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Chapter 2485: Fatal Strike

Huo Furong was unwilling to be left out of the action, and she also retrieved her Celestial Tool as she charged into battle.

Her battle prowess was even more terrifying, and as she unleashed the might of her ancient mirror, she was fearless as she crashed and bulldozed through the group of Celestial Kings.

Meanwhile, Ling Han used his bare fists to battle against a Third Heaven Celestial King. This person was none other than the Red Snow Celestial King. He was at the late stage of the Third Heaven, and his battle prowess was no weaker than the Dark Frost Celestial King’s. Moreover, he also practiced the Great Dao of Water, and his power was simply terrifying. With a single wave of his hand, red snow would fall from the sky. Even Third Heaven Celestial Kings would scream in agony if they were struck by a single snowflake.

Facing such an opponent, even Huo Furong would need to use her Celestial Tool to keep the battle on even terms. However, Ling Han simply swung his bare fists. With him unleashing both his power of Regulations and Body Art together, his battle prowess directly soared to 8500. Even though this was still inferior to the Red Snow Celestial King, he could at least keep the battle competitive.

This caused the Red Snow Celestial King to suck in a sharp breath.

This was a newly advanced Celestial King, yet he could already rival him without using a Celestial Tool? Who could believe this?

This was far too terrifying. If this brat cultivated for a few more years, and if he advanced to the Second Heaven… If they fought again at that time, would he not be obliterated in just a few exchanges?

The Red Snow Celestial King brimmed with killing intent. Since he had already offended this supreme prodigy, he was better off killing him as soon as possible. Otherwise, if Ling Han developed further, he would definitely suffer grave consequences.


The Red Snow Celestial King unleashed his full battle prowess, intent on killing Ling Han.

Ling Han was filled with confidence as he unleashed his Fists of Fury. His devastating aura surged, with just a single pulse of it able to force an ordinary Celestial King to vomit blood.


He roared with laughter. However, he suddenly retreated, entering the region enveloped by purple light.

“Humph! Even if you flee to the edges of the realm, you still won’t escape death today!” the Red Snow Celestial King said with a cold chuckle. He immediately pursued Ling Han.

Even though the purple light would suppress his battle prowess, it would equally suppress his opponent’s battle prowess as well. Moreover, he also possessed Subduing Purple Fruits, so if it really came to it, he could simply ingest one. That being the case, what was there to be afraid of?

The two of them continued to do battle. However, the intensity of their battle was naturally far inferior to before.

Under the suppression of the purple light, their battle prowess continued to decline rapidly. However, the Red Snow Celestial King was truly being suppressed, while Ling Han was only pretending to be suppressed. After all, his Body Art wouldn’t be affected by the suppression of the purple light. He was simply performing an act to trick the Red Snow Celestial King.

Their battle prowess continued to decline, and before long, their battle prowess had already fallen to less than one-tenth of what it had originally been.

If this were in the outskirts, this would be the lowest that their battle prowess fell. If they stayed there any longer, it would no longer be their battle prowess that was suppressed. Instead, the purple light would start to damage their body. However, things were different in the central region. Here, their battle prowess could continue to decline.

One-fifteenth… one-twentieth… one-fiftieth… Their battle prowess continued to decline at an astonishing rate.

The Red Snow Celestial King didn’t ingest his Subduing Purple Fruit. This was because he only had a limited number of such fruits. Moreover, the rumored great opportunity still hadn’t appeared yet. At that time, he would inevitably need to battle again. As such, the more Subduing Purple Fruits he possessed, the better.

In any case, his battle prowess was superior to Ling Han’s. Regardless of how much they were suppressed, as long as Ling Han didn’t ingest a Subduing Purple Fruit, he wouldn’t ingest one, either. A fruit saved was a fruit earned.

Meanwhile, Ling Han was waiting for an opportunity. He was waiting for an opportunity to deliver a fatal strike. Moreover, this was his only opportunity. Afterward, the others would all realize that his battle prowess wasn’t affected by the purple light. Thus, he wouldn’t be able to trick them into danger anymore.

One-eightieth, one-ninetieth, one-hundredth…

‘It’s time!’

Ling Han suddenly unleashed his power, activating the devastating might of his Body Art. It was completely unaffected by the purple light, and his battle prowess immediately soared to the peak stage of the Third Heaven.

He launched a punch, one that was filled with killing intent and carried a boundless might.

