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Chapter 2490: Celestial Fruit? Killer!


The skin of the fruit completely split apart, unleashing a blinding radiance that forced everyone to shut their eyes.

Ling Han also involuntarily shut his eyes. However, his divine sense remained lively. After reaching his height, he already possessed an instinctive ability to sense danger. At this moment, he suddenly noticed a threatening aura soar over, and he immediately reacted without even looking, clenching his fists and throwing a punch as he activated his profound Body Art.


There was a heavy thud as a dull pain shot down his arm. It was as if his bones were about to shatter, and he involuntarily stumbled several steps back. His blood was seething, and he felt as terrible as could be.

Fortunately, he had kept the Empress, Hu Niu, and Bewitching Maiden Rou behind him, so he didn’t need to worry about their safety.

He was completely shocked at this moment. One had to realize that with the power of his Body Art, the might of his fist could reach the peak stage of the Third Heaven. However, he had actually suffered such pain that it was as if his fist were about to split apart? Moreover, it felt as if his blood were about to spurt from his body? Just how powerful was his opponent?

Had he punched a block of Divine Metal?


The Divine Demon Sword materialized in his hand. He refused to believe that he couldn’t rival his opponent with a Celestial Tool.

However, agonized wails pierced the air around him, and it was evident that the mysterious assailant hadn’t only attacked him. Instead, they had attacked everyone indiscriminately.

Judging by the power of their attacks, Ling Han concluded that even Second Heaven Celestial Kings would be insta-killed by this person, much less First Heaven Celestial Kings. Moreover, the light remained so blinding that even he couldn’t open his eyes. Thus, it was only natural that the others couldn’t open their eyes either. They could only suffer this brutal massacre.

The more dangerous the situation, the more composed Ling Han became. “Luan Xing, Niu, stand in a triangular formation with me. Bewitching Maiden Rou, you stand in the middle.”

The three women all replied in acknowledgment. At this moment, no one would act impetuously.

“Second Brother!” Ling Han then called.

“I’m fine!” the Rain Emperor replied.

“Brother Ji?”


“Huo Furong?”



Ling Han confirmed everyone’s safety one by one. Everyone had been attacked, and those like Yi and Yan Xianlu had more so been wounded in a single strike. If they hadn’t been close to Ji Wuming and Huo Furong, they would have definitely suffered a much more brutal fate. Fortunately, they had only got a scare. Everyone slowly gathered together, forming a more powerful defensive bloc.

The sound of the agonized wails died down, and the pervasive blinding light also slowly dissipated. After several dozen seconds, everyone finally regained their sight.

The survivors had formed seven main defensive groups, each of which was led by Third Heaven Celestial Kings. Surrounded by these seven groups was the place that had once nurtured the celestial fruit, where a naked person was standing. However, because of the dazzling light radiating from his body, he didn’t need to worry about his privates being exposed.

Not only was this person stark naked, but he was also bald and without eyebrows. Looking carefully, this person was actually completely hairless.

Many Celestial Kings lay on the ground. Most of them were at the First Heaven, and most of them were newly advanced Celestial Kings. They had managed to break into the top echelon of the world, giving them the freedom to act wantonly, yet they had been killed before they could even leave the Celestial Path. This was truly a pitiful sight.

“Who are you?!” Ling Han asked with sword in hand. He was certain that this hairless person was the culprit.

The strength of this person was truly petrifying. In just a few dozen seconds, he had managed to kill more than 1000 Celestial Kings. Heaven and earth grieved as if it were the end of the world.

The eyes of the hairless person had initially been shut. Now, however, he suddenly opened them.


As if heavenly tribulation were unleashing its might, two bolts of lightning arced across the sky.

Ling Han felt a flash before his eyes, after which a sense of danger suddenly surged over. He instinctively swung his sword.


