he would need to consult for things like this." Klaus said.

"Don't worry about your friend getting that information, my brother will make sure he tells him a thing or two." The middle-aged man who overheard their conversation said.

"Uncle, the Elders will not agree to this." Aries spoke up.

"And who says they're going to know about it?" The middle-aged man raised a brow.

Aries understood they wanted to teach Grey these things without the knowledge of the Elders.

Thinking about it, she knew it was something her Teacher and Uncle could do. This was not the first time they were doing things that were not accepted by the Elders. The only reason they could still do something like this is because in the end, the decisions made by the duo have always come out to be very good for the Faction. The Phoenix Faction is one that thrived due to making connections with geniuses and powerhouses. With a figure like Grey, and given who his father is, it's not odd that the Faction Leader and his brother are willing to take the gamble on him.

As long as Grey didn't meet an untimely death, he would grow to become one of the strongest experts in the Faction, it was something everyone is aware of. However, with the Gnomes wanting him dead, he was in danger of getting killed pretty quickly.