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Chapter 2489: Shedding Blood

Everyone was filled with anticipation and curiosity as the towering tree absorbed the final bits of energy from the land. Meanwhile, the purple light started to push over again. When the celestial fruit ripened, this piece of land would return to normal, rendering it unable to block the purple light.

This also signified that the final battle was imminent.

Everyone prepared to do battle. This celestial fruit was astoundingly large, so the power that it possessed was definitely as astonishing as could be. If a Third Heaven Celestial King ingested it, would they directly break through?

Meanwhile, the Third Heaven Celestial Kings were most eagerly anticipating the ability to break free from the shackles of the Celestial Path. They wanted to return to the Celestial Realm and break free from this cage.

The Celestial Tree gathered the final drops of energy, funneling it into the celestial fruit. Its leaves wilted and fell, and immediately afterward, the trunk of the tree also started to wither. It was as if it had experienced hundreds of years in an instant. However, the celestial fruit became increasingly radiant, with numerous symbols appearing on its skin. There were paramount symbols that even the Third Heaven Celestial Kings couldn’t fathom.

In fact, after a while, they couldn’t even see these symbols anymore. All they could see was an expanse of celestial light and Regulations.

However, right at this moment, all of the celestial light suddenly vanished, returning to the gigantic fruit. It then exploded outward again, forcing everyone to cover their eyes.

However, this celestial light vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Only the celestial fruit remained silently “standing.” Celestial Qi rose from its cracked skin, yet this aura was no longer overwhelming. Everyone could see it clearly.

At this moment, the Transference Portal beside them also lit up, with numerous symbols pulsating on its surface. This signified that it was now possible to leave the Celestial Path.

“Seniors, lords, I have no intention of fighting for these treasures, and I simply want to use this Transference Portal to leave. Please allow me through,” a Celestial King said. He was naturally a newly advanced Celestial King, and he clasped his hands in respect to everyone around him.

There were far too many elites present, so if they mistook his actions as wanting to fight for the celestial fruit, they might resolutely blast him to pieces without a single word.

“I’m also in the same boat. Please allow me through,” another Celestial King said. Since he had already broken through, the flawless Celestial Seed was naturally useless to him even if it were placed before him. Moreover, he wasn’t especially strong, so he couldn’t possibly obtain any benefits here, either. If he stayed, he would only invite death.

Following their lead, at least 100 or so Celestial Kings expressed a similar sentiment.

Combined together, their power could roughly rival that of a Third Heaven Celestial King. Thus, when their numbers reached a certain limit, they became fearless as they confidently strode forward, making their way toward the Transference Portal. They wanted no part in the imminent battle.

None of the Third Heaven Celestial Kings stepped forward to stop them. Firstly, it would be pointless. Secondly, this was indeed a powerful force.


Moreover, they had no understanding of this celestial fruit, so who knew what it might suddenly do?

However, just as the newly advanced Celestial Kings were about to reach the Transference Portal…


A burst of devastating killing intent suddenly swept over, ruthlessly slashing at them.

“Damn it!”

The Celestial Kings roared in anger. They had already expressed their disinterest in fighting for the celestial fruit, so why had a powerful Celestial King still attacked them? They all turned around to counterattack. With 100 or so of them attacking in unison, even Third Heaven Celestial Kings would have to treat their strength seriously.

The killing intent was unstoppable as it swept across them.

Pa, pa, pa, pa!

Blood sprayed through the air as numerous Celestial Kings dropped to the ground.

Everyone was astounded. Which powerful Celestial King had attacked them? Why were they so unreasonable? These people had already expressed their simple desire to leave, so why was this person still obstructing them? In fact, they had even launched such a deadly attack.

However, Ling Han, Huo Furong, Ji Wuming, the Ninth Descent Celestial King, and the others all frowned upon seeing this. This was because none of them had launched an attack. In fact, none of the Second Heaven or Third Heaven Celestial Kings had launched an attack.

Then who had done this?

They all turned to look at the celestial fruit. Just then, it was the celestial light surrounding this fruit that had unleashed the powerful killing intent, attacking those Celestial Kings. A dozen or so Celestial Kings had been killed as a result.

