Grey had spent two more days with the Phoenix Faction Leader, speaking nonstop on the array formation. In the end, they were only able to uncover a few more things about it. As they unraveled things about the early stages of the array, it started to get even more complex the deeper they went.

Grey got to understand why the Faction Leader and the Elders of the Phoenix Faction hadn't been able to understand the array even after so long. This was an extremely complex array that required a long period to understand. With what Grey understood, there was no way he would be able to set up the formation. Even making an easy form of it was impossible, there was no easy form of this particular array, you either get it or you don't.

Klaus was getting bored waiting for Grey so he went to the City close by with the others to have fun.

There was nothing special about the city. Other than the Faction that was close by, there was nothing else to do around.


In the Phoenix Faction.

Aries looked at the bored Klaus and asked, "Do you want to follow us for a raid?"

Klaus' ears perked up when he heard this, and he nodded, a look of curiosity appeared on his face, "You guys go for raids?"

Aries chuckled when she heard this and replied, "Occasionally. Mostly when we're bored. There's a group of bandits that usually nest close to a volcano."

"The volcano is in the woods and close to a path in the forest. They would come up and you know, rob."

"We've been getting reports of kidnaps going on there lately, so we want to go check it out. I've been delaying it, but since you guys are here, and Grey's working with my Teacher, I don't mind taking you guys there."

Klaus turned to Alice and Reynolds who both nodded. They were also in support of heading out for the raid.

Aries took that as the go ahead and took them out of the Faction once again, heading towards the woods.

They disguised themselves so as not to give away their identity and make the bandits come out. Klaus was dressed elegantly while the others were dressed as his guards and servants.

Klaus played his part to the peak as he would occasionally cuss at Reynolds. Reynolds didn't have the chance to speak back since he was technically a guard. Although he couldn't speak back, it didn't mean he can't get back at Klaus while doing his duty as a guard.

He would occasionally swing the spear in his hand which would then go on to hit Klaus' head.

"Fuck! If not for my father I would've killed such a stupid pig!" Klaus fumed when Reynolds did it again.

Reynolds dropped his head as Klaus continued cussing at him. Klaus was about to hit him when a group stepped out of the bushes.

"My Lord, you shouldn't be yelling this much. Don't you know you might attract bandits?" One of the people who just came out from the bush said with a sarcastic smile.

"Who are you to tell me what to do? Get the hell out of my sight, clowns!" Klaus turned to the person that spoke and yelled at him.

He looked at the others and seeing how they were dressed, he asked, "Are you guys going for a show? I'll pay good money to watch you guys fool yourselves."

The mouth of the man who spoke twitched when he heard Klaus' words. They were clearly dressed like bandits, yet Klaus was saying they were clowns. It was clear he didn't take into account what they could do to them.

In the group of bandits, three of them were at the Peak of the Elemental Venerable Plane, while five were in the Ninth and Eighth stage.

Aries didn't bring anyone else with them so they were clearly outnumbered. Of course, these people at the Peak couldn't be measured with Klaus, Reynolds, and Aries' level, but they were still at the Peak, nonetheless.

With eight members in the Late stages of the Elemental Venerable Plane, this could be said to be a deadly force in the woods. There were still around ten that were in the Early and Mid stages of the Elemental Venerable Plane.

"Kid, I don't think you know what's good for you, if not, you would've shut your mouth." One of the bandits at the Peak said.

"Shut up! What do you know, swine!" Klaus cussed and even picked up a small rock and tossed it at the man.

The rock hit the man's head, but it wasn't painful. Although other Elementalists are not like Grey who has trained his physical body so high, they were still Elementalists and their bodies benefit from housing elemental essences. The essences strengthen their bodies and they become stronger. A stone from Klaus wouldn't be able to hurt a Peak Elemental Venerables, unless the throw was enforced with the elements.

The man looked at Klaus, his eyes twitching from anger.

"What Family are you from? They better be rich, if not, I'll personally make sure you beg for death." The man said.

Klaus looked at him and smirked, "What does my Family being rich have to do with you? So what if they're not rich, what will you do?"

"I'll... Why am I explaining to you?" The man wanted to tell Klaus what he would do to him, but then he realized something and felt angered, he looked at those in the Early and Mid stages, "Seize them. Keep most of them alive. The more we have, the better we can benefit from this."

Klaus was already waiting for them to come close. He wanted to make sure they took out as many as they could from the first attack. This will tilt the battle over to their side.

With the numbers on the side of the bandits, they had the advantage. But if they could take out a few of the top powerhouses, or take out most of the weaker Elementalists, they will be able to shorten the gap.

The Early and Mid stage bandits rushed over to where Klaus and the others were standing, all with grins on their faces. Some of the men had their eyes on Alice and Aries. They were both beautiful, so it was normal for these people to have their eyes on them.

Alice and Aries felt disgusted with the way the men were staring at them. Before Klaus and Reynolds could even react, the duo had killed three of the men that went close to them.

Klaus spread out his domain and froze those who were close to him. Reynolds sent lightning bolts at the few who were close to him.

In the space of a second, ten Early and Mid stage bandits were incapacitated by the group of four. One has to know that even though the group of ten weren't making any attempts to defend, it was still a shocking feat to achieve. The fact that they were taken care of within such a short time was baffling.

The trio at the Peak of the Venerable Plane were stunned. They couldn't comprehend what just happened. Their underlings were killed before them and they couldn't even make any moves.

"You filthy clowns tried to touch me, you have another thing coming." Klaus pushed the head of one of the bandits he froze and the bandit fell to the ground, shattering after making contact with the ground.

"What are you looking at? Do you want to experience the same thing?" Klaus looked at the trio at the Peak in a threatening manner.

When they disguised themselves, they originally hid their true cultivation stage, but now, there was no need to hide it.

The trio at the Peak realized they had been tricked by this group of four, but they quickly relaxed their minds when they sensed the cultivation stage of the group. Even though there were two at the Peak, the other two only had the strength of an Eighth stage Elemental Venerable. They might be stronger than the regular Eighth stage and Peak Venerables, but they were still outnumbered.

Two Peak Venerables will be able to kill one of the duo at the Peak, and then two Ninth stage Venerables will team up with the other Peak Venerable at the side of the bandits and fight against the second Peak Venerable on Klaus' side.

This was the plan that came to them when they saw the strength of the four of them.

"What's the point of showing your strength? You'll still get kidnapped by us, and we will make sure to make you suffer for killing our brothers." One of the Peak Venerable bandits said coldly.

"Do you think you can beat us?" Klaus asked mockingly, a grin on his face.

The man looked at him and turned to the other man at the Peak, "We'll take this brat."