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Chapter 2488: Gigantic Celestial Fruit

This was a large and mysterious tree that had absorbed the boundless energy of this place. Now, it had produced a fruit in the shape of a human?

Would this fruit give birth to a person?

Or perhaps this was a ginseng1?

The more time passed, the more divine and profound the aura emitted by the fruit became. Even Third Heaven Celestial Kings were extremely enticed. If they ingested this fruit, perhaps they could immediately overcome their obstacles and soar to the Fourth Heaven.

Moreover, this tree had grown right next to the Transference Portal. Was this a sign that as long as one ingested this fruit, they would possess the right to leave even if they had been trapped here?

“This fruit is so large, so each person should be able to obtain a share. There’s no need to shed blood over it, right?” a Celestial King said. This was mainly because they were afraid of Ling Han, Huo Furong, and the others. These newly advanced Celestial Kings were absolutely unfathomable. Their raw battle prowess could already rival that of Third Heaven Celestial Kings, so with their mighty Celestial Tools, even Third Heaven Celestial Kings had to give them a wide berth.

Fortunately, this final region was now overflowing with profound energy, neutralizing the suppression of the purple light. This allowed the Third Heaven Celestial Kings to regain some of their confidence. Otherwise, who could rival Ling Han?

“That’s right, the celestial fruit is large enough, so there’s no need to shed blood over it,” another Celestial King said in concurrence.

Many Celestial Kings nodded in agreement. If the fruit was only as large as a fist, they would definitely fight tooth and nail for it. Now, however, the fruit before them was truly humongous in size. Moreover, it contained profound energy, enough to satisfy the needs of everyone.

If one were overwhelmed to death by the profound energy of the celestial fruit… that would truly be a massive joke.

Ling Han gazed at the strange celestial fruit. He had never seen a strange fruit before. He turned to his companions, and asked, “What do you guys think?”

“It’s very strange!” Huo Furong said. She had the appearance of a small girl, yet she was actually the number one Celestial Maiden in history. In terms of the power of Regulations alone, she was definitely the most powerful among those at the same cultivation level. Even Ling Han was slightly inferior to her. She pondered for a moment before continuing, “What I mean is, how did these Celestial Kings know that a great opportunity was going to appear here? How did they know there would be a method to leave?”

Indeed… No one had ever succeeded before, so why did such a rumor exist? Who had first spread this rumor? Moreover, why were the Celestial Kings so trusting of this rumor? In fact, they had even left behind their own forces to run to this place.

In the past few centuries, it could be said that this place had become a sea of blood. Heaven and earth would grieve time and time again, with a Celestial King dying every few days. This was an astonishing number of deaths. In fact, most of the Celestial Kings who had been trapped here throughout the past few epochs had been killed. Of course, many of the Celestial Kings from the outside world had also lost their lives.

Greed was a powerful motivation for cultivators, yet it was also the culprit that led them to their deaths.

Ling Han nodded in thought. This was indeed a strange circumstance. He had inquired the Ninth Descent Celestial King about it before, yet he was told that this was a prophecy that had been passed down from ancient times. There had once been a divine phenomenon above the ancient site, and the message that it carried had been passed down from generation to generation. Thus, the Celestial Kings all trusted this unconditionally.

In any case, there were only 100 years remaining, so would any sudden change arise in this time?

Ling Han felt like this was very likely. After all, he was someone who carried a halo of trouble with him. No matter what kind of strange scenarios he encountered, they would always wound up transforming into disasters.

“Hui, what do you think?” Ling Han asked as he looked toward that silent and solemn person. He was also a fellow plant. Even though one was a tree and one was a water vine, they could still somewhat be regarded as distant relatives… right?

“I have no thoughts about this,” Hui replied in an indifferent voice. However, the fervent look in his eyes had already betrayed him. His expression was like that of a pervert looking at a beautiful woman.

He was being dishonest, yet because he had never really interacted with others before, he didn’t understand how to conceal his emotions. His expressions often gave him away.

Ling Han purposefully said, “Then what if I fight you for the fruit?”

“I’ll kill you!” Hui replied without hesitation.

Indeed, this was Hui’s true feeling and determination. He was intent on obtaining this fruit.

Hui had clearly noticed or sensed something. However, he refused to share this discovery with Ling Han.

Anyhow, even though Hui was very powerful, it wasn’t as if Ling Han were afraid of him. Right now, his battle prowess was such that even Third Heaven Celestial Kings had to give him a wide berth. He truly didn’t need to fear anyone. Of course, there was still a sense of apprehension between him, Ji Wuming, Huo Furong, and Hui. Each was a powerful opponent for another.

Time slowly crept by, and more and more Celestial Kings arrived at this place. There were few native Celestial Kings among these newcomers because most of them had already been here since long ago. Most of the newcomers were Celestial Kings from the outside world, such as An Ran, Ailean, Xing Chenyue, and so on. They were all powerful First Heaven Celestial Kings.

These people would naturally pick a side as well, with some following Ling Han and some following Ji Wuming. For example, An Ran was extremely invested in Ji Wuming, and it was very likely that she had already given her heart to him. However, Ji Wuming hadn’t reincarnated for the sake of mortal desires and relationships. His only goal was to become a Heavenly Venerate.

Meanwhile, Huo Furong was also a popular choice, especially among female Celestial Kings.

It was said that there were fewer female cultivators. Moreover, the higher the cultivation level, the fewer they would become. However, this place was filled with their silvery voices, and there were surprisingly 100 or so female Celestial Kings. They didn’t seem few in number at all.

Xuan Rong also arrived. He still had yet to become a Celestial King, yet he had seemingly come to some kind of agreement with a Third Heaven Celestial King. His hopes of obtaining the flawless Celestial Seed were clearly in the hands of this Celestial King. Now that Ling Han and Huo Furong had already become Celestial Kings, however, he had far less competition for the flawless Celestial Seed.

Most importantly, apart from Ling Han and the others, he didn’t view anyone else as his competitors.

Everyone here was waiting. Some people were simply waiting for the Transference Portal to activate, after which they would immediately leave this place. Meanwhile, others were waiting to fulfill far greater goals. They wanted to obtain a share of the grand treasure that was about to appear.

One day, one month, one year… Time silently crept by, stealthy yet astonishingly quick.

The final 100 years were about to arrive. At that time, the Transference Portals would activate, allowing people to return to the Celestial Realm.

However, the closer this moment drew, the more mysterious the towering tree became. It absorbed energy from the surroundings, causing its branches to dance like dragons as they continually funneled energy to the fruit.

It could be seen that the mysterious small garden was “withering” at a rate visible to the naked eye. The crystal-like soil was losing its nutrients, transforming back into ordinary soil.

It was clear that the Celestial Tree was absorbing all of the nutrients of this land, funneling them into the gigantic fruit to transform it into a paramount celestial fruit.

Boundless energy flowed into the fruit, releasing a celestial aura.

Just how mysterious would this fruit be?

Everyone was eager with anticipation. With the final 100 years imminent, the fruit started to undergo even more drastic transformations. It pulsated with a brilliant glow, and it more so emitted the sound of a beating heart.

This fruit was humanoid, and now its chest area was more so rising and falling like with the beat of a heart. In fact, through its skin, a heart-like matter was already visible. Each time it beat, the space around it would shudder and ring in a rhythmic and profoundly powerful manner. It was as if this weren’t a fruit, but instead a powerful elite.


Fractures suddenly appeared on the skin of the fruit, releasing a boundless and dazzling celestial light.

The celestial fruit was about to appear!