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Chapter 2495: Difficult Process of Treating Wounds

“Young Miss, there’s a person lying here,” a woman said.

After a while, he heard the other woman reply, “Pick him up and carry him back to the clan.”

“But Young Miss, his background is unclear, and he’s also riddled with severe wounds. It’s extremely likely that he offended someone and was hunted down by them, forcing him to flee here. If we’re somehow dragged into this matter…” the first woman said.

The young miss was clearly unhappy hearing this, and she said in a serious tone, “Lu He, what do I always tell you?”

“Oh, one has to have a kind heart and always extend a helping hand when possible,” the first woman replied. However, her voice was much softer, and it was clear that she was feeling slightly down after the criticism.

“Then what are you still waiting for?” the young miss said.

Ling Han immediately felt someone lifting him up. However, the maidservant instantly let out an astonished yelp. This was because she discovered that Ling Han’s entire body was completely limp, with not a single bone intact.

“His wounds are actually this severe?!” the young miss exclaimed in astonishment.

“Young Miss, to survive after suffering such severe wounds, this person is most likely very powerful. What if he’s a bad person and turns on us after his wounds heal?” the maidservant hurriedly said again.

The young miss pondered for a moment before saying, “If I leave him to die after already seeing him, my mind won’t be able to rest easy.”

The maidservant was left with no option but to carry Ling Han away.

Because Ling Han was now a sack of crushed bones and broken flesh, unable to exert any power, the maidservant could only rely on herself to pull Ling Han onto her back.

Ling Han was unable to move, speak, or even open his eyes. He could only sense that he was brought into a room after several hours. A doctor then came to visit him, yet they immediately declared that he was dead.

“Young Miss, his wounds are far too severe, so I’m afraid that he can’t live for more than three days.”

“Even if he’s only got three days left, we still have to treat him to the best of our abilities,” the young miss said.

Ling Han felt someone setting his bones for him, yet this was naturally a futile struggle. If the shards of the great dao weren’t removed from his body, he would be nothing more than a complete cripple. What help could ordinary medicines be?

Even ordinary Celestial King Tier medicines would be useless for him. He needed at least high-level Celestial King Tier medicines.

Right now, Ling Han was trying his best to recover his grasp on the Regulations of Time. Even if he could only activate a sliver of this Regulation, this would still speed up his recovery process by a significant amount. Then, like a rolling snowball gaining in size, his recovery would eventually become quicker and quicker.

Three days passed, and his situation remained the same as before. There was no improvement, yet he hadn’t died, either.

Even the doctor was astounded. After re-examining Ling Han, he again reached the same conclusion.

“Young Miss, he can’t live for more than three days.”

Three days later, Ling Han’s situation remained the same. There was neither an improvement nor a deterioration. He hadn’t died, either.

The young miss didn’t call for the doctor again. Instead, she simply allowed Ling Han to lay in the room. In any case, her clan was large and wealthy, so it was no big task to nurture a sick person.

Time flew by. Five years passed, and the young miss had already married someone. However, she was the only successor of her clan, so it was instead her husband who moved in with her. Several years later, she gave birth to a son. Her son also grew up quickly, eventually becoming a father himself.

Ling Han’s situation still remained the same. However, if there were a Celestial King here, they would discover that one of the shards of the great dao inside Ling Han’s body was starting to loosen.

This seemed like minuscule progress. However, once this shard was removed, Ling Han would recover a sliver of his power, allowing him to accelerate time. Thereupon, his recovery would finally speed up.

To Ling Han, several dozen years was no longer than the blink of an eye. Right now, he naturally knew that the young miss had only discovered him by chance after going out to hunt.

This young miss was called Zhao Yuliu, and her clan was located in a place called Vast Prosperous Town. However, Ling Han was unsure of where exactly this was located. After all, no one would go out of their way to speak to a dead person. He had only heard mentions of these matters from passers-by.

