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Chapter 2493: Hopeless Situation

Heavenborn’s strength was beyond comprehension.

Perhaps his existence alone was already beyond comprehension. As the incarnation of the Heavenly Dao’s will, he was already extraordinary from the moment he was born.

The appearance of the Celestial Path, and the death of all those Celestial Kings… All of this had been for his birth.

Which elite’s birth had ever required the death of tens of thousands of Celestial Kings?

This was unprecedented!

Heavenborn was extremely ferocious, with each part of his body able to transform into a Celestial Tool. His destructiveness was astonishing. Moreover, just how tough was his Divine Metal body? Even when striking it with another Celestial Tool, it was still extremely difficult to cause any damage. If they wanted to rely on brute strength, however, perhaps only the strength of Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings could damage Divine Metal.

Ling Han and the others were completely suppressed. Even Hui was unable to unleash his full potential before Heavenborn.

Even though his vines were numerous, they would immediately snap once they came into contact with Heavenborn. This was because layers of razor-sharp blades had materialized on Heavenborn’s skin, instantly severing any vines that wrapped around them. Thus, Hui was completely unable to obstruct Heavenborn.

The six elites were unable to gain an upper hand even though they had already teamed up. Heavenborn was like a divine mountain, lofty and insurmountable, draining one of any hope.

Ling Han and the others couldn’t help but frown. How was it possible for someone like Heavenborn to exist?

A Divine Metal body signified that he was close to invincible. Even if one were more powerful than him, they would still only be able to suppress him, but not wound him. In fact, would it be possible to melt him if he were tossed into a furnace for countless years? However, even paramount flames could only melt Divine Metal, and not incinerate them. Thus, would this truly kill him?

This was the product of heaven and earth’s will. If he could be killed so easily, then wouldn’t heaven and earth be far too trashy?

This was just like Wally. He was the culmination of several epochs of work of a dimension. Even though his battle prowess wasn’t especially strong, his analytical ability was something that no one could hope to match. Moreover, even the large black dog had failed to kill him.

Anyhow, their situation went from bad to worse at this moment, with the purple light starting to creep over again. With the exception of Ling Han, the battle prowess of everyone else was severely affected. However, Heavenborn remained unfazed, and it was extremely likely that he was just like Ling Han. Perhaps he also possessed extraordinary Body Arts that had been tempered by the fundamental power of the Genesis World. Perhaps his physique was also transcendent above the Regulations.

Everyone started to ingest Subduing Purple Fruits, recovering their battle prowess.

However, the problem was that they didn’t enjoy the upper hand, so what was the point of struggling in futility?

One after another, they continued to ingest Subduing Purple Fruit after Subduing Purple Fruit, maintaining their strength. Even so, they were still unable to rival Heavenborn, with the number of wounds on their bodies increasing.

These were wounds left by Celestial Tools, so they would cause severe damage regardless of where they were located.

The remaining Celestial Kings were all doing their best to help. They could neither advance nor retreat, so they had no other choice but to put their lives on the line against Heavenborn.

However, this was useless. Heavenborn was far too powerful, with his battle prowess infinitesimally close to the Fourth Heaven. He wantonly attacked, with no one able to stop him.

Ling Han was as pale as a sheet, with the wound on his chest caused by the Black Tower still yet to recover. Not only that, but he had even suffered more wounds during the battle. This brought him immense pain. More importantly, even though he had also struck Heavenborn with his Celestial Tool, Heavenborn was a Celestial Tool to begin with, so what did it matter even if he were struck? It would cause him no harm.

If this continued… they would all die!

Perhaps he had to use the Dimension Scroll?

However, Ling Han suspected that as an incarnation of heaven and earth, perhaps Heavenborn was unafraid of even heavenly tribulation. After all, no heavenly tribulation had descended during his birth. Heaven and earth had definitely opened the back door for him. That being the case, how could heaven and earth punish him with a tribulation?

‘What to do? What to do?’

At this moment, Ling Han even considered entering the Transference Portal at all costs, after which he would ask Zhou Heng for help. Others might not be able to enter the Celestial Path, but Zhou Heng would definitely have a way. If it really came to it, he could simply rip the Celestial Path out from the Void. A Sixth Tier Heavenly Venerate was innately more powerful than heaven and earth, so it was definitely no difficult task to do this.

