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Chapter 2492: Incarnation of Heaven and Earth

The Black Tower had fallen into a deep slumber long ago.

In order to save Ling Han, his inter-generational disciple, the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable had combusted his damaged soul and forcefully affected the circulation of the Heavenly Dao. This had allowed Heavenly Venerate Wu Le to recover his strength and thus suppress the Jiuwu Heavenly Venerate and the Sealed Emotion Heavenly Venerable.

It was also because of this that the Black Tower had exhausted all of its energy. According to the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable, Ling Han could only restore the Black Tower to its former glory after ascending to the Heavenly Venerable Tier.

Now, however, the Black Tower was surprisingly about to awaken!

This… How was this possible?

“Heh, I was nurtured and born by heaven and earth, so after that unfilial Karmic Life returned to heaven and earth, I was naturally able to grasp his powers!” Heavenborn said, casually dropping another bombshell of a secret. Everyone was shaken upon hearing this, going completely numb with shock.

Sure enough, he was born from the willpower of heaven and earth!

Using himself to fuse with the Heavenly Dao, the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable had sealed the Two Realm Passageway, causing his willpower to be trapped in this heaven and earth forever. Meanwhile, Heavenborn was nurtured and born by heaven and earth, and he had perhaps even inherited the will of heaven and earth. Thus, he had also obtained the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable’s skills. In fact, he had grasped even more of these skills than Ling Han, the inter-generational disciple of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable.

This was because, in some sense, Heavenborn was actually the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable.

Indeed, why had the Black Tower reacted every time he had conquered a structure in this realm?

Perhaps this place had been the past Dao Plaza of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable. Or perhaps the Black Tower had sensed the existence of Heavenborn.


Ling Han’s chest split apart, and the Black Tower soared out by itself. Even though it had exhausted all of its energy, it was still a Heavenly Venerate Tool, after all. With its quality and power, Ling Han naturally couldn’t obstruct it.

Ling Han vomited blood. He had essentially been struck by a powerful Heavenly Venerate Tool. If he hadn’t been acquainted with the Black Tower for countless years, and if the Black Tower hadn’t been devoid of power at this moment, he wouldn’t have only vomited blood. Instead, he might have been instantly killed.

Heavenborn made a grasping motion, and the Black Tower immediately landed in his hands. There was no sense of incoherence at all.

He smiled, and said, “Not needing to worry about any rules, being able to slaughter people as I please, being able to act as I want… This feeling is incredible!” He radiated with grossly sinister killing intent.

At this moment, Ling Han had already channeled the Indestructible Heaven’s Scroll to heal himself. However, would the wound caused by a Heavenly Venerate Tool be so easy to heal? In fact, this kind of wound might remain even if he died and rose from the ashes again.

In any case, Ling Han wasn’t especially worried about losing the Black Tower. After all, it had always belonged to the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable, and it wasn’t a precious tool that he had nurtured and refined by himself. As such, this was a tool that didn’t align with his Dao. However, he couldn’t allow the belongings of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable to fall into the hands of an unfamiliar person, either.

“You’re not heaven and earth itself, are you?” Ling Han asked, suddenly thinking of this possibility.

After all, Heavenborn had referred to the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable as an “unfilial” person. Moreover, he had uttered these words even though he clearly wasn’t the father or mother of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable. As such, there was only a single possibility—he was heaven and earth itself.

Everything in the Celestial Realm had been nurtured by heaven and earth. All living beings were the children of heaven and earth.

Heavenborn faltered for a brief moment before bursting into loud laughter. “Even though you’re not fully correct, you’re already on the verge of the truth.”

“Then why don’t you satiate my curiosity?” Ling Han said with a smile.

“I’m not interested!” Heavenborn replied with a humph. He lashed out again, with his right hand transforming into a golden blade that furiously slashed at its foes. Meanwhile, his left hand held the Black Tower which had now grown to three meters in height. He wielded it like a staff, sweeping it at Ling Han and the others.

Even though the Black Tower couldn’t unleash its power anymore, in terms of its quality, it was still paramount in nature.

Thus, combined with Heavenborn’s power, it could still unleash a terrifying might even when used as a staff. Ling Han and the others were forced into retreat, not daring to face its power.

Ling Han sighed with emotion. The Black Tower had saved him and helped him countless times, yet now it had become a weapon in someone else’s hand. Not only that, but it was even being used to suppress him. This was truly ironic.

Heavenborn unleashed his murderous nature, surprisingly being able to target the First Heaven and Second Heaven Celestial Kings even as he battled against Ling Han and the others.

