Chapter 374: Outland Death Squad

“Morisa’s legion has almost been wiped out! The ten demon generals and the four demon commanders have almost all been wiped out! Now, there is only Morisa left!

“You can start the next plan!

“It’s all up to you!”

He Yiming spoke slowly and looked at Ye Wuyou.

“I understand! Then I’ll go!” Ye Wuyou locked his eyes on the largest demon warrior, then nodded to He Yiming and disappeared in a flash.

“Wang Lufei, Vegeta, First Iceman, Strongest Fire Spell, Thousand Hand Pillar, Indomitable Bear, Beef Noodles, Star, Handsome Sanji, Emperor Zoro!

“You ten! People, leave the storage bag and prepare to go to the Myriad Demons Realm through otherworldly gate! According to the tactics I told you before, divide it into two groups!

“One group is responsible for holding Morisa!

“The other group listens to Ye Wuyou. Strive to close the otherworldly gate!”

He Yiming gave the order again!

“Yes!” Wang Lufei and others were instantly excited!

“Get my storage bag for me!”

“Don’t touch my Blood Feud, or you will be sucked dry!”

“This is the flying sword Lingshuang that my mother-in-law Nangong Li gave me. It’s special. Don’t you dare lose it, I will kill you!” The ten quickly prepared. They lined up and stood in front of the otherworldly gate.

“???” He Yiming was taken aback.

What were these boys and not going in?

“Come, come, take screenshots and screenshots!”

“Quick, let’s take a group photo as the Outland Death Squad!”

“Hello everyone, I am the number one handsome guy in Heaven-defying Demon Immortal, Beef Noodles. Next, I will be the captain, help Brother Ming, go to the world of demons, and save the world!”

The ten were taking screenshots, taking group photos, and wanting to have some pre-war video recordings.

He Yiming couldn’t bear it any longer and kicked all ten, including Beef Noodles, into the otherworldly gate.

“I hope this step will be successful!” He Yiming stood in front of the gate and couldn’t help but think to himself.

This plan was Tactic A!

If the otherworldly gate could be closed on the opposite side, it didn’t matter if the player died!

As long as the gate was closed, Morisa would not be able to get through at all!

Then of course everything would end happy!

In case of failure… then Tactic B can be adopted!

The risk of Tactic B was much greater!

Although He Yiming stepped into the pinnacle of Sea Wheel Realm, he was still very clear that the strength gap between himself and Morisa was like the gap between a piece of driftwood and a giant sailboat on the sea!

The difference between clouds and mud!

But He Yiming was still 70% sure!

Moreover, according to He Yiming’s understanding of the system tasks, if he could complete one of the two tasks in the system before facing Morisa, maybe…

he would be able to obtain a top-quality Heaven-Mending Pill!

At the peak of Sea Wheel Realm, the four major achievements of the martial intent, as long as there was one more Heaven-Mending Pill!

He could step into the Heavenly Pill Realm by yourself!

Maybe Morisa was at the peak Heavenly Pill Realm!

But as long as he could step into the Heavenly Pill Realm, then he would have a fighting chance.

Because once he stepped into the Heavenly Pill Realm, you will be able to obtain the first companion supernatural power of the Azure Emperor Immortal Body!

The power of real supernatural powers was not comparable to pseudo supernatural powers!

“Come on, it’s up to you!” He Yiming secretly encouraged Wang Lufei and others.

At this time, at the Myriad Demons Realm…

“Why did so many troops go in and none of them came back to report?” Morissa stared at the otherworldly, and finally felt that something was wrong.

Although Morisa believed that the report of the captain of the Nine Demon Guards would not deceive him.

In addition to the million demon beast army, the four major demon commanders, and 80,000 elite demon warriors all passed through the otherworldly gate and arrived at the lower plane on the opposite side!


so many warriors and monsters couldn’t have all been killed, right?

No way? No way! No way? ??


At this moment, a ripple suddenly appeared in the gate of the other world on the side of the Myriad Demons Realm.

“Anyone back?” Morisa was overjoyed.

