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Chapter 2486: Lending a Hand

Right now, the Celestial Kings were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

They couldn’t retreat. Once they exited the black tower, even though the battlefield would become larger and afford them more space to move, they would be suppressed by the pervasive purple light. As a result, their battle prowess would fall drastically. At that time, they would face the danger of being insta-killed by Ling Han. However, if they continued to do battle here, the devastating power of Ling Han’s Divine Demon Sword would also eventually wound them.

What should they do?

After battling for a while, a Celestial King finally made up his mind and resolutely fled. In any case, there were others holding Ling Han back for him, so what better opportunity was there to flee?

At any rate, they all possessed their own towers. While some specialized in refining alchemical pills or refining tools, others specialized in powerful offensive or defensive abilities. Thus, they wouldn’t need to be afraid of Ling Han.

With someone setting an example, many others also followed suit. In any case, it would be fine as long as they weren’t the last person remaining.

With this in mind, a dozen or so Celestial Kings fled in unison, scattering in different directions.

This was a breathtaking sight. More than a dozen Third Heaven Celestial Kings were attacking a single newly advanced Celestial King, yet in the end, they were frightened off all together, fleeing with their tails between their legs. Who could believe this?

Ling Han didn’t waver, and his gaze remained locked on the Dark Frost Celestial King.

He could let the others flee, but he definitely couldn’t let the Dark Frost Celestial King flee.

However, the Dark Frost Celestial King wasn’t fleeing by himself. Instead, he was trailing behind another Celestial King. This Celestial King had occupied a precious tower that specialized in offense, so as long as they reached this tower, Ling Han would definitely face death if he dared to attack.


Ling Han raised a hand, activating the Regulations of Space to restrict the surrounding space. He was going to capture the Dark Frost Celestial King.

“In your dreams!” the Dark Frost Celestial King said with a cold humph. He tensed his body, immediately shattering the restrictions around him. He unleashed a roar, yet he showed no signs of wanting to continue the battle. He was extremely resolute.

Ling Han’s Body Art wouldn’t be suppressed by the purple light, yet his power of Regulations was unable to escape this suppression. He was originally weaker than the Dark Frost Celestial King, so he was naturally still weaker than him now. It was almost impossible for him to capture the Dark Frost Celestial King just by relying on his power of Regulations.

Thus, he could only rely on his Divine Demon Sword again.

Ling Han funneled his power into the blade before violently tossing it forward.


Like a comet, the Divine Demon Sword instantly sliced through the air, shooting toward the Dark Frost Celestial King.


The blade struck, and he could see shards of ice and frost crumbling. The sword pierced through the Dark Frost Celestial King’s body, yet this was nothing by an ice decoy.

This was the life-saving trump card of the Dark Frost Celestial King. Being as powerful as he was, and as prepared as he was, how could he be killed so easily?

Ling Han soared over, grabbing his Dark Frost Celestial King with a single hand. With a bound, he then rushed after the Dark Frost Celestial King again.

Here, only the sharpness and toughness of the Divine Demon Sword remained unaffected. Its overall might was also greatly suppressed. After all, as long as it drew on the power of Regulations, it would suffer suppression from the purple light. This was unavoidable.

Thus, Ling Han didn’t plan to activate the Divine Demon Sword. He had to rely on his own power to kill the Dark Frost Celestial King,

He activated his Body Art, unleashing a profound strength that was unaffected by the purple light.


With each step, he would leave a crater in the ground. He continued to sprint forward, closing the gap between him and the Dark Frost Celestial King.

This was inevitable. After all, the Dark Frost Celestial King was being suppressed by the purple light, causing his strength to continually decline.

However, this Celestial King was a resolute person. He immediately ingested a Subduing Purple Fruit, instantly recovering his full strength. The suppression of the purple light became useless, and he once again became a domineering and unstoppable elite.

“Old geezer, don’t waste my Subduing Purple Fruits!” Ling Han shouted.

The Dark Frost Celestial King faltered upon hearing this. Had he eaten Ling Han’s food? However, he immediately came to his senses. Ling Han was already treating him as a dead person! In other words, his possessions were already Ling Han’s spoils!