More than 50 years later, the Zhao Clan welcomed their fourth generation.

This clan had few children, and Zhao Yuliu didn’t have any siblings, either. Moreover, she had only given birth to a single son as well. Each generation only had a single successor.

The fourth-generation child of the Zhao Clan was called Zhao Xin, and his name carried the meaning of passing down the flames of the Zhao Clan and allowing it to flourish.

He was only three years old at the moment, and he was truly as mischievous as could be. He always ran around the clan, and he didn’t forget about Ling Han’s room, either. However, he hadn’t gone as far as to jump around on Ling Han’s bed. Each time he entered, he would simply stare at Ling Han and babble whatever was on his mind.

This became a habit of his, and each time he encountered something bad, he would run over to tell Ling Han all about it. This finally allowed Ling Han to learn more about Vast Prosperous Town.

This place revered power, yet the average cultivation level of the people was quite low. For example, Zhao Yuliu could already be regarded as an elite even though she was only at the Ninth Refinement of the Body Refining Tier. In fact, she was already one of the top elites of Vast Prosperous Town. However, the later generations of the Zhao Clan all lacked cultivation talent, with not a single person reaching the Fifth Refinement. If it weren’t for Grandma Zhao holding on, it was very likely that the Zhao Clan would rapidly lose its status.

However, Zhao Yuliu was already an old grandma over 80 years old, so it was hard to say how much longer she could hold on. Everyone in the Zhao Clan felt like there were dark times ahead of them.

Zhao Xin was also no good at cultivation. Everyone in his cultivation class had already reached the First Refinement, yet he still continued to lag behind. If it weren’t for the Zhao Clan’s power and influence, the cultivation school would have already expelled him long ago. Teaching him was a complete waste of time and effort.

Zhao Xin genuinely belonged to the category of people who tried hard yet didn’t get any returns. He was clearly putting in a lot of effort, yet his strength wouldn’t go up no matter what. He treated Ling Han as someone to reveal his troubles to, and this was because only Ling Han would listen to him without laughing and without putting pressure on him. Ling Han allowed him to speak as he pleased.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Xin had already turned 15.

On this day, he was once again humiliated in his cultivation class. A young girl whom he had loved for a long time played a mean trick on him, calling him into a small forest for a secret meeting. However, what greeted him were several other boys. Afterward, they gave him a violent pummeling.

“Undying grandpa, what did I do wrong?

“They said I’m a toad who wants to marry a beautiful swan.

“Should I really quit the academy?”

The young man was filled with pain as he asked these questions. At the same time, he was also hesitating about whether he should truly abandon cultivation to live an honest life as an ordinary person.

Right at this moment, a voice suddenly sounded in his head.

“If you abandon cultivation just like this, will you truly feel content?”

“Who is it?!” Zhao Xin exclaimed as he shot up in alarm. He looked all around him, yet he didn’t see anyone at the door or the windows. He then looked back at Ling Han in astonishment, asking, “Undying grandpa, was that you just then?”

Ling Han sighed, and said, “Yes, silly boy.”

After so many years, he could finally release a wisp of his divine sense. However, he could only use it for simple communication.

He had stayed in the Zhao Clan this entire time, so it could be said that they had helped him avoid the beatings of the elements. Thus, he was also willing to give Zhao Xin some guidance.

“But your mouth didn’t move,” Zhao Xin exclaimed in astonishment. Was this some kind of Mystical Power?

“Silly boy, if you want to become stronger, then shuffle over a bit,” Ling Han said with his divine sense.

Zhao Xin hesitated upon hearing this. Ling Han’s appearance was truly a little frightening. He wouldn’t suck his essential power dry to replenish his own energy, right? After pondering for a moment, he finally shuffled over. This was mainly because Ling Han was truly far too mysterious. Everyone thought he would die within three days, yet dozens of years had already passed, and his condition was still the same as before. Moreover, he didn’t age, either.

Forget about it, he would give this a shot.