As the Black Tower whistled through the air, those who were struck by it would all lose their life. It had been forged from Heavenly Venerable Tier materials, after all, so it didn’t need to unleash its true might at all.

Who could block it?

Many Celestial Kings blocked it. However, before Heavenborn, they couldn’t be regarded as Celestial Kings at all. They were simply like crops for harvest.

Meanwhile, Heavenborn grew stronger and stronger after absorbing the blood essence of these Celestial Kings. Like a rolling snowball gaining size, he became increasingly powerful and unstoppable.

In just a few hours, only 100 or so Celestial Kings remained. One had to realize that there had initially been 10,000 or so Celestial Kings.

Heavenborn’s battle prowess soared to the Fourth Heaven, a terrifying height. After all, which Celestial King could increase their strength by so much in just half a day’s time?

Even as powerful as Ling Han and Huo Furong were, they could only defend themselves at this moment. It was simply impossible to stop Heavenborn.

“Let’s go! We need to leave the Celestial Path first!”

They decided to break free and teleport away from this place first. There were many high-level Celestial Kings in the outside world, so would the Eighth Heaven and Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings still be unable to suppress Heavenborn? Even if he were the incarnation of heaven and earth, there was still Zhou Heng to suppress him, no? This was a Sixth Tier Heavenly Venerate, someone who was even more powerful than the Celestial Realm itself.

“Did I allow you to leave?” Heavenborn said in a baleful voice. He lunged over, brandishing both blade and tower as he did so, blocking Ling Han and the other’s path.

He clearly hadn’t activated the Regulations of Time or the Regulations of Space, yet the speed of his lunge was truly quite frightening.

“Fundamental power!” Ling Han said with a raise of his eyebrow. He had also extracted the fundamental power of the Genesis World before. Thus, apart from Heavenly Venerates, he possessed the most expertise in this area.

Fundamental power belonged to heaven and earth, and Heavenly Venerates would steal this power in order to transcend the Regulations. By doing so, they would also be untolerated by heaven and earth. Now, however, a mere Celestial King was actually able to wield this fundamental power. Or perhaps he was unable to wield it. Perhaps, like Ling Han, he had simply been tempered by this power. However, this still allowed him to become astonishingly powerful. This was simply unfathomable.

What did this signify?

He was truly fortuned by heaven and earth. In fact, he might even be the incarnation of heaven and earth. Only then could he possess such talent and abilities.

“You’re also an unfilial child!” Heavenborn said as he looked over. He resolutely lashed out, aiming to kill Ling Han. “You need to return to me,” he continued.

“F*cking weirdo, piss off!” Ling Han said as he brandished his Divine Demon Sword. However, the Divine Demon Sword wasn’t at the Heavenly Venerable Tier, after all, so it continued to shudder under the forceful impact of the collisions with the Black Tower. It was as if it were about to shatter.

This was suppression in terms of quality.

The Empress and the others hurriedly rushed over to lend a hand. Not to mention the Empress and Hu Niu, Ling Han’s closest family, even Huo Furong wouldn’t ignore his plight. This was because their fates were now tied together. She had to help.


A black shadow shot over. This was a vine.

Hui finally joined the battle!

Moreover, his target… wasn’t Ling Han and the others. Instead, it was Heavenborn.

“You’re seeking death!” Heavenborn roared in rage. His golden blade slashed down, easily severing the vine.

Hui was emotionless as he said, “I detest you!” His outlook was very simple. He would pummel those who he detested.

Heavenborn roared with laughter. “Very well. At that time, I had already wanted to obliterate you once and for all. However, it was a shame that you managed to escape. This time, I’ll engulf you and comprehensively complete my soul!”

He had never planned to spare Hui. Instead, he had only been attempting to hold him back before so that it would be easier to dispose of him later. Unexpectedly, however, Hui hadn’t given him this chance. He had finally decided to interfere.

With Hui joining the battle, the scene instantly became grand and magnificent, with tens if thousands of vines shooting forth at once. Even though none of these vines were able to rival Ling Han and the others as individual entities, once there were enough of them, they could force a qualitative change. Thus, Heavenborn had no option but to divide some of his attention to face Hui. Otherwise, if his arms and legs were tied down, it would be completely possible that Ling Han and the others might seize the opportunity to leave via the Transference Portal.

The six powerful beings worked together to battle against Heavenborn. Among them, there was even a freak like Hui. However, Heavenborn was undoubtedly the greatest freak among them, brandishing his golden blades and slicing through the vines as if they were limp vegetables. Ling Han and the others were still unable to breach his defenses.