He flared up in incandescent rage. This brat was taking things too far!

However, even though he was enraged, he showed no signs of wanting to stop to battle with Ling Han. Instead, he seized this opportunity to increase his speed.

Ling Han also ingested a Subduing Purple Fruit, allowing his power of Regulations to instantly recover. He accelerated time for himself before performing short-distance teleportation repeatedly. He was as quick as lightning as he shot after the Dark Frost Celestial King.

The Dark Frost Celestial King was extremely powerful, so Ling Han’s Regulations were almost ineffective against him. However, it was a completely different story when cast on himself.

His body flashed, and he continued to teleport forward, closing the gap between him and the Dark Frost Celestial King.

The Dark Frost Celestial King was extremely alarmed upon seeing this. He had a feeling that he couldn’t lose Ling Han.

He had to engage in battle. Otherwise, once the effects of the Subduing Purple Fruit wore off, his fate would definitely be miserable.

“Friend Chang Song, please lend me a hand. Let’s team up to kill this brat!” the Dark Frost Celestial King shouted. If he faced Ling Han alone under the suppression of the purple light, he wouldn’t feel a shred of confidence at all. Instead, it was very likely that he would be killed by Ling Han.

However, the other Celestial King completely ignored him, fleeing as quickly as he could.

What an absolute joke! Even the alliance of the dozen or so Celestial Kings had failed to capture Ling Han, so how could just the two of them succeed? Moreover, it was also in such a disadvantageous environment. Could they have any chance at victory? Otherwise, why were they fleeing?

At this moment, Ling Han had already drawn close to them. With a wave of his right hand, he launched the Divine Demon Sword at the Dark Frost Celestial King again.

The Dark Frost Celestial King repeated the same trick, replacing his body with a sacrificial ice statue. Even so, his speed was still affected slightly, allowing Ling Han to draw closer again. A chill involuntarily ran down his spine.

At this moment, he severely regretted fleeing from the treasured tower. Otherwise, with his battle prowess at the late stage of the Third Heaven, he would definitely be able to rival Ling Han. At the very least, he wouldn’t be suppressed as he was now.

However, there was no medicine to treat regret. The Dark Force Celestial King had no intentions of battling to the death, so he drew on all of his power to flee.


Right at this moment, a long black shadow suddenly surged over, yearning to wrap around him.

The Dark Frost Celestial King humphed coldly. With a thought, he summoned the Great Dao of Water, transforming it into an ice sword that slashed down at the black shadow. The shadow was easily severed. However, this wasn’t the end, and even more black shadows started to shoot over. It was as if they were countless ropes that wanted to entangle him.

Even as powerful as the Dark Frost Celestial King was, he would still need to spend some time to sever these black shadows. Thus, with such an obstruction, it wasn’t long before Ling Han finally caught up to him. The Divine Demon Sword slashed down, unleashing boundless celestial light.

The Dark Frost Celestial King roared in fury. He truly resented the person who had attacked him from the shadows. However, Ling Han had already arrived, so he had no option but to engage. He turned around to battle with Ling Han.

As Ling Han attacked, he was also feeling slightly surprised. Even though he hadn’t seen his helper, he was certain that it was Hui.

That person had also come.

Hui’s power was truly devastating. He had already become a Celestial King. Even though his vines could barely threaten Third Heaven Celestial Kings, his “vines” were truly far too overwhelming. When he unleashed them, it was as if he were unleashing tens of thousands of First Heaven Celestial Kings at once. This was utterly terrifying. Even a Third Heaven Celestial King had been blocked by him.

However, why was Hui helping him?

These thoughts flashed through Ling Han’s mind. However, he immediately cast them aside to focus on the Dark Frost Celestial King. This time, he wouldn’t allow the other party to escape.

The Dark Frost Celestial King attacked with his full strength, attempting to force Ling Han back so that he could create a path to escape. However, the effects of the Subduing Purple Fruit were already subsiding, and the suppression of the purple light was causing his battle prowess to decline again.

He hurriedly ingested another Subduing Purple Fruit. He had to maintain his peak power. Otherwise, he would definitely be suppressed by Ling Han. At that time, facing the might of the Divine Demon Sword, his fate could only be death.