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Many people chuckled upon hearing this. However, when they saw the corpses of the Celestial Kings littered on the ground, they involuntarily stopped smiling.

Even though the hairless person looked strange, his strength was truly able to move the heavens and shake the earth.

The hairless person replied with an “oh.” A golden glow instantly enveloped his body, and his skin also started to squirm. Before long, a suit of golden armor materialized on his body, completely covering him up. Not only that, but he even grew golden eyebrows and golden hair, completely transforming his appearance. Instead of appearing strange, he now looked like a handsome man.

His golden hair looked as if it were forged from gold, and it even rang with a metallic clang as it billowed in the wind.

Ling Han was even more astonished. Was this hairless person truly forged from Divine Metal?

After completing his transformation, the hairless person asked, “Your second request?”

“Do you have a name?” Ling Han asked.

“Yes,” the hairless person replied with a nod. However, he didn’t speak his name. Only when he realized that everyone was staring at him did he finally come to his senses, saying, “Oh, my name is Heavenborn.”


Nurtured and birthed by heaven and earth?

Upon seeing Ling Han open his mouth to ask another question, Heavenborn raised his hand to stop him, saying, “I don’t have so much time to waste with you. You can ask one more question; only one.”

Ling Han pondered for a moment before saying, “This is all part of your plan, correct? From the very moment that we entered the Celestial Path… No, no, no… From the very moment that the Celestial Path broke away from the Celestial Realm, correct?”

Heavenborn hesitated for a moment before nodding in reply. “Indeed!”

Before Ling Han could ask another question, the other party continued in a baleful voice, “Alright, I’ve already answered all of your questions. Now, it’s my turn!” He raised his hands, with both of his arms transforming into blades that measured three meters in length. His body glowed with a colorful glaze, and it was as if he were wielding two Celestial Tools.

The Celestial Kings were all astounded upon hearing his words—even though Heavenborn had simply nodded his head and admitted to a single matter, just this single piece of information was utterly petrifying.

To say nothing of Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings, one had to realize that even Heavenly Venerates couldn’t impose additional requirements to the process of cultivation and ascending.

Once Regulations were formed, they would be like laws that would be upheld in a rigid and emotionless manner.

Emperors could amend laws, so who could amend Regulations?

Heaven and earth!

Regulations were formed by heaven and earth, so only heaven and earth itself could amend Regulations.

In other words, heaven and earth had changed the path of cultivation—at the very least, it had made some minor adjustments. It had more so separated the Celestial Path out, forcing those who wanted to ascend to the Celestial King Tier to walk this path. Otherwise, they would be unable to cultivate a Celestial Seed.

That being the case, was Heavenborn—a being who had been born in this place—a form of heaven and earth’s will?

Who could battle the heavens?

No one!

Even Heavenly Venerates couldn’t. Otherwise, why did the Heavenly Venerates of the Celestial Realm seldom show themselves? This was because they would be targeted by heaven and earth once they appeared. It was also because of this that they were racking their brains and trying everything they could to advance to the Second Tier. That way, they could break free from this heaven and earth and truly achieve transcendence.

“Die!” Heavenborn roared as we swung his blade-like arms. Ancient symbols lit up, and he radiated with ferocity as he battled against the hundreds of Celestial Kings.

Even Third Heaven Celestial Kings didn’t dare to face him. Even though they had blocked his surprise attack just then, they had all been wounded as a result. The might of Celestial Tools was simply terrifying. Now that Heavenborn was charging over head-on, swinging his two Celestial Tools as he did so, how could they possibly block him?

Ling Han let out a battle cry as he charged forward.

He was extremely interested in Heavenborn’s background, so if he managed to suppress him, he wanted to dig out more of his secrets.

The Empress and Hu Niu also charged forward in unison. They both had Celestial Tools now, so they indeed had the right to face Heavenborn.

Similarly, Huo Furong and Ji Wuming also charged forward. However, as powerful as the Rain Emperor was, he had no right to interfere in this battle. This was because he didn’t own a Celestial Tool. As such, the gulf in power was far too large.

Their group was definitely the most powerful, with all five Celestial Kings already at the Third Heaven1. Add to that their Celestial Tools, and they indeed had the right to battle against Heavenborn.

