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Chapter 2487: Sudden Change

It was extremely difficult to kill Third Heaven Celestial Kings.

In terms of strength alone, the Dark Frost Celestial King was actually more powerful than Ling Han. He was simply unable to rival the combination of Ling Han and the Divine Demon Sword. Thus, he had no option but to retreat. However, if Ling Han wanted to kill him, that would be an incredibly difficult task.

The Dark Frost Celestial King possessed a myriad of techniques and skills, and his mastery of the Great Dao of Water had already reached a state of perfection. If it weren’t for Ling Han’s Divine Demon Sword, there would be simply no way that Ling Han could rival him, much less force him into such a desperate state.

While the two Celestial Kings did battle, Hui silently crept over. He still maintained his humanoid form, and he radiated with a heavy aura of death.

He was expressionless as he stared at Ling Han and the Dark Frost Celestial King, and it was as if he were staring at two dead people.

The Dark Frost Celestial King ingested Subduing Purple Fruit after Subduing Purple Fruit. He was a Third Heaven Celestial King, and one of the more powerful ones at that. He had more so lived here for several thousand years, so he had naturally obtained an astonishing number of Subduing Purple Fruits. Eating them one after another, it was as if he possessed an endless supply.

However, each time he tried to break free, he would be either blocked by Ling Han or pushed back by Hui. As a mighty Third Heaven Celestial King, he was actually suffering at the hands of two First Heaven Celestial Kings.

Even so, the Dark Frost Celestial King still managed to resist for seven days. Only then did he exhaust his supply of Subduing Purple Fruit. His battle prowess fell drastically, and he was finally beheaded by Ling Han, ending his life.

Ling Han sheathed his sword before turning to Hui, and saying, “What a convenient time to arrive.”

“You possess a great secret that I want to obtain,” Hui said without any attempt to hide his intentions.

Ling Han involuntarily laughed, and said, “Then you shouldn’t have blocked that Celestial King just then. If you had teamed up with him to target me, wouldn’t you have managed to obtain it?”

Hui sneered, and said, “It’s impossible for that kind of trash to defeat you. I’d much rather follow behind you to search for an opportunity.”

This… To reveal his sinister intentions so readily and confidently… In this entire world, apart from him, perhaps only the large black dog would be like this. Mm-hm, that dog and this plant should definitely become sworn brothers.

“You’re not afraid that I’ll kill you first?” Ling Han asked.

“You’re unable to kill me,” Hui said in a serious voice. “Unless you use that thing to kill us both.”

This person was truly talking big. He was far too confident.

However, upon further thought, he did indeed have this right.

He possessed countless vines, each of which possessed the battle prowess of a First Heaven Celestial King. With tens of thousands of them attacking in unison, even Third Heaven Celestial Kings would definitely be frightened. Moreover, he could easily hide his true body such that he was the only one who could attack others. That way, he would naturally enjoy an indomitable position. This was indeed a great source of confidence.

Ling Han shrugged his shoulders, and said, “Follow me if you so desire.”

When he exited the Celestial Path, there would be the large black dog before him and Wally behind him. At that time, it would be Hui’s turn to yell in submission.

He returned to the Dark Frost Celestial King’s main camp, which had naturally been conquered by the others already. However, because it hadn’t been marked with Ling Han’s divine sense, it naturally couldn’t resonate with his other camps. Thus, after Ling Han’s return, he immediately replaced the current mark with his own divine sense.

However, upon seeing Hui, everyone—including Huo Furong—revealed an expression of apprehension.

This kind of living being was far too powerful, so much so that it shouldn’t belong to this world.

In any case, conquering this precious tower was extremely beneficial to Ling Han and the others.

First of all, this precious tower could attract an astonishing amount of peculiar light and peculiar fragrance. In fact, just this one tower alone could rival the sum of the eight other towers. Running the nine towers together, the amount of resources that they could obtain was naturally immense.

Secondly, this tower also had another function: it could refine tools.

It could refine any kind of tool.

Ling Han had obtained the Violet Divine Staff from Yu Wudi, and he had also obtained another Celestial Tool from Dongfang Rui. He had tossed both of these Celestial Tools into the furnace of the precious tower to forge new weapons.

