Reynolds slammed into the ground after getting hit by the man's attack.

After trying repeatedly, the man was finally able to cleanly strike Reynolds down.

Reynolds couldn't do anything about the attack and was forced to take it head-on. Even though he knew taking on such an attack was dangerous, he didn't mind it, the reason for this was because…

Boom! Bang!


The man screamed in pain as his figure also slammed into the ground, a few hundred meters away from Reynolds.

Reynolds let the man strike him, but he didn't let the man go without any sort of retaliation.

He detached from his Elemental Warrior at the last minute and the Elemental Warrior was able to slash at the unprotected back of the man.

The man didn't know Reynolds had an Elemental Warrior and never prepared for something like this. After striking Reynolds, he felt inexplicable joy, but it quickly turned to pain when he sensed a deadly force hitting his back. He coughed out a mouthful of blood as his figure broke through the sky, crashing down outside the town.

Reynolds crawled out of the crater he made, looking in the direction the man crashed. He heard the man's scream and knew his plan worked.

He looked at the black patch on his right shoulder and frowned.

'This will be troublesome.'

He could tell this black patch wasn't ordinary, but he was more interested in taking down the man and felt it was alright to make the sacrifice. As long as he was alive, he would think of how to deal with it.

He took flight and just as he was rushing to where the man was located, he saw the man climbing out of a pit. The man was in a sorry state. His back was bloodied, and his left shoulder had a large cut on it.

The slash the Elemental Warrior gave it came from his left shoulder onto his back. The man wasn't able to protect against it and was left in such a bad state.

"Ah! I will kill you! Filthy brat!" The man was incensed.

He never thought that Reynolds would play such a trick on him. What he found appalling was that he still didn't have any idea of what struck him, all he knew was that it was powerful and the attack was enough to kill him if hit again.

"Stop yelling, do you want the entire town to hear the voice of their oppressor in such a state?" Reynolds said with a smile.

With the man annoyed, Reynolds had a goal in mind, and that was to irritate him even more. This was something he learned from Klaus and from experience, he knew that it always works. Especially against people like this man who feel they are above everyone else.

Once such people start to realize what their reality is, they will find it difficult to accept it, which will bring in room for other things. In this case, losing focus in this battle and getting killed by Reynolds who would enjoy doing it.

The man looked at Reynolds and asked, "What did you do?"

"I attacked you, were you blind? Didn't you see me attack you?" Reynolds stood mid-air, looking down at the man.

The man gritted his teeth, "Kid, I'll wake this one last time. What did you do?"

"Looks like the strike has made you lose your senses. I thought you were always sensible, what's up with this dumb question?" Reynolds continued to rile up the man.

The man shot into the air, straight at Reynolds when he heard this. Reynolds wasn't going to give him the answer he wanted, it was evident. So he knew what to do, he was going to get the answer himself.

The puppet also came out and started attacking Reynolds as well.

Reynolds didn't show any fear as he continued to take on the attack from both the man and the puppet. While focused on only blocking and dodging, he started to cuss at the man. Now he understood how Klaus felt whenever he's focused on defending while cursing at people, it was a good feeling.

Reynolds was fast thanks to his lightning element, so unlike Klaus, he didn't need to stay in one place defending, he could move.

He was faster than the puppet and the man. With none of them being able to get a good shot at him, the man started to lose his cool. It was okay when Reynolds was actually trying to fight, now that he focused on running from the attacks, the man had almost no chances of hitting him.

The man looked around and his gaze turned to Alice, he licked his lips as he bolted in that direction.

'Since you're not going to fight me, I'll kill your friend.'

As the man was rushing towards Alice, Reynolds, who already expected the man to do this, attacked.

His attack was blocked by the puppet, but the impact forced it back a few meters. Before the puppet could regain its footing, Reynolds flashed past it. Like a bolt of lightning, Reynolds crashed into the man.

The man was already expecting something like this to happen, so when the puppet blocked Reynolds' attack, he had already prepared his attack.

As soon as Reynolds reached him, he turned and attacked.

This time, he saw what happened clearly. Reynolds detached from a lightning figure and escaped from the attack, letting the lightning figure crash into the man.

The man's attack hit the Elemental Warrior, while the Elemental Warrior slammed into the man at full speed.

The impact of the attack broke most of the ribs of the man as the duo fell to the ground.

Reynolds was on the side, watching this with a grin on his face.

He managed to trick the man twice, and this time, the chances of the man actually being able to walk away from this attack was slim.


A loud explosion rocked the town.