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Chapter 2494: Breaking Free

“In your dreams!” Heavenborn roared as he suddenly charged over again. Raging flames surged and golden blades danced.

He managed to block everyone, yet a twisted expression spread across his face again. “F*ck off! F*ck off! F*ck off!” he roared.

After screaming, his expression became even more twisted. He bent down and clasped his head in his hands, unable to stop himself from wailing in agony.

“Hurry!” Ling Han immediately shouted to the Empress and the others.

“You…” The three women were all looking at him.

“I’ll definitely survive!” Ling Han said with a solemn nod.

The three women didn’t say anything else, and they all sprinted toward the Transference Portal. Moreover, they weren’t the only ones. Seizing this opportunity, the surviving Celestial Kings all dashed toward the Transference Portal as if their lives depended on it. Meanwhile, the Celestial Kings from the Celestial Path all sprinted as far away as they could. They couldn’t leave the Celestial Path, so they could naturally only choose to retreat.

“Stop right there!” Heavenborn screamed, with flames shooting from his eyes and slashing at the Transference Portal. A devastating Sword Qi swept over, slashing even Third Heaven Celestial Kings into two.

However, Ling Han was already prepared for this, and he swung his Divine Demon Sword to parry.


He was instantly sent stumbling back by the powerful Sword Qi, vomiting blood as he did so.

Right now, Heavenborn’s battle prowess had already soared to the Fourth Heaven. He was profoundly powerful.

Many more people leaped into the Transference Portal. At this moment, Heavenborn was completely unable to stop them.

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! You’re already dead, so why are you still disturbing me?!” Heavenborn bellowed in fury. His right hand continued to shift shapes, transforming into a saber, a sword, and sometimes a staff.

Ling Han was already about to leave, yet he involuntarily faltered upon seeing this. Why was Heavenborn suddenly acting like he had an epileptic attack? Was this because the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable was affecting him?

This indeed made sense. The Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable had already passed away and fused together with Dao, allowing Heavenborn to comprehend all of his skills. Even the Black Tower was more attached to him than Ling Han. At the same time, however, a portion of the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable’s will would also exist within him as a result. It was just that Heavenborn’s will enjoyed the dominant position. The Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable’s will could only affect him a little.

Even though this disturbance was only limited, during critical times such as this, it could definitely become a deciding factor.

‘Master is indeed the best. He’s saved me from another difficult situation.’

“Suppress!” Heavenborn roared. Not only did flames shoot from his body, but there were even arcs of lightning crackling in his eyes. His expression rapidly calmed down, and it was clear that the Karmic Life Heavenly Venerable’s will was about to be suppressed by him.

Ling Han didn’t hesitate any longer, leaping into the Transference Portal.


A burst of Sword Qi slashed over, as vicious as could be.

Without even turning his head, Ling Han immediately parried with his sword.


He couldn’t help but shudder, and his body was crooked as he crashed through the Transference Portal.

The scenes before him instantly changed. This was a dark spatial passageway. When he looked behind him, the Transference Portal had already transformed into a small white speck. However, he quickly saw Heavenborn charging over. He continued to pursue Ling Han in the passageway, and it was as if he were intent on killing Ling Han.


Ling Han hurriedly spread his legs and sprinted as fast as he could. Inside this spatial passageway, he didn’t dare to activate the Regulations to perform teleportation or time acceleration. Otherwise, it was very likely that he would disturb the flow of space and destroy this spatial passageway.

“You can’t escape!” Heavenborn shouted. His speed was astonishing. He hadn’t used the power of Regulations either, and he was simply relying on the might of his Body Arts. He drew closer and closer to Ling Han.

With his immense speed, it was very likely that he would catch up to Ling Han in just a few seconds. Meanwhile, the Empress and the others were only slightly ahead of Ling Han.

Ling Han steeled his heart and instantly stopped in his tracks, swinging his Divine Demon Sword.


Regulations burst from his body.

Since Heavenborn insisted, he would destroy this spatial passageway.

“You dare?!” Heavenborn roared as he reached Ling Han. He swung his blade at Ling Han.