Bloody rain fell from heaven and earth, permeating the area with a feeling of grief. The heavens were also expressing sorrow at the death of so many Celestial Kings. However, the fresh blood on the ground formed a small stream that flowed toward the celestial fruit.

The humanoid celestial fruit was embedded in the ground, with its two feet reaching into the earth like roots as it absorbed the Celestial King blood. Its speed was astonishing, and it wasn’t long before the blood lost its vitality, transforming into sanguine stains on the ground.

This was a shocking turn of events. This was simply a celestial fruit, yet it had actually managed to unleash such a petrifying attack. In fact, it had even managed to kill Celestial Kings. Not only that, but it had even absorbed their blood essence as if it were a gluttonous Immortal Beast.

One had to realize that the combined blood of these Celestial Kings contained a terrifying amount of power. In fact, even Third Heaven Celestial Kings wouldn’t dare to absorb all of this blood in a single gulp. If they did, they would be shattered into pieces even if they weren’t killed.

“What’s the meaning of this?! Do we look like pushovers?!” some of the Celestial Kings roared at the Third Heaven Celestial Kings. They wore grave and furious expressions.

Many of them had Seventh Heaven, Eighth Heaven, or even Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings behind them, yet they had now been attacked by measly Third Heaven Celestial Kings, with a dozen or so of them even being killed. Moreover, they could have very well been killed as well. At this moment, their rage erupted like a volcano.

Some Third Heaven Celestial Kings felt it beneath them to explain, yet there were still some who offered an explanation, saying, “It wasn’t us who attacked. Rather, it was that celestial fruit.”

“What?!” the newly advanced Celestial Kings exclaimed in astonishment. How was this possible?

Even though Celestial medicines belonged to a lofty level, and even though they were especially skilled at fleeing, they were definitely not known for their offensive abilities, much less an ability to kill Celestial Kings.

“That’s right,” many of the Third Heaven Celestial Kings said as they nodded in agreement. Even though they were fearless, they had no intentions of shouldering this accusation for no reason at all. Even though it was beneath them to explain, since it had already come to this, they were naturally willing to express their attitude.

Seeing so many Third Heaven Celestial Kings refute their involvement with the attack, the newly advanced Celestial Kings also started to feel some hesitation. Perhaps that celestial fruit was truly powerful enough to kill Celestial Kings?

Was it still a celestial fruit? It was clearly a demonic fruit!

Everyone stared at the gigantic fruit. After absorbing the Celestial King blood, they could now see a sheen of red on the skin of the fruit. It was as if it possessed a sanguine glow.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

There was the rhythmic beat of drums, and it was as if something were about to hatch.

The Celestial Kings involuntarily put up their guard. They were extremely careful, and they were ready to respond at any moment.

Just then, a dozen or so Celestial Kings had been mercilessly killed. If the celestial fruit underwent some kind of transformation again, might it become even more wild and ferocious?

Ling Han furrowed his brows. The more he listened, the more the thumping sound appeared like a heartbeat. However, how could the fruit of a plant have a heartbeat?

Yet, looking at the shape of the fruit, it was clearly in the form of a human. Thus, it was seemingly acceptable that it genuinely possessed a heartbeat.

After all, would you look! Light pulsated on the chest of the fruit, and its skin also rose and fell with the rhythmic beat. Was this not the beating of a heart?

The atmosphere was extremely tense and muted at this moment, and it was as if a wild storm were about to arrive. Even though it was tranquil now, this was the calm that could invite a ferocious storm at any moment.

Crack, crack, crack…

The skin of the fruit continued to crack, with these cracks growing larger and larger. Moreover, it was as if an orb of light were being nurtured inside the fruit, with this light becoming increasingly dazzling as the skin of the fruit continued to split open. No matter where they looked, all they could see was an expanse of dazzling light.

However, everyone was aware that the final and most significant transformation was occurring.

The Celestial King blood had been the final ingredient. After completing this step, the celestial fruit would finally reach maturity.