These two Celestial Weapons were naturally being forged for the Empress and Hu Niu. Otherwise, their battle prowess would be unable to rival that of Third Heaven Celestial Kings. Of course, these were only Celestial Weapons and not Celestial Tools. The two women needed to mark these weapons with their martial intent.

Even though this was a tower that specialized in tool refinement, it still took a lengthy 100 years to finally forge the prototypes of the two Celestial Weapons. Afterward, it was up to the two women to slowly nurture them.

In the meanwhile, Ji Wuming and Huo Furong had both conquered a precious tower of their own. The Rain Emperor was slightly inferior because he didn’t possess a Celestial Tool, rendering him unable to rival powerful Celestial Kings. Moreover, the obese Buddhist Cloud Celestial King surprisingly became a follower of Ji Wuming, and his expression was always as respectful as could be. He looked much like an obedient child.

He had most likely learned of Ji Wuming’s true identity. Thus, he naturally had to show utmost respect toward his grandmaster.

The two women spent a great deal of time nurturing their Celestial Weapons, pushing them toward the level of Celestial Tools. With the acceleration of time, they would most likely see some progress in the next few years. At that time, they could also each conquer a precious tower for themselves.

In fact, the most powerful among them was actually Hui. He was completely unaffected by the suppression of the purple light; it was unknown whether this was because he was also a plant. Here, he was able to unleash his full power. Being as profoundly powerful as he was, this naturally caused the others to feel even greater apprehension.

He had also conquered a precious tower for himself. He was waiting for the Transfer Formation to open so that he could leave before the time limit of 10,000 years expired. At that time, he could wander the world.

At the same time, the ruins also continued to silently transform. When there were only 200 years remaining, the small garden in the central region suddenly unleashed a peculiar light, illuminating the world.

Was the profound treasure about to appear?

According to rumors, a flawless Celestial Seed existed in this realm. Moreover, there also existed a secret technique that could allow those who had been trapped here for over 10,000 years to leave. Not only that, but there was also an unfathomably valuable treasure. Now that 10,000 years were almost up, it was time for these treasures to appear, right?

However, the Transference Portals remained as dim as always. Only during the final 100 years would they finally activate. They would then remain active for 100 years before falling back into desolation, waiting another 10 billion years for the next cycle.

The battle over towers continued to erupt from time to time. After all, there were many more Third Heaven Celestial Kings than those that Ling Han had fought before. Even though some of them were defeated, they quickly gathered themselves and launched a new wave of attacks, forming alliances if necessary. This resulted in many precious towers changing hands. However, no one dared to attack the towers that belonged to Ling Han, Ji Wuming, and Huo Furong.

This was because many of the Celestial Kings were aware of their might. They were more so aware of their backgrounds. Since they would most likely have to coexist in the Celestial Realm, it was better that they didn’t offend them now.

Conversely, however, Hui’s territory had been subjected to several rounds of attacks. With that being said, he was far too powerful, and he wrapped his entire body around the precious tower. No one could breach his rock-solid defenses.

Year after year passed by. The small garden became increasingly luscious and eye-catching, and each grain of fine soil looked much like a black gem. They radiated with a precious aura, and it was as if they were hiding some paramount treasure.

However, it was a shame that no one dared to approach this area. Even Hui didn’t dare to get close. He had sent a few vines over before, but all of them had been ruthlessly blown apart. It would be futile regardless of how many vines he sent over.

Day after day passed by. At this moment, the precious aura rising from the earth had even started to suppress the might of the purple light. If one ventured near this area, they wouldn’t need to ingest Subduing Purple Fruits anymore. Their battle prowess would remain unaffected.

Some day several years later…

The precious light suddenly became blindingly brilliant, so radiant that even Celestial Kings couldn’t look at it straight. When this light finally dimmed, what appeared before them was a small tree growing from the ground.

This tree grew at an astonishing pace, changing appearances each and every day. In just three years, it had already grown into a towering tree. A thick stem hung down, and on it bloomed a pure white flower. This flower then bore a gigantic fruit that was as tall as a human. Moreover, the bottom of this fruit just touched the ground.

In fact, this fruit looked just like a human!