Ling Han retreated, continuing to attack as he did so. However, his target wasn’t Heavenborn. Instead, it was the passageway.

Right now, his battle prowess was at the peak stage of the Third Heaven, so just how devastating was his destructive ability? It wasn’t long before the entire passageway started to shake, with beams of peculiar light shining down. It was as if the passageway were about to shatter.

“Stop at once!” Heavenborn bellowed in wild rage. Even though he had been nurtured and born by heaven and earth, gifting him with all kinds of peculiar abilities, he would also have no choice but to be washed away with the flow if this spatial passageway were truly to shatter. Of course, he definitely wouldn’t die. With his Divine Metal body, perhaps only Heavenly Venerates and Ninth Heaven Celestial Kings could suppress him.

However, would Ling Han pay any heed to this? He hastened his attacks on the spatial passageway.

Peng, peng, peng!

The entire passageway radiated with a dazzling glow, suddenly exploding in a violent manner at some moment. Ling Han was predictably sent flying. In fact, even his powerful physique and defenses were of little help, and he felt as if his bones had all been crushed into pieces. Shards of the great dao more so pierced into his body, making him feel as terrible as could be.

Fortunately, Heavenborn was also sent flying. Moreover, he was sent flying in the opposite direction. In the face of such a powerful explosion, even Heavenborn was unable to resist, having no option but to be sent flying.

The explosions continued, emanating across the two directions.

At this moment, Ling Han could only pray in his mind, hoping that the Empress and the others had managed to escape from the spatial passageway in time. Otherwise, they would definitely be severely wounded by the explosions, if not killed.

His vision then darkened as he drifted out of consciousness.

His wounds were far too severe. His chest had been torn apart by a Heavenly Venerate Tool, and he had also suffered many gashes at the hands of Heavenborn’s Celestial Tool blades. He had more so been wounded by the gigantic explosion of the spatial passageway. Even a person forged from metal wouldn’t be able to withstand so many severe wounds.

After heaven knew how long, he finally regained consciousness. An indescribable pain washed over him, and he was completely unable to open his eyes.

He attempted to activate his divine sense, yet he was only able to use a wisp of it after exerting all of his energy. He examined his body, and he involuntarily let out a bitter chuckle in his mind. ‘Very well, huh. This body is truly riddled with gaping wounds.’

He had already suffered severe wounds in the first place, and the shock wave from the gigantic explosion of the spatial passageway had been even more brutal. Right now, countless shards of the Great Dao of Space were embedded inside him—this was much like a mortal human being stabbed full of blades. Was this much different from dying?

Fortunately, Ling Han was no ordinary mortal.

‘Even if I want to move a little, I’ll need to wait for at least 100 years,’ Ling Han thought to himself. In fact, even after 100 years, he would only recover a sliver of his battle prowess. He was still far, far away from making a full recovery.


He involuntarily sighed. His Spatial God Tool had also been shattered into pieces during that gigantic explosion, destroying everything inside it.

‘Right now, I can only rely on myself to recover.’

Ling Han wanted to know where he was, yet he was unable to open his eyes and also unable to release his divine sense. He was completely blind at this moment.

He sighed in his mind again. As a mighty Celestial King who possessed a battle prowess at the Third Heaven, what could he do now? He was even weaker than an ordinary mortal.

He could only remain lying there. In any case, his physique was already at the Celestial King Tier, so the natural elements obviously wouldn’t affect him.

One day, 10 days, 15 days… Time silently crept by. Ling Han tried his best to remove the shards of the great dao from his body, yet his progress was as slow as could be. However, this was inevitable. His wounds were truly far too severe. He could only take things slowly.

There were wild beasts here, and Ling Han was more so in an extremely frail state at this moment. He didn’t possess the might or threatening aura of a Celestial King, so he was also unable to frighten them away. From time to time, some wild beasts would wander over to bite him. However, his physique was thankfully powerful enough, so the wild beasts were unable to consume him even though he was already riddled with severe wounds.

In fact, the wild beasts that bit him would all have their teeth shattered by his powerful physique.

After more than six months, he was finally discovered by someone else.