Meanwhile, Hui chose to remain put. His expression was dark, and it was as if he were mulling over something, weighing up his gains and losses.

Heavenborn was truly powerful, displaying a peerless might as he brandished his twin blades. Even against five powerful Celestial Kings with Celestial Tools, he still remained calm and unhurried as he danced around.

In fact, his battle prowess was only slightly superior to that of the others. Thus, theoretically speaking, he shouldn’t have been able to rival the five Third Heaven Celestial Kings. However, his physique was far too unique, allowing him to remain unfazed even when he was struck by Celestial Tools. His wounds would be shallow, and no blood would flow from them. It was as if his foes had struck Divine Metal.

Was he still a living being? He was clearly a humanoid Celestial Tool!

“Seize this opportunity to leave!” the surviving members of the newly advanced Celestial Kings exclaimed. They needed to take this chance to enter the Transference Portal. Otherwise, once Heavenborn disposed of Ling Han and the others, none of them would be able to escape.

They all dashed forward, aiming to enter the Transference Portal.


There was a flash of golden light, after which blood sprayed through the air. Several Celestial Kings collapsed to the ground, dead. Heaven and earth wailed in grief.

This was the doing of Heavenborn. He was truly powerful, being able to come and go as he pleased. Ling Han and the others couldn’t obstruct him at all.

At this moment, Heavenborn’s strength surprisingly soared by an explosive amount!

Ling Han immediately came to his senses, exclaiming, “He can absorb the vitality of Celestial Kings to nurture and strengthen himself.”

It was no wonder he had massacred so many Celestial Kings immediately after entering the world. This was in order to strengthen himself. His reason for preventing them from leaving was also the same. They were all nutrients for his growth, so he naturally couldn’t waste these precious “cultivation resources.”

He was a downright monster who relied on slaughter and absorbing the vitality of Celestial Kings in order to strengthen himself. There was definitely no precedent to this.

“Heavenborn… Heavenborn… Nurtured and born by heaven and earth… Is this foreshadowing something?” Huo Furong muttered with a frown. Perhaps this was an intentional creation of heaven and earth?

“Hui! Are you still going to stand around?” Ling Han shouted. With Hui’s help, perhaps they could suppress Heavenborn.

Hesitation flashed across Hui’s face. He had once been a Celestial medicine. Even though he had now become a powerful Celestial King, his thought process was still vastly different from that of the others. He had his own unique values.

Was it worth it to interfere?

“Don’t seek death!” Heavenborn said as he glanced over with a cold expression. “As a Wood Spirit, you should understand this. Meanwhile, my body has been forged from Divine Metal, so if you choose to oppose me, your fate can only be death! In the past, you were already no match for me. Now, you’re even more so no match for me. Seeing that we have the same origins, I can allow you to live. However, don’t seek death!”

Ling Han and the others were deeply astonished. As it turned out, Hui and Heavenborn were actually old acquaintances!

It was no wonder that Hui’s strength was also earth-shattering. He had most likely gone through the same experience as Heavenborn. With his hundreds of thousands of vines, he was peerless among those at the same cultivation level.

Humans simply couldn’t attain such strength through cultivation. Such strength could only be nurtured by heaven and earth.

Hui wore a confused expression as he replied, “You know me?”

“Haha! So you haven’t recovered from that battle yet! I guess that makes sense. At that time, we fought using our divine senses, battling for the chance to be born. With your wounds, it’s no surprise that your memory has been affected,” Heavenborn said in a proud voice. He turned his attention away from Hui, focusing back on Ling Han. “You have something that I’m very familiar with.”

“Heh, don’t utter such nonsense with a straight face. I’m not familiar with any hunk of metal like you,” Ling Han replied.

Heavenborn didn’t pay any heed to Ling Han’s jab. Instead, he continued to stare at Ling Han. At some moment, he suddenly pointed over, with his golden blade transforming into a large golden hand. With a slight shudder, he then recited several cryptic chants.

The others didn’t feel any change. However, Ling Han’s expression suddenly changed drastically.

The Black Tower inside him… had awakened!