Immediately, hundreds of demon warriors fled back in horror.

“Lord Morisa, it’s not good! It’s bad! We…” One of the largest demon warriors just shouted loudly!


A sword qi burst forth, and the seven or eight-meter-high demon warrior was cut into two halves at the waist!

“Flame Dragon Breath!!!” Immediately, a scarlet dragon figure rushed out of the otherworldly gate, and when he opened his mouth, he breathed and burned all the hundreds of demon warriors to ashes!

“Who?” Morisa’s expression changed drastically.

Morisa never expected this!

After killing all the million demoni beast army and 80,000 elite demons, as well as the four major demon commanders, the ten demon generals, and the nine demon guards, they failed to conquer the other side?

And let the other party fight back to the Myriad Demons Realm?

“Pay attention to using the power of cultivation to form a barrier to protect yourself. This is the Myriad Demons Realm, and our human body cannot withstand the erosion of demon energy!” Star walked out of the otherworldly and reminded loudly.

Next, one after another silhouette walked out, exactly ten!

“Hold the grass! What a big battle! I’m burning!” Wang Lufei was gearing up!

“Is that Morisa? Hand him me!” Emperor Zoro drew out a long sword, wrapped around it with Colored Arm, turned into a black sword, and then pointed at the throne.

“According to the plan, are those realm demons? I can exterminate them with a few breaths!” Strongest Fire Spell laughed…

“Don’t talk nonsense, time is limited, do it!” Star ordered!

The ten figures were instantly divided into two groups!

Wang Lufei, Emperor Zoro, Vegeta, Handsome Sanji, First Iceman, and Indomitable Bear rushed to Morisa!

Star, Strongest Fire Spell, Thousand Hand Pillar, and Beef Noodles turned around and rushed directly to those realm demons!

According to Ye Wuyou’s magic voice instructions, as long as all the demons in the realm were killed, the otherworldly gate would lose its power and would slowly close automatically!

“Second block, super speed!” Star, Strongest Fire Spell, Thousand Hand Pillar, and Beef Noodles did not say a word. They burst out in unison and rushed in front of those realm demons.

These realm demons were all special demons of the third army. They didn’t have much combat power. They mainly used realm abilities to maintain the otherworldly gate.

So these realm demons couldn’t stop, they could only watch the four of them kill them.

“Stop them!”

“Damn the human race, they actually killed them!”

“Quick, destroy them!!!”

Many demon warriors reacted at this time and hurried up to stop them!

“Falling Star Galaxy!!!” Beef Noodles just opened up without saying a word!

Boom boom boom!

The spirit sword that filled the sky suddenly fell, and it was a group of seconds!

Puffy Puffy Puffy!

Countless demon warriors died on the spot in an instant!

After killing the demon warriors blocking the road, the four of them directly entered the Myriad Demons Realm.

“Wood Technique… the technique of a thousand thorns!!!” Thousand Hand Pillar roared, and his hands directly bombarded the ground!

The next moment, thousands of black spikes burst out at the same time, piercing through the bodies of hundreds of realm demons!

“Dragon Flame Breath!” Strongest Fire Spell used Dragon Flame Breath and burned hundreds of realm demons to death!

“Spear Formation, Hundred Pattern Bone Forging and Seven Spear Formation!” Star thought, and the seven flying spears flew into the air, condensed into one, and turned into a huge flying spear with a length of fifty meters!

Boom!!! Fei!

Wherever the spear passed, the realm demons died tragically one by one!

In just a few short breaths, the three of them killed thousands of realm demons!

“Very good, as long as we give us another ten breaths, we can kill all realm demons!!!” Star couldn’t help but exclaim.

But at this moment…


A stream of light flashed, and Star turned back.

He saw that the heart of Strongest Fire Spell was pierced by a single blow!

The next moment, there was another stream of light, and Thousand Hand Pillar was also pierced through the heart.

Both of them looked at a loss, and without even seeing how they were killed, they slowly fell to the ground.

“What is your group doing? Why don’t you stop Morisa… Hold the grass!” Star turned his head and cursed, but he was stupefied.