The Divine Demon Sword shuddered. Ling Han couldn’t help but feel shocked. At this moment, the hairless person had already arrived before him, aiming to crush his head with a single swipe. However, his attack was blocked by the Divine Demon Sword. What shocked Ling Han was the fact that the Divine Demon Sword had clearly slashed into the hairless person’s arm, yet it had completely failed to breach his defenses.

Even Celestial Tools couldn’t wound him?

Ling Han understood that Celestial Tools weren’t invincible. As long as one reached the Eighth or Ninth Heaven, they could envelop their body in Regulations and easily rival Celestial Tools.

However, this hairless person clearly wasn’t at the Eighth or Ninth Heaven.

His strength could rival that of Ling Han, and perhaps even surpass it by a little. However, he was still far from reaching the Fourth Heaven, to say nothing of the Eighth Heaven.

Thus, there was only one other explanation.

His arm was forged from Divine Metal, allowing it to become so tough and powerful.

However, if his arm were forged from Divine Metal, how could he control it with such ease?

This was incredibly strange and uncanny!

Ling Han pushed forcefully, instantly causing the hairless person to stumble back.

The Celestial Kings were all stunned by this sight.

This person was unafraid of Celestial Tools!

‘F*ck! Is this really a living being and not a humanoid Celestial Tool?!’

Hui’s eyes lit up, and an aura of death rose from his head, intertwining together to form a net. He stared at the hairless person with a fervent expression.

The hairless person stabilized himself before stealing a few glances at Ling Han. He then retracted the dazzling light from his eyes, only to reveal a complete lack of pupils. His eyes were fully white. However, they weren’t white like the eyes of dead fish, but they were instead white as if countless arcs of lightning were coursing within them. This was a chilling sight.

“You managed to block one attack from me. Not bad,” the hairless person said. His voice was grating, and it was as if these words had been formed by stones scraping against each other.

Ling Han smiled, and said, “It’s always been me saying these words to others. Who would’ve thought that I would be on the receiving end today? Perhaps I should say thank you?”

The hairless person shook his head, and replied, “No need. You’ll be killed by me soon, so there’s no need to go to so much trouble.”

“Baldy, are you the fruit from before?” Huo Furong shouted. Her eyes were flickering with flames of fury. She had almost been killed with a single strike just then, and this was something that she had never experienced before. This was utter humiliation.

The hairless person looked toward her, and a baleful expression appeared in his eyes as he said, “You sealed your vitality and deceived the heavens. You deserve death!”

“Huh? What’s this got to do with you?” Ling Han asked.

He found this situation extremely strange—not just the mysterious appearance of this bald person, but also everything else that had happened.

A very long time ago—for example, in Ji Wuming’s past life—there had been no need to enter the Celestial Path to become a Celestial King. In fact, even Severing Mundane Tier, Dividing Soul Tier, Immortal Palace Tier, and cultivators of other tiers hadn’t needed to go to specified locations to ascend.

Their ascension would come naturally when the conditions were ripe. There had been no need for such complexity.

However, from some point in time, a restriction had been placed upon the cultivation system, forcing cultivators to follow a specified path.

Even so, the Celestial Path had retained the environment of the ancient past, allowing cultivators to immediately ascend to the Severing Mundane Tier, Dividing Soul Tier, and so on once their cultivation level was satisfactory.

Moreover, he had even discovered the old home of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable’s mother in this place. Not only that, but the Black Tower would also shudder each time he conquered a structure. It was as if it had resonated with something, and it was as if it had discovered some kind of treasure here, eliciting a reaction.

Furthermore, this place had a method that would allow Celestial Kings to leave, and it contained a flawless Celestial Seed that everyone desired. Who had spread these rumors?

“If you don’t mind, would you care to give us some explanations?” Ling Han said with a smile. His gaze remained firmly fixed on the hairless person.

The hairless person pondered for a moment before saying, “In reality, there’s no need for me to answer your questions. However, if I want to integrate into this heaven and earth, I should probably try to develop some human emotions. Fine, I’ll answer you.

“What do you want to know?” he asked.

“First, please put on some clothes,” Ling Han said.