The Red Snow Celestial King’s eyes widened in shock. Not in his wildest dreams had he imagined that Ling Han would suddenly unleash such an overwhelming battle prowess at this time.

This was simply unfathomable! Under his suppression, how could Ling Han have ingested a Subduing Purple Fruit? Even if he had, the Red Snow Celestial King would have definitely witnessed it.

At this moment, Ling Han’s battle prowess was wild and profound.

The Red Snow Celestial King was transfixed with shock. This punch was truly going to kill him! In his current state, how could he block such a ferocious attack?

He let out a furious roar, unleashing his full power to block the attack as he retrieved a Subduing Purple Fruit to ingest. He was going to immediately recover his battle prowess.


However, it was all too late.

Ling Han’s fist smashed into the Red Snow Celestial King’s face, directly obliterating his mind. A mighty Celestial King, a domineering force on the Celestial Path, was killed just like that.


Heaven and earth shared the grief, unleashing a haze of blood rain.

Ling Han retracted his fist. His body was drenched in the blood of a Celestial King, causing him to radiate with a harrowing aura akin to that of a primordial demon god.

Inside the tower, the Celestial Kings who were fighting over the Divine Demon Sword all stopped in their tracks. They wore stunned expressions as they stared at Ling Han.

This was inconceivable. This was simply inconceivable!

Even if it were them, they were certain that they couldn’t kill the Red Snow Celestial King in a one-on-one battle.

However, Ling Han had succeeded!

“No, something’s not right. That brat doesn’t possess a superior battle prowess. Rather, he can maintain his battle prowess under the influence of the purple light,” a Celestial King said.

Even though they hadn’t been paying attention to Ling Han just then, as Third Heaven Celestial Kings, they could naturally grasp what was going on in their surroundings. With just a little thought, they could immediately realize what was going on.

“He ingested a Subduing Purple Fruit?”

“Impossible! Red Snow isn’t that stupid. If his opponent had ingested a Subduing Purple Fruit, he would have definitely done the same.”

“In other words, this brat possesses a unique skill that allows him to remain unaffected by the purple light. Thus, he set a trap for Red Snow.”

“Red Snow… died an unjust death!”

The Celestial Kings all sighed softly. In terms of strength, the Red Snow Celestial King was no weaker than Ling Han. In fact, he was more powerful than Ling Han. However, the result was ironically the opposite. He had been brutally killed by Ling Han.

In any case, after realizing this, the other Celestial Kings would naturally pay more attention to Ling Han. They wouldn’t give him another opportunity.

However, this region was far too large. If Ling Han insisted on staying here, perhaps they would have to hide in the tower forever?

Ling Han waved his hand.


The Divine Demon Sword flew over, with its sharpness so deadly that even the Third Heaven Celestial Kings couldn’t block it. With an ice-cold flash, the Divine Demon Sword reappeared in Ling Han’s hand.

He strode forward with sword in hand, making his way toward the tower. His aura boiled, and his killing intent surged, intertwining together as they soared into the sky. This was utterly terrifying.

With the exception of the Ninth Descent Celestial King, the other Celestial Kings all felt a sense of regret. Why had they offended such a ruthless demon?

However, upon further thought, they discovered that the Dark Frost Celestial King’s invitation at this time appeared to be far too coincidental. It felt suspiciously like a setup.

However, they had already shown such hostility toward Ling Han. They had attempted to steal his treasure, and they had even attempted to kill him. How could they possibly reconcile?

If someone had tried everything they could to kill them, yet tried to obsequiously make up for past wrongs when the victims became more powerful, would the latter forgive them?

“We have to kill him! Today!” The Celestial Kings reached a consensus. At this moment, they were thoroughly screwed over by the Dark Frost Celestial King.

Ling Han rushed forward with his sword, sending arcs of ice-cold light into the surroundings. No one could rival him.

His base Vitality Index had already reached 8400. This was equivalent to the peak stage of the Third Heaven. However, the Third Heaven Celestial Kings here were all at least emperor tiers, so their Vitality Indices were naturally greater than 8400. They had probably reached a height of 8600, a level significantly stronger than Ling Han. However, with the Divine Demon Sword, Ling Han immediately became peerless and unstoppable.

He was a lone swordsman, yet his domineering attacks sent the Celestial Kings into a chaotic scramble.

The Celestial Kings were filled with great resentment. They were clearly stronger than Ling Han, yet because they lacked a Celestial Tool, they were almost unable to rival him.

Detestable! Utterly detestable!