3314 The hunt begins

“Little Brother Ling, when Big Sister gets first place, I’ll devour you as a reward when I come back,” Yin Xiujing giggled. She also leaped up and left, her colorful dress fluttering in the wind like she was a butterfly.

She was indeed a beqitching maiden. She would never forget to tease others.

Ling Han wasn’t in a hurry. In any case, he had three days, so he didn’t want to scramble in this little bit of time.

However, in just a few minutes, the hunting credits leaderboard had already changed.

Someone had completed the first kill, and rushed to first place on the leaderboard, and with one, there would be two. Immediately, someone leaped into first place, pushing that person from before to second place.

At the beginning, the changes to the credits leaderboard were the most drastic. One could look at it every few minutes, and the top ten, or even top fifty in fact, would all become different.

There was a clear map in Ling Han’s mind. There were a total of three areas in this hunting ground. The first area was basically filled with Meridian Opening Tier-level Demonic Beasts, but occasionally, there would also be Blood Transformation Tier ones.

When they reached the second area, those were mostly Demonic Beasts of Blood Transformation Tier. There was a small number of Meridian Opening Tier and Extreme Bone Tier Demonic Beasts.

After the third area, it would be the territory of Extreme Bone Tier Demonic Beasts.

However, even in the third area, there were pitifully few Extreme Bone Tier Demonic Beasts.

Ling Han’s target was the third area. However, if he wanted to reach the third area, he had to first pass through the first area and the second area.

He didn’t use the Shuttle Steps. Although this would allow him to leave his competitors in the dust, exposing his strength too early wasn’t a good idea, especially when someone clearly wanted to harm him.action

After crossing this mountain, he entered into the second area. What lay in front of him was a great river. The waves were very turbulent, and its width was about three hundred meters. There were no bridges built.

With how fast the waves were, wanting to swim across seemed to be a very unrealistic thing to do. Then, aside from sprouting wings and flying over, the only other option was to reach the speed of sound and break through the waves.

This naturally excluded the people of the Meridian Opening Tier. From a certain aspect, it also ensured everyone’s safety. After all, in the second area, if there were more Blood Transformation Tier beasts, it would be too dangerous for Meridian Opening Tiers to enter.

In front of him, he saw a considerable number of people using movement techniques. They turned into a wisp of smoke, stepping on the waves as they left. However, there were some that were halfway across the river, and with a bang, they were swallowed by the waves.

The waves were too large, and those below the speed of sound could only walk on calm water. In this kind of situation, they had to reach or even surpass the speed of sound.

Ling Han leaped up, and without even using Shuttle Steps, his speed had already exceeded double the speed of sound. He stepped on the waves and crossed the river gracefully.

“Ang!” Ling Han had just stepped onto a river rock when he heard an astonishing beastly roar. Previously, it had been drowned out by the sound of crashing waves, and now that he was here, the sound had become clearer.

Not only were there beast roars, but there were also sounds of battle. Clearly, someone had already started fighting with the Demonic Beasts here.

Ling Han turned on the optical computer to check the rankings, and saw that the first place had actually become Xuanyuan Dingguo. However, in the blink of an eye, he had been pushed down to second place, and the first place had become Hong Tianliang.

He smiled, and continued onwards.

Similarly hunting Demonic Beasts, the points earned from Meridian Opening Tier and Blood Transformation Tier were naturally extremely different. Thus, Blood Transformation Tier elites definitely wouldn’t hunt Meridian Opening Tier Demonic Beasts, and rely on numbers to win.

To say nothing of the fact that you would only need to kill a hundred of them while others would only have to kill one, there would not be so many Demonic Beasts lining up in this mountain for you to kill.

Similarly, if one could kill a Demonic Beast of Extreme Bone Tier, they would naturally get even more points.

Ling Han didn’t want to waste this little bit of time, because when the time came, he only had to kill one Extreme Bone Tier beast, and his score could possibly soar to first place in a flash.

He determined his direction, and headed towards the third area.

“Gu Xiangming, where’s that brat?” Chen Jingye asked as he used his optical computer to communicate with the people outside. This was against the rules. However, he was an Imperial Prince, so who would dare to check his optical computer?

“In reply to Your Imperial Highness, Ling Han is presently advancing towards the third area.” On the other side, Gu Xiangming replied, and in front of him, there was a monitor. On the monitor, Ling Han’s movements could be seen.

He was the captain of the Imperial Guards, so he naturally had the right to check on any surveillance monitor.

“The third area?” Chen Jingye murmured, appearing very surprised.

“He’s going to the third area to seek death?” Chen Deyang immediately said. The four brothers were together at this moment.

Theoretically speaking, as long as they didn’t hunt together, staying together wouldn’t be considered as breaking the rules.

“Perhaps he knows that we’re going to make trouble for him, so he ran over there?” Chen Shengjie asked.

“Hehe!” Chen Lixing sneered, “How could this country bumpkin possibly know that we all have powerful techniques that can even kill First Extreme Demonic Beasts? How could this possibly scare us?”

“After him, let’s teach this country bumpkin a good lesson!”

As Imperial Princes, they actually didn’t care about the rewards of a martial arts technique and personal guidance from the Holy Emperor. They had only come to participate in the tournament to show off in front of Chen Fengyan. After all, they had too many siblings.

However, when they found out that Ling Han had miraculously appeared in the list of competitors, they were all displeased.

Who would be so outrageously bold as to stuff a person that they had crossed out back in?

For no other reason than this, they wanted to teach Ling Han a harsh lesson. This involved their pride. Moreover, they still wanted to win Feng Ruoxian’s favor, so they naturally wouldn’t miss this opportunity.

As for the monitors?

Hehe, to say nothing of the fact that there were many blind spots, even if the surveillance devices were right above their heads, they would still be able to shut them down.

The four of them set off. As Imperial Princes, they possessed a deadly weapon that even Xuanyuan Dingguo and the others would covet. Thus, the third region couldn’t be considered forbidden grounds to them. Of course, they didn’t dare to go too deep. At most, they would only be able to suppress a First Extreme Demonic Beast, and even if they encountered a Second Extreme Demonic Beast, they would be able to stop it.

From the second area to the third area, the distance was still quite far. Ling Han spent a whole two hours to finally arrive at the end of the second area. In this place, he could practically see no other participants.

Ahead of him was a canyon, and after passing through this canyon, it would be the third area.

Ling Han strode forwards. As he walked, with his keen senses, he discovered that there was a large-scale formation here.

This explained why the Demonic Beasts in the third region rarely appeared in the second region-they couldn’t come over.

The canyon was very long, and Ling Han only arrived at the end after walking for ten minutes. A desolate land appeared ahead of him. There was no vegetation, and there were only stone slabs placed there. Some were big and some were small, and there were as many as a few thousand of them.

As Ling Han walked forwards, he opened the leaderboard to take a look. He saw that Hong Tianliang was actually still ranked first.

Was this guy on drugs? He was clearly only a Second Change, and logically speaking, his abilities shouldn’t be all that strong. How could he have suppressed so many Fifth Change elites?


Alarm rose up in his heart, and he couldn’t help but stop in his tracks, looking towards a rock that looked like a cow.