However, it would definitely take him time to find Zhou Heng. Thus, it was entirely possible that the others would have all been killed by the time Zhou Heng arrived. Meanwhile, perhaps Heavenborn would have already fled, vanishing without a trace.

He was nurtured and born by heaven and earth, so he could definitely blend together with heaven and earth in a flawless manner. Even Heavenly Venerates would be unable to detect him—unless Zhou Heng obliterated the entire Celestial Realm.

Perhaps Ling Han could draw everyone into a Spatial God Tool?

However, with Heavenborn watching him, would that be possible? Heavenborn was a living person who more so possessed formidable strength. With no one to hold him back, how could Ling Han possibly break free?

This would be an impossible task.

With the title of number one Celestial Maiden of the ages, even Huo Furong was wearing a deep frown at this moment. She couldn’t think of any way to break free. As the reincarnation of the most powerful Ninth Heaven Celestial King, even Ji Wuming was currently wearing a troubled expression.

Heavenborn’s appearance had shattered the restrictions of the Regulations. Those who had cultivated step by step could never hope to rival him.


Warm blood sprayed into the air as Fu Zhou’s head went flying. Meanwhile, the golden blade engulfed the essence of this blood, funneling power into Heavenborn.

Ling Han couldn’t help but roar in rage. Even though he hadn’t known Fu Zhou for long, this was his underling, after all. Seeing him killed right before his eyes was far too painful.

“Hahahaha!” Heavenborn roared with wanton laughter. He cared not for the emotions and feelings of others as he continued his brutal massacre.

At this moment, even the Third Heaven Celestial Kings started to shed blood. First Heaven and Second Heaven Celestial Kings were more so like crops being harvested, with none of them being able to escape from Heavenborn’s blade.

A short while later, He Xinjue was also killed, his blood spraying across Ling Han’s body. This caused Ling Han’s expression to become increasingly cold.

He was definitely going to kill Heavenborn!

“Amazing! This feels far too amazing!” Heavenborn said with booming laughter. “I don’t need to abide by any stupid f*cking rules! Being able to do as I please truly feels amazing! Unfilial brats, it’s not only you people who can defy the heavens. I am the heaven! I am your ruler!”

Heavenborn was like a demon lord who was bathing in the blood of Celestial Kings. A mist of blood enveloped him, appearing as harrowing as could be.

“You think this is my full power?” He roared with laughter as he clapped his hands.


A column of flames burst forth, instantly transforming the ground into lava. Walls of flames surged over, forcing even Third Heaven Celestial Kings to jump around in apprehension.

This was the Great Dao of Fire!

Everyone’s expression changed drastically. Not only was Heavenborn forged from Divine Metal, but his mastery of the Regulations was also astonishing. The might of his flame attack was profound, and it was showing signs of surpassing the Third Heaven and directly soaring to the Fourth Heaven.

“This world has always belonged to me, so it’s time for you people to return your power to me now!” Heavenborn shouted. He was much like a madman.

Did he truly view himself as heaven and earth?

Ling Han humphed coldly, saying, “We’ve obtained our strength through diligent and painstaking cultivation, so you have no right to strip it from us even if you’re the damned heavens!”

“Is that so?” Heavenborn said with a sneer. The corners of his lips curled up into a smile that was filled with killing intent as he continued, “Then I’ll prove you wrong!”

He surged over with boundless flames. Combined with his golden blades, the formidable Black Tower, and his extraordinary strength, could anyone hope to face him head-on?

“Perish, all of you, perish!” he screamed with crazed laughter.


He dashed over, yet halfway through his movement, his body suddenly froze.

“Damn it!” he involuntarily roared. “You’ve already fused together with Dao and returned to my body, so why are you still resisting?!”

These words were extremely baffling, and no one knew what was happening. However, something had definitely gone wrong for Heavenborn. Everyone could determine this.

“Seize this opportunity!” Ling Han hurriedly shouted. Heavenborn had already gained an absolute advantage, so there was no need for him to toy with them like this.

‘Time to flee!’